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Access: unlocking our content, Flickr Commons + beyond
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Access: unlocking our content, Flickr Commons + beyond


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Presentation for the GLAM-WIKI 09 conference

Presentation for the GLAM-WIKI 09 conference

Published in: Technology, Business

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  • 1. access: unlocking our content GLAM-WIKI 2009 paula bray manager, visual & digitisation services [email_address] www.powerhousemus access:unlocking our content access: unlocking our content access: unlocking our content Flickr Commons + beyond
  • 2. Powerhouse Museum photography audio visual photo library image resource centre rights & permissions
  • 3. Digital, Social & Emerging Technologies web, learning technologies, library, visual & digitisation services
  • 4. pic of photo library produce a lot of stuff Flickr screen grab
  • 5. some goes in the gallery photography by Marinco Kojdanovski photography by Jean-Francois Lanzarone
  • 6. most goes online
  • 7. some goes to other sites
  • 8. two accounts Flickr screen grab
  • 9. The Learning Federation The Learning Federation screen grab
  • 10. we make our content available
  • 11.  
  • 12.  
  • 13.  
  • 14.  
  • 15. Flickr screen grab
  • 16. aim: to make our content available for free for EDUCATIONAL purposes photography by Marinco Kojdanovski
  • 17. on april 8th 2008 we took a *risk* because we wanted our content to be AVAILABLE Photography by Jean-Francois Lanzarone
  • 18. released images under no known copyright restrictions Flickr screen grab Flickr screen grab
  • 19. Flickr screen grab
  • 20. ....make these collections even richer. to Flickr screen grab
  • 21. & get to know our community....
  • 22. Flickr screen grab Flickr screen grab
  • 23. We had not done an OPEN ACCESS project before this some thought it risky and we would lose CONTROL photography by Perpetual Sunset
  • 24. high value, sydney centric, sold copies, rarely exhibited, no major publication, not known for photographic content no measures Flickr screen grab
  • 25. big ? how will this affect sales
  • 26. we did expect visitation to be high lots of tagging comments
  • 27. in the first four weeks 40,000 views 230 contacts 2500 + tags
  • 28. now over one million views on 1200 images Flickr screen grab
  • 29. pull tags back to our website
  • 30. what happened in Flickr to change policy about better access for the EDUCATION sector ?
  • 31. we saw innovation Paul Hagon
  • 32. we saw location identification ? Flickr screen grab Flickr screen grab
  • 33. Flickr screen grab Flickr screen grab Domain screen grab
  • 34. we made CONNECTIONS with this contact
  • 35. numerous accounts of citizen research Image courtesy Randwick City Library Services Photography by Sutto Flickr screen grab Flickr screen grab
  • 36. Mala Gabrielle Sutto shared stories on Photo of the Day
  • 37. our content was re-used & shared with us photo by shealo
  • 38. we developed partnerships ABC screen grab
  • 39. all this happened on a very small % of our content
  • 40. what could happened if we released lots of content FREELY for non-commercial applications?
  • 41. now back to sales
  • 42. does increased visitation PROMOTE sales? and what VALUE do we place on promotion &
  • 43. second a guess income from reproduction rights is low compared to other income streams across other areas of organisation
  • 44. there is never profit.......
  • 45. traditional image licensing models based on print publication Photography by Paula Bray not sufficient are they going to see us into the future?
  • 46. photography by Lastaii we are not as fast as Flickr
  • 47. 1 click 2 click Flickr screen grab Flickr screen grab
  • 48. so why do OPEN ACCESS? enable rich research encourage innovation photography by mag3737
  • 49. Australian schools: payed $50,000,000 in 2006 part VB statutory licensing jumped $10,000,000 from 2005 photography by DennisSylvesterHurd reduce copying fees for education
  • 50. there are complications photography by pfffpustekuchen no fair use fair dealing = limited S200AB new provision?
  • 51. this is not new AMICO screen grab ARTSTOR screen grab Victoria & Albert Museum screen grab
  • 52. Creative Commons screen grab
  • 53. investigate the new provisions in the copyright act review acquisition license agreements options for copyright holders Due to the Commons on Flickr
  • 54. currently working on a NEW model...
  • 55. we realise there needs to be income other options photography by 1 Adam
  • 56. to benefit the EDUCATION sector pic of thinkspace photography by Jean-Francois Lanzarone
  • 57. this initiative has made us rethink access initiated by George Oates 2008 Flickr screen grab
  • 58. thank you paula bray manager, visual & digitisation services [email_address] www.powerhousemus s Powerhouse Museum photographers all Flickr members using Creative Commons licenses