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Tools 2.0

  1. 1. Assignment N°4 – Tools 2.0Link to my Wiki: –  What is it?One True Media is a page where you can create videos by mixing many the kinds of media(images, video, and audio) as well as a sophisticated set of templates. Published videos can be shared to Facebook, sent to YouTube, or shared by email. You can alsoinvite other people to add media to your story for a collaborative project. In addition, you canallow remixes to be made from your montages.  How does it work?First, sign into the One True Media account. Next, go to your “My Videos” page. Click on "Create aNew Video". Begin uploading your photos and video clips. You can select music from theircollection or upload your own. Once you have the photos, video clips and music you want, you cancustomize your Video by changing transitions or special effects, editing video clips, andrearranging photos and video until youre happy with your project.  Why I found it useful: - Accuracy: This page is a service of SpotMixer, Inc. SpotMixer is the leading provider of web-based video creation and distribution services for businesses and consumers. Its managers and board hold different degrees, such as Physics, MBA and a MA in Education from Stanford University and a BA in American Studies from Georgetown University and Masters from Harvard University. The page content is reliable. - Currency: The content is updated (2012). - Content: The site is interesting and stimulating. And very easy to navigate. Instructions are very clear, and examples are shown so as to know what to do next. - Functionality: The site works properly and it does not use alternative technologies. I think students will enjoy working on this page; it is users-friendly. It is attractive and in few steps students will be able to watch their own creations.
  2. 2. 2-  What is it?This is a page where you can create your own personal journal and online diary. Your entries arealways safe and you can access the page anywhere you are: wherever you have internet, you willbe able to write and add something to your diary.  How does it work?To create an account, you must sign up. You can also do this by clicking the green sign-up buttonat the top right your screen in the Pad interface, or the Free Sign-Up button on the landing page. Itrequires only your name, email address, and password to get started.In the Entries page you can sort your entries by time (last week, yesterday, today), by title, datecreated, size, Image, shared, or locked. You can search all of your entries quickly with the filteredsearch. You can rename and print single or multiple entries at once.  Why I found it useful: - Accuracy: The managers of this page have a background on related topics: product development and marketing, graphic designer and branding consultant, domain registration, web hosting, e-commerce, online job banks, mobile social networks, user- driven content, rich media collaboration tools, and the latest in cloud computing, Computer Science, with Bachelors and Masters degrees from Carleton University in Ottawa. The content of the page are reliable. - Currency: It is updated (2012) - Content: This page is very easy to navigate. The visual structure is nice and invites to write (“calm” colors are used which call for relaxation) - Functionality: The site works well with no broken links. Google Chrome or Mozilla are required for using it. I found this page very interesting and different from all the others: in general, pages on the internet are very stimulating, with lots of colors, movement, etc. This page invites students to be calm, relaxed and connect to themselves.
  3. 3. 3 –  What is it?Xtranormal is a page that helps to create amazing interactive stories, instantly turning your wordsinto a 3D animated movie.  How does it work?Go to the home page and click the SIGN UP button in the top right corner of the screen. Take amoment to fill out your Username, Email Address, Password. Click Sign Up to continue. You shouldreceive your Account Activation email from “xtranormal” shortly thereafter. Click the activationlink to activate your account, and you can start creating your story.- Click the "Create" tab from any page on the website to get started. Pick a Collection. Each collection contains a unique style of actors and sets. Then, select either "1 Actor" or "2 Actors" to start your movie. - Select a Set: On the Sets tab, click any thumbnail image to preview a set. Once youve chosen a set, move on by clicking the Actors tab. - Choose Actors and Voices: Actor 1 is the character on the left-hand side of the set, and Actor 2 is the character on the right-hand side. Click any thumbnail image to preview that actor in the set. Then, pick a voice for each actor using the drop-down menu. - Add Sounds: On the Sounds tab, you can choose to add background sounds and music to your movie. Click on any item from the list to hear a preview. Keep in mind that the sounds and music selected here will play continuously during your entire movie. - Enter Dialog: Using the text-to-speech voices, anything you type in a Text bubble will be spoken by the actors youve chosen. You can add additional bubbles using the plus (+) symbol, delete bubbles using the X symbol, and rearrange bubbles by dragging and dropping. - Direct the Action: Action icons are used to add things like animations and camera angles to your movies. Simply drag and drop an action icon into any text or voice bubble to add the action at that part of of your movie. - Listen: The Listen button will give you an audio-only preview of your entire movie. - Preview: Click the Preview button to generate a quick, full-motion render of your entire movie. Keep in mind that the audio and video quality of a preview will be much lower than that of a published movie. - Save: We recommend that you save your work often. If you want to take a break and finish your movie.
