RCCN Powerpoint presentation ruralnet|2007


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Presentation at 'Climate Change - who cares?' workshops

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RCCN Powerpoint presentation ruralnet|2007

  1. 1. The Rural Community Carbon Network & Community Energy Projects E%: :‘i. —‘: i*l‘a ~fla“i.3 , ” I “ H ” l‘Lll"3.| l‘| Ci. i. rt: if; 1 ii ijtl . .
  2. 2. * The Rural Community Carbon Network (RCCN) r The mapping research II Case Studies “I The RCCN: benefits to getting involved 15 minutes
  3. 3. The Rural Community Carbon Network (RCCN) ijlrivririn Bay from b<: i': >w Loch Bhranri-4sai_ri‘l One year in development Raise awareness Building on existing activity Online panel of experts, good practice ‘New Media’ toolkits & a mentoring service linked to a small grants programme RCCN will link up existing groups with nascent ones Peer-to-peer support & knowledge transfer through events, twinning "T"9_°°”9?"V9 aPP’°"”°’] ‘° & Online tackling climate change Carnegie Rural Commission ”C0”eCfI'Ve Genius Of Our support. research rural communities”
  4. 4. The ‘Mapping’ research 200 ‘pins’ 86 rural community energy projects Diversity Different motivators 9 red for renewable energy projects V yellow for networks V green for carbon neutral commtinitias ' green dot for community buildings with renewable technology V purple for housing projects with renewable energy technology V V Blue/ turquoise for flagship educational project or information centres Wider benefits Energy conservation is priority Funding & support via Local Authorities and Government: inconsistent, insufficiently long- term
  5. 5. ° Community-owned wind ° Mortgage agreement with Fintry Renewable Energy Enterprise (FREE) ° Fintry Development Trust will be the charity, with FREE as the trading subsidiary 150 resident members of Trust turbine developer of windfarm(£2.5m over 15 years) Started 2003
  6. 6. Knoydart Renewables Ltd Community-owned hydro- electric scheme A company limited by guarantee and is the trading subsidiary of Knoydart Foundation Supplies electricity directly to off-grid lnverie Refurbishment project, started 2001 Community ‘planning days Future — is renewables
  7. 7. ° Equitable Access & Awel Aman Tawe (AAT) Company limited by guarantee with not-for- profit constitution Comprises 7 local employees and steering group of local people/ partners Windfarm development in Upper Amman & Upper Swansea Valley Holistic approach: Sustainable Livelihoods Approach (SLA) Participation: Participatory Assessment Tool (PAP)
  8. 8. Carbon Neutral - Transition JIJ . ——/ ,2-. ~.»s —. ' - ( V‘ .3‘ , __‘r~, 2'2i‘i‘~‘~*’c27s ‘Target - orientated -Linear -Carbon ‘Footprint’ - Energy efficiency focus ° Holistic °Move away from fossil fuels ‘Create resilient communities
  9. 9. RCCN T} The Projects - FREE (4 years) - Advice through EOL for developer negotiations - Funding for regional event: collaboration with other local villages - Knoydart Renewables Ltd (6 years) - Intrinsic value of being part of a network when there is limited opportunity; joint-learning, joint- sharing - Energy efficiency activities: ideas ° Awel Aman Tawe (9 years) ‘ - Access to tools employed - Advice on awareness raising - How to deal with opposition - Information and advice to replace costly consultants
  10. 10. RCCN it The Projects - FREE - Experience of liaising with developer - Host a regional/ national collaborative event . ''L l. '. - * Knoydart Renewables Ltd - Off-grid renewable energy generation - Hydro-electric experience - promotion for national small-scale application - Organising community ‘Planning Days’ - Awel Aman Tawe - The PAP & SLA models —share knowledge/ experience - Funding success - Implementation of a long-term strategy for a large-scale community project
  11. 11. RCCN has the support. .. www. rura| action. org. uk . .need the funding!