Top Five Reality Checks For The Introvert Using Online Social Networking
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Top Five Reality Checks For The Introvert Using Online Social Networking






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Top Five Reality Checks For The Introvert Using Online Social Networking Top Five Reality Checks For The Introvert Using Online Social Networking Document Transcript

  • prost rat Coach for The ReluctantMarketerIt seemed to me, with more and more introverts online, that thispost deserved attention again:So many of my friends, and my husband’sfriends too, will not believe I am an introvert.But the truth is I am and I wouldn’t have it anyother way. When online social networking camealong for me, a few years ago, I jumped in andeven lead the way for most of my extrovertfriends as it being a place to network with areturn on investment. Image courtesy of Stuart Miles / FreeDigitalPhotos.netFor me, and likely other introverts, online is aperfect way to meet friends and have an easierway to make business connections – all in one activity and with less energydrain. By actively using online networking for friendships most introverts canhelp themselves if they would like to move in the direction of letting their littleseen social side appear to the degree of attracting both friends and businessconnections.Career and business reality check: who you know is still high value.While socializing, even networking, in person can be a challenge, using onlinefor the purpose of connecting is a blessing for those with an introvertpreference of more solitude. While influence is still about who you know, it’salso how many you know. In my own online networking I’ve found that playing
  • in the numbers game of how many people you know, I get closer to who is it Iwant to know. I don’t believe I would have met someone like Bob Burg, theauthor of the fabulous book, The Go-Giver, without online social media. Ofcourse it took courage and encouragement from a Master Mind group for meto connect with him via telephone but, it happened! Why not give yourself thatadvantage of the numbers to get you to who you want to meet withoutexhausting yourself?Healthy reality check: turn up your energy. Whether you are connecting forfriendships, or connections for business, energy goes into nurturing thatrelationship. But the more introverted like myself really don’t get a charge fromthat kind of time investment too often: we get a charge from solitude first,and more intimate one to one relationships second. Being able to control theonline engagement more and rather easily can give us just that boost withoutdepleting ourselves. Still, you want to check in with yourself to see if theonline activities are starting to loose their attractiveness because you areapproaching things more and more like an extrovert – too many activities, fartoo many conversations that go no where, on too many venues, with toomany people.Friendship reality check: you had me at, “What do you think aboutthat?” Many friendships can help us grow on a personal level. Often startinga conversation with someone online is an easy stepping-stone on the path toa more meaningful conversation. Quite often after someone invites me toconnect with him or her, it leads to quite the inspiring telephone or Skype call.It’s often a more purposeful, rather than a random conversation, that helps usknow who it is we want to get to know further. Usually I let my intuition guideme for who and who not to accept an invitation from. Heck! In general it’soften more common sense for some reality checks. If I get the defaultLinkedIn invitation to connect, and there’s no picture, an incomplete profileand either no indication that I can intuit of why would connect, or a real stinkof “here comes the sales pitch,” then I use common sense and select, Ignore.
  • Knowledge reality check: personal growth can grow by leaps. Let’s faceit, sometimes to experience new things we more introverted need thatencouragement of someone more extroverted. The friends I’ve acquiredthrough the years, pre-internet and post-online social media, tend to be a mix.The ones who help me to meet more people often lead me to find newhobbies, interests and again, new people. My husband is my biggest advocatein this. He’s always (I do mean always) singing, “I met someone who you arereally going to want to meet!” Then he lets me know how I might enjoy talkingwith them about Long Island (that’s where I’m from), or about grandchildren (Ihave two granddaughters) or something that he found there was commonground about. The same thing can happen online where someone you meetlets you know, this is another person to connect with for a distinct advantage.Happiness reality check: finding happiness and success gets easier.Work-life balance today is really an oxymoron; it’s a thing of the past. Thephrase implies that these are separate areas that we live in and we might wantto give them 50/50 attention. Closer to the truth these days is to think aboutbeing able to manage work and life happiness and satisfaction. The moreintroverted of us might be closer to reaching those kind of dreams onlinewhere you can have more control over certain pieces of the journey. You canmore easily manage conversations with friends in small doses. You can taketime to think things through before speaking your mind to someone you wouldlike to friend. You can rejuvenate yourself almost anytime you want. You candecide if it’s beneficial for you to connect for either social or businessreasons. You actually get to spend more time with your mind if you likeinstead of connecting at all, and how cool is that?We are social beings whether we are an introvert, extrovert or any other labelyou want to put on people. If you want more friends or just better friends, ifyou want business connections who you can help and who can help you, or ifyou want to be yourself and at the same time have an easier time beingfriendly, even approachable, they you can benefit in almost any area of life
  • from making online social networking your next good friend.How do you make online social networking for yourself?Connect with me, Patricia is on Google+