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Introvert Style New Years Resolutions from Introverts in the Know


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  • 1. prost rat Coach for The ReluctantMarketer Introvert Style New YearsResolutions from Introverts in theKnowWith the miserable statistics about success with New YearsResolutions, really why would wewant to bother with settingany? Satisticbrain has the skinny onthem including, the percent ofpeople who are successful inachieving their resolution, just 8%!If theres one thing I know aboutsome introverts, not only are wedrawn to research and statistics,but some of us like a challenge. Wedont want to go along with the92%.One of the things I love aboutintroverts is that we communicatein succinct ways. Thats what youneed to maintain your sanity if youwant to set New YearsResolutions: specificity and clearintentions.If setting and achieving resolutions is on your list this year, Ive gatheredsome of the best tips from introvert specialists, introverts in the know.Read what 10 of them have to say are their suggestions or, even an "Iresolve," that they are considering for themselves.
  • 2. Here you go with ideas for introvert style New Years resolutions.Id love to see more introverts shake off the stereotype that introvertsarent social. What could be more social than using these classic introvertstrengths: thinking before you speak, listening well, and focusing onmeaningful conversations? What we mistakenly think of as "social" is the"having the gift of gab." But who wants more chatter coming at them?With todays information overload, the introvert style is IN!- Val Nelson, Career & Business Coach, Ex-Wallflower, Proud Introvert,www.valnelson.comResolve to respect yourself more. Discount other peoples "shoulds"that feel wrong to you, and think hard about how to promote yourself in2013 in ways that bring you joy rather than dread.- Marcia Yudkin, Author, Marketing for Introverts (on Kindle and Nook),www.yudkin.comResolve to deliberately make one additional networking contact per week(or, if you’re really ambitious, per day – or any other increment thatrepresents an increase in your current level of activity). Resolve to findways to promote yourself at appropriate times, both in the job search (ifrelevant) and in your career- Wendy Gelberg, Gentle Job Search, thinking about New Years resolutions, dont go for something like"more multitasking" or "do more work." Multitasking doesnt really workand getting more work done can be rather meaningless. Use yourintrovert powers of focus and concentration to think clearly andstrategically. Work with your strengths and resist the urge to shoot forextrovert-centric behavior.- Susan Steele created Quietly Fabulous, a blog celebrating introverts andintroversion. She helps quiet people share their fabulousness via digitalmedia. Follow Susan on Twitter or like Quietly Fabulous onFacebook!Discover the Secrets of Introvert Happiness and Success this year byresolving to be 100% Your Authentic Self this year. Honor the unique andspecial gifts only available to introverts. Youll radiate a consistentconfidence that spontaneously attracts ideal opportunities and resourceswhen you stop trying to imitate the role models provided by extroverts.
  • 3. - Doris Helge, Ph.D., www.ShyIntrovert.comI would say my New Years Introvert Resolution is to be true to myself.That means accepting my introversion and working around it, both interms of getting alone time to recharge my batteries, but also notapologising for seeing to my introvert needs.- Alistair Miller, Career Coach Specialising InIntroverts,www.introvertatwork.comIntroverts are blessed with the unique gifts of strong intuition andintrospection. Interestingly, 2013 is Year of the Snake which representsthe enigmatic, intuitive, introspective and refined nature of all the animalsigns. This is your year to shine, using your insightful, confident and well-thought out voices.- Christian Marie Herron, Founder, IntrovertIdeal,www.christianmarieherron.comIntroverts dont like to brag or draw attention to themselves. This can bea problem if Im trying to promote my business. I resolve to get moreclients testimonials so they are speaking for me and Im not bragging.When I have to talk about what I do, I will focus more on how I can solvemy clients problems through the services I provide.- Marcia Donaldson, Introvert Business Success Coach,www.IntrovertBusinessSuccess.comResolved: I will focus on what introversion is, not what it isnt. I wontdefine myself, or let others define me, by what I "lack." I will embrace thegifts and strengths of an introverted bent, exhilarate in creative silence,and offer a listening ear to those who arent accustomed to being trulyheard.- Adam McHugh, author Introverts in the Church: Finding Our Place in anExtroverted Culture found on Amazon.Let your quiet star twinkle. Pick one way to increase your visibility in theNew Year (e.g., writing for publication; asking for testimonials onLinkedIn) and determine small, concrete steps to help you getthere. Embrace your pace. Life is not a race. Set an achievable stretchgoal for yourself (e.g., honing your public speaking skills) and enjoy thejourney rather than worrying who is getting ahead of you or where you"should" be at any point.- Nancy Ancowitz, Business Communication Coach and Author, Self-Promotion for Introverts(R): The Quiet Guide to Getting Ahead,
  • 4. you be making resolutions this year? What willyou do to be sure you dont fall into the 92% whogive up?