  4. 4. - Publish: When youre done making changes and wish to create a final version of your movie, click the Publish button. You will be able to set the movies title, tags, description, and content rating before Xtranormal renders the movie for you.  Why I found it useful: - Accuracy: The creators of this page are a collection of media industry innovators, technology futurists and creative studio artists from San Francisco (HQ) and Montreal who bring together their best talent and ideas from all areas of modern storytelling, helping people tell stories in a way thats never been possible. - Currency: It is updated (2012) - Content: The site is surely stimulating and interesting! It is attractive and very easy to use. The instructions are stress-free to follow and students, to my point of view, will go back and forth to improve their work and make a really attractive video. - Functionality: The site works well, with no broken links or alternative technologies to be used. I think students will use this page many times after knowing it and working at school. The possibilities are immense and funny for sure.4 – fodey – newspaper:  What is it? is a Web 2.0 tool that allows users to generate their own authentic newspaper clippingor one of the other "talking choices”. Students can do research on a topic and create a newspaperstory. It allows students to create their own realistic or fictitious newspaper clippings.  How does it work?You do not have to register or sign up. Students simply enter the name of a fictitious newspaper,date, headline and story. The image of the newspaper is visualized in seconds. Images can beincluded too.  Why I found it useful: - Accuracy: I just found that the owner of the page is Christian Hirche, a German who is owner of 5 popular domains. The content is reliable. - Currency: It is not stated when the last updating occurred. - Content: The site is very simple and easy to navigate. To my point of view, it is not the most attractive one, but I would use it anyway. “All that glitters is not gold”.
  5. 5. - Functionality: The site works well and there are not broken links. No alternative technologies are required.I would use it with my students as it reading a newspaper is something we daily do. It is connectedto their real lives and it is interesting for them to create their own article.Resources: - Love, J & Lovejoy, I & Farley, K & Latham, L (2012). One True Media. Retrieved from - Mimran, A. & Lawlor, M. & Wilkinson, S. (2012). Penzu. Retrieved from - (2012). Xtranormal. Retrieved from - Hirche, C (N.D.) Retrieved from N°1: Create your own your own newspaper!Level: Intermediate – Secondary schoolThis is an individual activity about a foreign community in your city. It should be about 80 and 100words. What to take into account:1- The story you will write on the newspaper will be about a foreign community that lives in yourcity.
  6. 6. 2- Do some research and include: name of the community, number of people living in our city,their favourite food, where this community is settled, traditional festivities and customs.3- Start working on a Word document, including all the information you have gathered. Rememberthat your newspaper article is about 80 to 100 words, so make a summary if you need to.4- Once your story is ready, send it to your partner, who will try to improve it. You will have oneweek from the day you have to send it and receive it back. During that period of time, you willcorrect another story.5- When you receive your story corrected, make the necessary changes, if needed, and send it toyour teacher, for a final revision.You will be evaluated on: - research about a community that lives in your city. - making summaries. - vocabulary - use of Fodey as a 2.0 toolActivity N°2: Now it´s your turn to create your short video!Level: Beginners – Secondary schoolWhat you will do on this page is to create a video where you will show "My Favourite things"!•First, sign into the One True Media account.•Next, go to “My Videos” page and click on "Create a New Video".•Begin uploading your photos and video clips. You can select music from their collection orupload your own.•Once you have the photos, video clips and music you want, you can customize your Video bychanging transitions or special effects, editing video clips, and rearranging photos and video untilyoure happy with your project. •Add a comment to each photo, explaining what your favourite things are!! Include: food, sports,city, film, singer, actor or actress and any other thing you may want to.•Also, include the new vocabulary (adjectives) in your descriptions.
  7. 7. •The video will last between 25 and 30 seconds.You will be evaluated according to: - use of new vocabulary (adjectives) - use of structures. - use of One True Media.Activity N°3: Writing about your city!Level: Pre Intermediate – Secondary School•The idea is that you write about your home town.•You have to include some basic information as: - where it is, part of its history, what it is like. Youhave to include also your personal opinion about it (what you like/don´t like about it, and why).•Moreover, you will have to include at least three instances of relative pronouns.•The lenght of your writing will be of 150 words aprox.Remember to save your work each time you write something! You will be able to see everythingyou have written each time you log in!The evaluation will be based on: - clarity of ideas - correct paragraphing -use of relative pronouns - use of PenzuOnce your work is ready, a partner will be able to suggest corrections and/or add information thathe/she thinks is important.
  8. 8. Activity N°4: Xtranormal!!!Level: Intermediate – Secondary School•The idea is that in pairs you will create a short video of about 25 seconds.•You will have to work on "accepting others" putting all the new knowledge about "Communities"together. You will have to include new vocabulary and structures.How to start:•First of all, make a list of some of the structures and vocabulary you may want to include in thedialogue.•Check the characters that are avialable on Xtranormal; they may give you some ideas about whatthe story can be about. Also take a look at the different settings, these may help you too.•Once you have the idea of the setting and characters, and the structures and vocabulary, you canstart creating the story and dialgues on a Word Document. This will facilitate your workafterwards.•Remember that you can add music, change the angles of the camera... you can be very creativewhile doing the activity!The evaluation will be based on: - the use of new vocabulary and structures. - acceptance and respect for others. - use of Xtranormal as a new tool.