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Update on SMS-LMS, SRT and SSO

Update on SMS-LMS, SRT and SSO



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Data sharing for kamar conference Data sharing for kamar conference Presentation Transcript

  • Data Sharing Update: SMS-LMS, SRT and SSO/IAM KAMAR Conference Breakout Three Ian Munro, Andreas Kubisch & Paul Seiler
  • Session Agenda 15 minutes Better identity data, more automated processes and fewer sign-ins 15 minutes General discussion and questions 15 minutes Transferring student records between schools and SMS’s (Ian) 15 minutes Linking KAMAR to a learning management system (Paul)
  • Agenda for Paul
    • Where does SMS and LMS fit?
    • Why might you want to link your SMS and LMS together in this way?
    • What assistance is available if you want to follow this path?
    • What questions do you have for me?
  • The two hubs SMS LMS ENROL Student record transfer E-asTTle Early notification eReturns Online office suites Library system Metadata searching Web mail Digital content stores eportfolio
    • 110 of 198 KAMAR schools have an LMS
    • 103 of these schools could link the two systems using SMS-LMSv2, including 37 schools with Moodle, 33 with KnowledgeNET, 19 with Ultranet and 14 with My Classes
    • The answer to “Why would you want to do this? Depends on the school but could include one or more of:
      • Less data entry and better accuracy/timeliness of data in the LMS
      • Can use a hosted LMS or move your locally installed one to a ‘proper’ hosting arrangement
      • Make manageable the provisioning and management of user accounts in the LMS for students, teachers and parents/caregivers
      • Provide parents and students with better, online information to support learning
    Why link KAMAR to a learning management system?
    • What exactly is this integration about?
      • A (daily) batch transfer of data from the SMS to the LMS
      • Schema supports the movement of many items but is highly prescriptive
      • Uses XML to describe the data and complex validations to improve accuracy
      • Secured to move data across the internet
      • Being trialled by 50-70 schools including 10+ KAMAR
      • Early indications are that is it worthwhile but difficult and needs further support/work
    How does this link work?
    • By Term 3 the Ministry will be supporting state and state integrated schools to provide parents and students with online access to information that supports learning
    • The support will be to link KAMAR to an existing LMS or subsidising schools into a suitable online system that can link to KAMAR
    • Although the suppliers have not yet been selected (tender is presently open) the three likely categories for this are:
      • Parent and Student roles in the SMS
      • Parent and Student portals
      • Learning Management Systems
    • Systems must be commercially hosted and connectable to NEN/KAREN
    What assistance is available?
  • Questions on SMS-LMS
  • Students moving schools (2008)
    • Vertical changes (at the start of the year )
    • Starting full primary or Intermediate 37,000
    • Starting secondary 46,000
            • 83,000 (total)
    • Leavers
    • From years 11, 12 and 13/14 60,000
    • Note – some of the universities are starting to show an interest in this data
    • Starting year 1 39,500
  • Horizontal changes
    • 46,000 students moved horizontally – total of 53,000 changes
    • 39810 students moved once
    • 5207 students moved twice
    • 116 students moved four times
    • 4 students moved 6 times
    • 1 student moved 9 times
    • ENROL change notifications totalled 53,000 horizontally and
    • 83,000 vertically for a grand total of 136,000 changes
  • What creates the need for SRT?
    • All schools need early information on student numbers (and subject choices for secondary) to determine the next year’s staffing requirements
    • Students across the country fill out enrolment forms
    • Office staff across the country key in the enrolment form data
    • Data entry can be error prone and time consuming
    • The cost of the data entry is estimated at $0.5 million
    • The information that staff key in, already existed in the previous school’s database
    • The enrolment form can never provide the richness of data the previous school’s database contained
  • Does electronic transfer really save time?
    • A secondary data movement comparison
      • • Rangitoto College uses KnowledgeNet as its learning management system
      • • They had KnowledgeNet create an “options selection” system
      • • Students log on at home and select their options
      • • The data is transferred to the school’s student management system
      • The time saving from the automatic data transfer is between 2—3 weeks!
  • So what actually is SRT?
      • It is a software specification that enables a secure data transfer between a school’s SMS and a Ministry server
      • One school uploads leaving students’ data
      • Another school can download the data it needs
  • What data is transferred?
      • Demographics
      • Attendance
      • Assessment and the record of achievement
  • What are the advantages?
      • Accuracy
      • Security – the data is encrypted
      • Speed of access to the data
      • This assists with planning, resource requirements, staffing, timetabling, courses etc
  • Security and Privacy
    • The data is deleted after six months
    • An audit trail is kept of all user activity
    • The user can be identified down to the level of the user name and password
    • No sensitive data is collected – such as pastoral or government agency specific data
    • The Ministry has extremely limited capability to interpret the data – it is stored as XML
    • Any staff accessing the data have a warning come up on screen advising them that their movements with the database are traced and recorded
  • Does it link to ENROL? • Yes, the identification is linked • The data field list is much bigger than that in ENROL • Those interested in either more information, or technical information, please contact the SMS Services team
  • Questions on SRT
  • S ingle (as in once and only once) S ign O n (as in entering you user name and pw) SSO
  • What is it about?
    • Single Computer
    • Networked Computers
    • Connected World
  • Who is playing?
    • LMS: Moodle, Ultranet, Knowledgenet
    • Library: Koha, Acess-It
    • E-portfolio: Mahara
    • Online office/collaboration: Google Docs (Ed)
    • Video/Media: e-cast, My Video
    • Authoring/Sharing: Wiki Educator
    • Others in the works: Mathletics, TKI, e-asTTle, Spike, eTap, NZQA, etc . . . .
  • Where is it at?
    • Wellington Loop
    • Nelson Loop
    • Christchurch Loop
    • NEAL
    • Also working on offerings through: Watchdog, SchoolZone and Edtech
  • Questions on SSO/IAM
    • Andreas may be contacted on 04 463 7642 or [email_address]
    • Ian may be contacted on 04 463 7629 or [email_address]
    • Paul may be contacted on 04 463 7605 or [email_address]
    • MLE Reference Group :
    • Data Sharing Group :
    • WikiEducator : and the NZ Open Education Resource Portal
    • Ministry website :
    Feedback and ongoing participation