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ruralnetuk Comms Strategy
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ruralnetuk Comms Strategy



Published in Technology , News & Politics
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  • 1. The new ruralnet|uk Content Management System (ruralnet|uk CMS 2.0) As you are aware we have started on the implementation of a plan to completely overhaul the way we maintain and deliver our websites and online services. Initially most of the work has been with the technical team. However, they are moving fast and we now need to think about how we are going to manage the new system from an operational perspective. This draft document outlines how the new system will work and suggests the new roles and processes we need to define in the organisation to make the most of the new way of doing things. PLEASE ask Brian or me for any clarification and get back to us with any comments. Committing to this completely new approach was a brave step to take and was a bit daunting at first. But is has turned out to be very motivational for the technical team. I hope that we will find the same will happen in the rest of the organisation as everyone is empowered to take direct control of their bit of our online presence. SB/BR
  • 2. Presentation Content Production ruralnet|uk CMS 2.0 The new model 3rd Parties
  • 3.
    • Content and design are completely separate
    • Content will be ‘tagged’ (~keyworded) and so different content can be linked (eg an item for xPRESS with a bookmark in Inforurale with an answer in Experts Online)
    • Five operational roles
      • General content producers (all staff)
      • Specialist content producers (eg xPRESS Team, Experts)
      • Publishers (the owners of specific websites/services)
      • Overall coordination (this person will also be the ‘publisher’ for the ruralnet|uk website)
      • Technical team (initial set-up and design, training, maintenance of technical systems, re-design)
    ruralnet|uk CMS 2.0 Key features
  • 4.
    • General content producers (all staff)
      • Ultimately, and as part of our day to day work, we should all be able to:
        • bookmark items and tag and share these bookmarks
        • Place tagged content on the system (eg reports, thoughts, ideas)
    • Specialist content producers (eg xPRESS team, Experts)
      • xPRESS team (Patrick, Paul, Mick)
      • Experts
      • net:gain team
    • Publishers (the owners of specific websites/services) eg:
      • net:gain - Serena
      • Experts Online - David E
      • Inforurale - Patrick
      • ruralnet|online - Angela?
      • Networks Online - Simon M
      • Conference website - David H
      • etc
    • Overall coordination (this person will also be the ‘publisher’ for the ruralnet|uk website)
      • Sam
    • Technical team (initial set-up and design, training, maintenance of technical systems, re-design)
      • Brian/Duncan/Paul/Mick/Gurpal (with Duncan holding the design brief)
    ruralnet|uk CMS 2.0 Initial roles
  • 5. ruralnet|uk CMS 2.0 The management Communications Manager (Sam) Communications Group
    • Specialist content producers
    • Publishers
      • Websites
      • Services
    • Technical representative
    • The Communications Group will be coordinated by Sam and will meet regularly (monthly?) to:
    • Discuss common issues (eg standards, tagging)
    • To learn from each other (eg ‘look what we have done on the net:gain website!’)
    • To support each other (eg I really need this content for my service/website . . .)
    • To ensure collaboration between content producers, publishers and the technical team
    • To influence the workplan of the technical team
    • To encourage excellence
    • Other?