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Os hardware meets os software
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Os hardware meets os software


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talk at OSJ4 March 2013

talk at OSJ4 March 2013

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  • Who's already working with open source hardware? Who intends to do so?
  • so why does RMS say "there's no such thing as Open Source Hardware and BTW Open Source is a marketing term"?
  • Transcript

    • 1. OS Hardware meets OS Software OS Junction, March 2013 @paul_tanner Systems Consultant/ Developer/ PM Member,
    • 2. Agenda● Definitions, Similarities and Differences● Synergies● OSHUG● 1 + 1 = 3 :: The Internet of Things● Questions x 2
    • 3. Similarities● “free software” is a matter of liberty, not price .. think of “free” as in “free speech,” not as in “free beer”.● Open Source Hardware … same distinction.
    • 4. OSS-OSH Differences● Component cost● Tooling needed● Support available● Maturity/ Leadership
    • 5. OSS Success
    • 6. OSH Success
    • 7. OSS Support
    • 8. OSH Support http://fritzing.orgEagle:
    • 9. Commercial OSH Help apologies to the others ...
    • 10. OS Accelerationand in hardware: I2C, RS-232, USB, bluetooth,SATA etc.
    • 11. Other Projects of Note● Copenhagen Suborbitals● OpenXC (Car aftermarket)● Android ADK● CERN OHR● LocalMotors● DIYDrones/ OpenPilot● RiverSimple
    • 12. Formal Definitions● OS HWA● OS Initiative● GNU● Licenses: tomorrow
    • 13. People with a shared interest in Open Source HardwareRecent meeting topics:Products (Nanode, An Industry Perspective, Licensing Update)Embedded (Erlang, Parallella, Compiler Options and Energy Consumption)Open Source Hardware Camp 2012Drones (UDB4, OpenRelief, ARDrone + Kinect)Kits (Homesense, Quick2Wire)Energy-efficient Computing (Open Compute, BeagleBoard, Event-driven XCore)Practical System-on-Chip (Program your own open source FPGA SoC)Manufacturing (Breadboard to Finished Product, Arduino Shield, Modular RepRap Electronics)Wireless (Hacking Commodity Wireless, Practical Wireless, Contiki OS, CWIG)Open for Change Pt.2 (Hexayurt, O + S Project, Onawi)
    • 14. OSHUG highlightsJust a sample from our members:● Nanode● Open Energy Monitor● Parallella● RepRap (TVRUG)● MBED, BeagleBone etc.● Raspberry Pi Interfacing● OpenCores
    • 15. Parallella“Supercomputing for everyone”
    • 16. Questions so far?
    • 17. Bringing it all togetherInternet with things? Web of things?
    • 18. Internet of Things● Blend of electronics, software and connectivity● Early stage: need for low-cost experimentation● Collaborative● Well-supported by open hardware and software● However, to reach its potential, it must be about much more than connectivity
    • 19. Functional Model
    • 20. An elephant in the room
    • 21. What Things? Measure & Control: ● Utility meters ● Weather sensors ● Biosensors ● Boilers ● Pill dispensers ● Security devices ● etc
    • 22. Semantic challenge APIs are not enough Bad practice Good practiceInspired by W3C semantic web paper
    • 23. Real IoT needsMostly still to-do:● Standards for protocols (incl. real-time)● Standard APIs● Standard Semantic Framework● Standard for Discoverability● Standards for Data Access permissioning Much less need to standardise low level hardware
    • 24. Final questions?
    • 25. Thanks for Listening @paul_tanner paul [at] http://oshug.org