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Evaluation Evaluation Presentation Transcript

  • EvaluationPaul Solomon- Turay
  • Question 1- In what ways does your media product use, develop or challenge forms and conventions of real media products?My music video challenges some of the conventions found in indiemusic videos such as: including the band/artist and being performancebased (found in Shark Tape‟s put those things away) . The video hasalso been said to be better than another Waylayers video “Hear NoLies” although it is neither narrative, performance or concept based.The video implements some conventions of general music videos,such as: a relationship between visuals and music (the ambiguousnature of the music is represented by the video being in black andwhite. By doing this I was able to create a video that was different fromother videos in the same genre, making it more appealing for theaudience. For the digipak I followed some of the conventions whichwere: having an image, a track-list, a bar code, website link, artistname and album name . These help the digipak look professional as itcontains important information. The digipak advert retains all theconventions except for having a review of the album. I don‟t think thisaffects the audience in a major way, but having a top review would
  • Question 1 ContinuedI have not adapted any conventions on any of my threeproducts, as they already make my product maintain a highquality standard.
  • Question 2- How effective is the combination of your main product and ancillary texts?Having a house style/ brand image, is extremely important whencreating multiple media products. I have created a brand identity sothat the audience is able to recognise my company across differentmedia products. The black and white theme was kept on all threeproducts, and the use of red gives a dynamic and interesting theme toeverything. Having the „W‟ letters in red does not contrast with thepage at all, and makes all the products easily identifiable. The imagestyle/layout is kept the same across all three of my media products.The digipak advert consists of the three band members who arefocusing their attention elsewhere. On the digipak I have used mimesin order to replicate this image from the band.The advert will sell the digipak to the audience because the pictureused is the most popular one of the band. There is relevantinformation on it and it looks very structured. The digipak designcompletely stands out from other cd covers in the same genre.
  • Question 2 ContinuedAn element of the digipak that communicates the genre isthe colours used. Indie music uses colour that adjusts withthe mood/tempo of a song. The band said that the songwas ambiguous on it‟s theme, and this is demonstratedwith the black and white colouring.
  • Question 3- What have you learned from your audience feedback?The audience has been a key part in this project. Through thefeedback a gained earlier in the project, I found out what was themost popular genre of music, and created a music video for thisgenre. Some positive feedback that I gained was: good split screeneffect, easy to see, work well in a group and best a2 music video.Some negative/constructive criticism I received was: the word “less”at each chorus was too long , the lip synching looked weak andshould have been over emphasised. My teacher gave both positiveand constructive criticism She said that or video was the best A2music video that she has seen. This made me very happy as it wasa great thing to here. Audience feedback allowed me to makepossible improvements, increasing the overall quality of everything.These comments taught me that you do not always need the bestcamera in order to make a professional quality music video, and canbe applied to a similar task in the future.
  • Question 4- How did you use media technologies in the construction and research, planning and evaluation stages?Creating a blog on blogger allowed me to document all my research,planning and evaluation documents in one place. This made it easierto manage my files. In AS, I used wordpress to create my blog. Bloggerallows me to use much more tools, and is linked to social networkingsites so people can view my blog easily. Prezi was a new software thatI used. It allowed me to create moving/dynamic presentations. At firstthis was quite difficult to use, but after I got used to it I realized howmuch nicer and presentable it was to standard PowerPoint. I was ableto present research findings and evaluations in a more lively manner.Scribd was another new software that I used, that allowed me toupload PowerPoints and word documents online. This was quick andsimple to use, as there are not many features. Slideshare is a newsoftware that I used and offers more features that Scribd. I was able toupload PowerPoints, videos, word documents, charts and others. Thissoftware was also extremely easy to use (which is a great positive).Using my mobile phone allowed me to communicate with myteammates. I was able to share with them information on the planning,arrange time to do production work, and record topics to evaluate at alater date.
  • Question 4 ContinuedHaving access to an Apple IMac was one of the mostimportant/influential factor‟s of this project. The IMacs allowed meto use photo editing software, video editing software, conductresearch, plan the project, analyse digipaks, evaluate my work andburn the video onto disc. Without access to an IMac, it would havebeen extremely difficult/impossible for me to do all of those tasks. Itwould be a very time consuming process as I would have to travelaround in order to have access to different tools/features; whichcould also be very expensive. The digital camera allowed me totake pictures of text, location and work to input in the video and onmy blog. It also allowed me to record all the footage I needed forthe video. Data can easily and quickly be transferred ontocomputer, due to the constant improvement in technology. Theproduction process was very different to AS, because we spent 2days at a CLC institute, and had to finish the video in that time limit.This meant we were rushed for time and could not make anychanges to our work if it was desired. This year were had IMacs inschool and were able to work on the video bit-by-bit.
  • Question 4 Continue (2)Final Cut was not available to us at school so we used IMovies (a morebasic video editing software). This software is quite simple to use but Iinitially had trouble using it because I came from a background of usingFinal Cut. I learnt new features such as: inputting a split screen andrewinding the videoI used Photoshop in order to edit photos. I had never used Photoshopbefore, so I struggled with this. The software offered a large amount ofmanipulation tools that produce top-quality images, but was too difficult tonavigate. I learnt how to make one part of an image coloured whilst therest is in black and white.YouTube allowed me to watch videos that were similar to the music videoI was looking to create. I was able to research what conventions are inindie music videos. I used Google in order to find solutions to problemsthat occurred, to conduct research and find information. Da font allowedme to look at millions of different fonts that I could use throughout theproject. I was able to implement a font I found here into the digipak.Overall these helped to produce good work, as I was able to gather andimplement information all at the comfort of one place