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Ict lesson plan hotpot

  1. 1. ICT – Assignment No 2Course: 3rd yearCoursebook: New English file – ElementaryStudents: Paula Carbajales and Viviana Rodriguez SarachoCommunicative goal: Describing past eventsGrammar focus: Past Simple (irregular verbs) - AffirmativeVocabulary focus: General, blurbRecycled language: Past simple – verb to be and regular verbs.LESSON 1ACTIVATION Time allotted: 5 minutesI´ll ask students: do you read? Do you prefer novels, textbooks, newspapers, magazines? Do you like mysterynovels?COMPREHENSION AND CLARIFICATION Time allotted: 20 minutesI´ll tell students to open their books on page 58.T: What can you see?S: A book / Un libro / La parte de atrás de un libro.T: Good! A blurb. (I’ll write BLURB on the board) Now, take some minutes to read the blurb. (After reading)When does the story take place? (T will make questions so as to check comprehension).T: Now we are going to listen to the next part of the story. You can follow the tape with the text in your books.(Students will listen to the story) Ok. Let’s see... Is there a new character in this part of the story? (We´ll makequestions to check comprehension and elicit sentences in the past tense)S: Si, Inspector Granger.T: Good. How do you know?S: Acá dice “The inspector arrived at about 9.00” / The inspector came in.T: Good. (I’ll write The inspector came in on the board). What about the rest of the characters? What was theirreaction? Were they talkative or in silence? J MIX ACTIVITY (to check comprehension) (10 - 15 minutes) Aim of activity: To check comprehension. To identify different parts of speech.
  2. 2. Description: Students will complete a summary of the story. - The cloze will be corrected with the whole class. Homework: J CLOZE ACTIVITY______________________________________________________________________LESSON 2ACTIVATION: Time allotted: 5 minutesT: Good morning! Do you remember the story we read last class?S: Yes!! The murder! Un crimen!(T will ask questions about the story)CLARIFICATION: Time allotted: 20 minutesT: So all these events happen when? Present, future or past?S: In the past.T: very good! (I’ll write the communicative goal on the board: describing past events) Now, some words are underlined. Canyou tell me which ones? (Students will dictate the words I have to underline.) Good. What type of words arethese? Are they adjectives, nouns or verbs?S: Verbos / VerbsT: Ok. That’s excellent. Now, if I follow the rule, the verbs in the past should contain ED. Am I right? Describing past eventsS: Si, inspector came in. The pero estos no tienen. blurbT: Good. So what happens to them? Do we add another thing? Do they change? Verbs Irregular Nobody spoke.S: Cambian! Present Past We slept in separate rooms.T: Good! That’s because they don’t follow the rules. They are irregular verbs. As they don’t follow the rules, Come Came I heard Jeremy’s bedroom door.they change to indicate past. Now, let’s see if we can make a list irregular verbs here. Their present and past.For example, came. What’s the present? Sleep Slept I thought it was Jeremy.S: read in bed for half an hour. Hear Heard I Come Think ThoughtT: Good! (I’ll write a list of irregular verbs and how they change in the past. This is how the board will look like). I got up at 7.15. Read Read I had breakfast Get Got I took my husband a cup of tea Have Had I found him in bed. Take Took Find Found
  3. 3. APPLICATIONActivity #1 Time alloted: 5 minutes.Name: Complete the text using the Past Simple of these verbsType of activity: Pseudo-communicative J CROSS ACTIVITY (10 minutes)Aim: To practice irregular verbs in the past .Description: Students read clues and complete a crossword.We´ll check the activity all together in the BB.LESSON 3ACTIVATION: Time allotted: 10 minutesT: Who do you think the murderer is? And why?S: (varied answers)T will write the answers on the BB.
  4. 4. COMPREHENSION AND CLARIFICATION:Activity #1 Time allotted: 15 minutesName: Listen and complete the activity.Description: Students complete a JQUIZ ACTIVITY by listening to the inspector Granger questioning the restof the characters.Activity #2 Time alloted: 10 minutesName: Who murdered Mr Travers?Type of activity: CommunicativeGrouping Scheme: PairsDescription: By looking at the chart they’ve completed in activity#2, they decide who the murderer is andaccount for their answers. Then, they listen and check if they were right.REFLECTION : J MATCH ACTIVITY Time alloted: 5 minutesTick the correct sentence 1. They comed to my house in the evening. 2. Susan found a roll of dollars in the street last week. 3. Carol sleept all night. 4. I had lunch very late yerterday.