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Welcome to pamplona

  1. 1. OUR TOWN 4th grade CP ITURRAMA
  2. 2. LOCATION• Pamplona sits in the middle of the map of Navarre. It is on a plateau 449 m. above sea level.• Pamplona is far 411 kilometres from Madrid, the Spanish capital.• There are some rivers but the most important it is called Arga.
  3. 3. CLOTHESIn my suitcase I put:• t-shirts, shorts, sandals and caps in SUMMER.• jackets, gloves, jeans and boots in WINTER.• When It’s WARM a cotton jumper and trainers.
  4. 4. HISTORY The Roman General Gnaeus Pompey Magnus arrived in 75 BC and founded a Roman-model city.
  5. 5. The three walled boroughs Pamplona was divided in three parts:Saint Saturnine, San Cernin and the older Navarrese.In 1423 the King Carlos III the Noble transformed the three boroughs into a single council.His sculpture is in the Plaza del Castillo square.
  6. 6. The Citadel was a fortification to defend theinvasion of Pamplona on the French border.
  7. 7. INHABITANTSThere are 198,491 people living in Pamplona.
  8. 8. LANGUAGESWe can’t speak German but youcan speak Spanish and Basque.
  9. 9. FLAGSPamplona´s flag is green with a coat of arms in the middle.
  10. 10. FESTIVITIES PPeople wear the red kerchief in San Fermin. It’s red because he was killed.
  11. 11. FESTIVITIESSan Saturnine is on 29th of November.
  12. 12. FESTIVITIES Estafeta Street is the most famous street in Pamplona because the bull running.Its very dangerous causing the bulls to slip.
  13. 13. BUILDINGS The tallest building is the Singular building with 70 meters.But the highest location inPamplona is the Cathedral.
  14. 14. BUILDINGSThe Cathedral is in the old part of Pamplona in Curia street.It is next to the Tejeria park, in San José square.
  15. 15. PARKSThere are beautiful parks such as:The Citadel, Vuelta del Castillo, Taconera, Antoniutti,Media Luna, Yamaguchi, Campus of the University ofNavarre and Campus of the public University of Navarre.
  16. 16. FREE TIME You can spend your free time visiting: • The Citadel and the city walls • Gardens and parks • Arga river park • The pilgrims way to Santiago • Pamplona´s monuments • The museum
  17. 17. FOOD and RESTAURANTSYou can eat delicious and cheap food in these restaurants: • Arabia fast food • Riau Riau • YanguasThe tipycal pintxos are chistorra and Spanish omelette.
  18. 18. You will bewelcome…