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Team-Based Software Development
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Team-Based Software Development


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Presentation as part of a joint Equinox-Microsoft roadshow during June 2007

Presentation as part of a joint Equinox-Microsoft roadshow during June 2007

Published in: Business

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  • 1. “Team-based development” The real key to software success y Paul Ramsay National Consulting Manager Equinox Limited 27 J ne 2007 June FINAL – Version 3 © equinox limited 2007
  • 2. Agenda  The challenge  The reality  The experience  The keys © equinox limited 2007
  • 3. The customer expectation Time Now Cost Quality Free Perfect Functionality Everything and more! © equinox limited 2007
  • 4. The development dilemma © equinox limited 2007
  • 5. The vendor solution © equinox limited 2007
  • 6. The reality … People People p make it happen Process can be the “glue” that holds Process P everything together Tools can enhance Tools productivity and efficiency © equinox limited 2007
  • 7. … in that order!  Despite the platitudes that “people are our greatest asset” people really are your greatest asset – there is no substitute for quality  Good people will always overcome poor or non-existent processes or tools  “An undisciplined carpenter with a power tool becomes a dangerous undisciplined carpenter” d di i li d t ”  The latest methodology or tool won’t save you – there are no silver bullets © equinox limited 2007
  • 8. People – look for attitude, diversity and depth Diversity Depth “Kii mai koe ki ahau he aha te mea nui o te ao? Maaku e kii atu ki a koe - he tangata he tangata he tangata" “If you asked me what i th greatest thi k d h t is the t t thing, I wouldld tell you - it is people, it is people, it is people" © equinox limited 2007
  • 9. People – develop the “tool-box” concept  Skills: The tools you have in your toolbox (“know what”)  Knowledge: What tool to use and when (“know when”)  Experience: How to apply the tool ( (“know how”) ) “What’s in your bag of tricks?” © equinox limited 2007
  • 10. People – teamwork makes the dream work Teamwork:  is productive  is creative  builds character  produces new leaders  promotes a sense of belonging © equinox limited 2007
  • 11. Process – tailored to fit  Needs to be tailored to the culture and characteristics of your organisation – “one size fits one”  Can either be an accelerator or a brake depending on how p g it is applied High Formal Processes Complexity Low Complexity Agile Processes Low High Flexibility Flexibility © equinox limited 2007
  • 12. Process – three key approaches  Agile  Visible  Responsive  Adaptive  Iterative  Incremental “The Learning Spiral” “Don’t try and drink the ocean” p p © equinox limited 2007
  • 13. Process – managing the lifecycle  N hi exists i Nothing i in isolation  Development does not end with delivery  Software will continue to change – increasing complexity and decay p y y  Design for maintenance  Actively manage y g changes © equinox limited 2007
  • 14. Process – supporting mindsets and principles P ti i d t d i i l © equinox limited 2007
  • 15. Tools – integrated development environment  Development language User  Version control  Build management  Test management IDE  Defect management Content Context  Project management  Tracking and reporting © equinox limited 2007
  • 16. Tools – Visual Studio Team System Business Analyst Web Clients and XML Web Services Operations, QA Third- Third-Party IDEs and Help Desk © equinox limited 2007
  • 17. QEII National Trust  C Covenant D t b t Database Development  Managing covenants to protect natural features on private land  First development using Microsoft VSTS Team Foundation Server  Six month project  Team of five people p p  © equinox limited 2007
  • 18. NZAID  Scholarship System Development  Managing scholarships to undertake post-secondary study or vocational training  Five month project  Team of seven people  © equinox limited 2007
  • 19. Schering-Plough Animal Health  VetPlan System Redevelopment  Original developed by Equinox in 1997 to manage customer loyalty rebate system  Redeveloped in 2007 using latest Microsoft technologies  Six month project  Team of seven people  © equinox limited 2007
  • 20. Three primary keys to a successful team  Co-location  Communication  Collaboration © equinox limited 2007
  • 21. Co-location  Facilitates team interaction and communication  Greater ability to focus on the task at hand with less unrelated distractions  Improved ability to respond to issues as they arise  Closer working relationships both within the team and with the customer  Reduced administrative overhead with less “traditional” monitoring and reporting required g p g q © equinox limited 2007
  • 22. Communication  G d communication skills Good i ti kill are essential  As a team grows the number of communication “channels” can grow g exponentially  A common technical solution i t use a l ti is to common “bus” or shared repository to replace all the point-to-point connections © equinox limited 2007
  • 23. Collaboration – people Stakeholders and Sponsor p Monitoring and Reporting Process Project Manager Customisation Task Allocation and Tracking Process Guidance Development Team © equinox limited 2007
  • 24. Collaboration – teamwork  Combine skills, experience and judgement  Break down barriers between departments and disciplines  Forming, storming, norming and performing f i  “Keeping the band together” © equinox limited 2007
  • 25. Collaboration – tools © equinox limited 2007
  • 26. Some final observations  Know and trust the team  Invest in training and development – “the grass is always greenest where it is watered” watered  Don’t reinvent the wheel – reuse and improve  Collect relevant data unobtrusively with no developer developer- perceived interference  Always do a post implementation review and apply the lessons learned to your next project – “deliberate learning”  Finally, remember it is all about the business and y, delivering business value © equinox limited 2007
  • 27. Possible next steps  I di id l Individual  Look to leverage off what you already know and do  Learn about teams and team dynamics  Team  How can we work more effectively as a team?  What principles and practices do we need to adopt?  Organisation  Focus on your greatest asset  Encourage team-based delivery supported by innovative g y pp y processes and tools © equinox limited 2007
  • 28. Thank you Questions and discussion © equinox limited 2007