Xy Inter Act Nexus Toolkit


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Our TOOLKIT of mobile interactive tools

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Xy Inter Act Nexus Toolkit

  1. 1. THE BIG IDEA Build a Communication Platform and a range of Interactive Tools to make is easy for brands to connect with people. Commercial in Confidence
  2. 2. THE RESULT XY InterAct connects people with people, with information Send information Respond to Receive information information requests Commercial in Confidence
  3. 3. Interact with people Information In Information Out Words, Pictures, Videos Words, Pictures, Videos Via Voice Call, SMS, MMS, Via Voice Call, SMS, MMS, Web Form or Email Web Form or Email Inform – Educate – Motivate – Enquire - Invite – Sell Commercial in Confidence
  4. 4. Interactive TOOLKIT Commercial in Confidence
  5. 5. Tool Number One: Push & Receive Message Broadcast using Group Connect Group Connect is designed to be used in conjunction with XY InterAct strategy & consulting to maximise effectiveness. Use our system to broadcast your messages to groups of people, receive their responses and monitor their actions. Use our range of IVR, payment and other tools to drive your programs. 1/ Send SMS, MMS, Picture Messages, Email or Voice Recording 2/ Receive responses & information back into the system Control your programs using the 5 modules. - Content-Database-Push Messaging-Campaign-Reporting Commercial in Confidence
  6. 6. Tool Number Two: Push & Receive Message Broadcast using MOBILEmail MOBILEmail sends messages to mobiles using your standard email account and is designed to be entirely self service. - You set up the service, control your profile & pay – all on line. - You send standard SMS, secure SMS, long emails or Picture Messages. - You receive responses back into your email inbox. MOBILEmail uses all the features of your email service – for example user groups and email scheduling times. www.mobilemail.net.au Commercial in Confidence
  7. 7. Tool Number Three: Receive & Respond Respond to information requests using MOBILEresponse MOBILEresponse is the call-to-action service that responds with detailed information to mobile users – anytime & anywhere. - Set up a service, choose a unique keyword and load your responses into our system - People request information by sending an SMS with your keyword to our number or by scanning a QR code - The system responds with your information – an MMS, a Picture Message, an SMS with a link to a mobile website or a Voice Recording. XY InterAct can track responses & report details of all the people requesting information. Commercial in Confidence
  8. 8. Tool Number Four: Receive & Respond Respond to information requests using MOBILEbalance This service is designed to provide changing balance or other information to people on their mobiles. - We can link with your system via http secure links to provide real time information or we house your database information in our system. - People register with you for the service using your required security information and you provide them a user Keyword. - People request information by sending an SMS with their Keyword to our number and we respond with their stored information. XY InterAct can track responses & report details of all the people requesting information in real time. Commercial in Confidence
  9. 9. Tool Number Five: Receive & Respond Build interaction using MOBILEcomp At XY InterAct we have worked hard to simplify the running of SMS competitions so you can use them as an everyday tactical tool to interact with people. (from 2 to 20 million people participating ) SMS to enter a competition (random draw, first entry, skill based) • SMS to vote – with real time reporting • SMS to register – any personal details received & recorded • MMS your picture or video to enter • Other as required • Use our 191011 number (self funding) or a standard mobile number. We provide a Plug & Play service : strategy advise, permits- terms & conditions if required, prize fulfilment, response tracking & reporting. Commercial in Confidence
  10. 10. Tool Number Six: Receive & Respond Receive any User Generated Content using Social Media Control At XY InterAct we have developed a simple system for you to accept and use content from people - video, pictures or words. - View it in real time using our on-line viewer – ie pick competition winners. - Automatically screen unwanted content before publishing – obscenity or violence, contact details like email/website addresses, or other as required. - Manually screen out content easily before publishing using our on-line viewer. Convert it to standard formats & present to you for publishing – directly to your website, to a database or other as required. Visit www.partner4real.com.au to see how we use this tool for a dating service. Visit www.191011.com.au/cgi-bin/xy/rmon to see our online viewer Commercial in Confidence
  11. 11. Tool Number Seven: Respond Build your ON-MOBILE capabilities with mobile websites At XY InterAct we build and host mobile websites. - Use them as an extension of your current online strategy - Use them for information display and real time balances - Use them for interactive communication – ie mobile learning Creating a mobile website doesn’t have to be expensive • 5 page static mobi site would cost $1k-$2k • 10 page interactive mobi site would cost $5k-15k Visit m.partner4real.com.au on your mobile for an example of our work Commercial in Confidence
  12. 12. Tool Number Eight: Send & Respond Mobile Picture Messaging At XY InterAct we have developed a unique messaging service that breaks the 160 character SMS barrier and delivers graphical messages to people on their mobiles. Messages are sent from your PC or from our System. People receive an SMS with a link to see the full picture messages. Picture messages have a range of easy to use Click-to-Respond Links that make is easy for people to communicate. Picture messages are fully customisable. Commercial in Confidence
  13. 13. Tool Number Nine: Receive & Respond ON-MOBILE payments At XY InterAct we can enable you to receive payments from people using their mobile phones. SMS 1900 payments that charge people on their mobile bills • IVR payments that charge credit cards • Mobile Paypal solutions that charge PayPal accounts • We provide the full solution – strategy, build and ongoing support. Commercial in Confidence
  14. 14. Tool Number Ten: Respond XY InterAct IVR services At XY InterAct we have built a range of IVR options that increase the interactivity of our services Broadcast Voice or MOBILEresponse calls can have a range of IVR options • Press 1 to record a message • Press 2 to talk to a consultant • Press 3 to have us call you back during business hours • Press 4 to make a payment and provide your delivery details • Other as required We custom build solutions to suit client needs Commercial in Confidence
  15. 15. Tool Number Eleven: Respond & Resond QR Codes QR codes are two dimensional barcodes that provide a simple and quick way to get information onto your mobile. The codes are scanned using the mobiles camera in conjunction with a FREE QR code reader. At XY Interact we enable you to use them for your business To get the reader on your mobile SMS QR to 0410 125 125 and we • will send you the link To create QR code content use MOBILEmail to create Picture • Messages and then go to www.i-nigma.com to create your codes Use them for Point of Sale, for business cards or for high impact interactive competitions and promotions. Commercial in Confidence
  16. 16. Interact with People Send Information In information Information Out Words, Pictures, Videos Words, Pictures, Videos Via Voice Call, SMS, MMS, Via Voice Call, SMS, MMS, Web Form or Email Respond to Web Form or Email Receive information information requests Inform – Educate – Motivate – Enquire- Invite – Sell Commercial in Confidence
  17. 17. The XY InterAct Platform Commercial in Confidence
  18. 18. Commercial in Confidence