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The Battle Of The 300 Spartans
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The Battle Of The 300 Spartans



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  • 1. The Battle of the 300 Spartans By: Vahan Surabian End Show
  • 2. Table of Contents 1.) The Sides: Spartans 7.) About Me Persians 2.) The Myth 8.) Resources 3.) Pretext for War 4.) The Rumblings of War 5.) The Battle 6.) The Result End Show
  • 3. Spartans • Come from a area of Greece with a very hostile environment • Were not well liked by the other Greek City-States • All men were required to serve in the army till 65 • Had two kings, One to lead the army and the other to lead the country while at war • Had slaves that were called “helots” • Used spears, bronze shields and armor, had a sword as a last resort. • Well trained army End Show
  • 4. Persians • Came from modern day Iran • Led by Xerxes the son of the famous Persian king Darius • Persian Army was made up of soldiers from all the nations in the Persian Empire • Were the great world power at the time • Fought with a range of different armor and weaponry, from wicker shields and swords to bow’s and arrows End Show
  • 5. The Myth • Legend says that that 300 Spartans alone defended the hot gates at Thermopylae • During the first day the Persian’s were said to have shot sow many arrows at once that it blacked out the sun • The Persian army, according to myth, numbered over 1 million strong End Show
  • 6. Pretext for WAR! • The Greek city of Ionia rebelled against the Persians first by not paying their tax to the great power but then by armed resistance • The rest of Greece would soon come to the aid of the small city • Both of these events would lead to king Darius to take back the city and invade the Greek mainland • He would be met with stiff resistance by both the Athenian naval fleet and the Spartan army • At the battle of Marathon, the Athenian army would repeal a large Persian force • Darius would die a year after the battle and would leave the kingdom to his son Xerxes • Xerxes would make it his mission in life to take all of Greece and complete what his father started End Show
  • 7. The Rumblings of War • The Persian army would cross into Greece in 480 B.C.E. • Xerxes will bring with him, in legend 2.5 million troops • This number is contested today and most scholars believe that the number was closer to 200,000 • The Greek City-States would form an alliance that would bring the strength of the Athenian Navy and the might of the Spartan Army together • To try and stop Xerxes advance Sparta would send their King Leonidas with his body guard to Thermopylae • Thermopylae was a narrow passage which could be defended by the small force of Spartans and other accompanying Greeks End Show
  • 8. The Battle! • Xerxes Would send forward his troops into the teeth of the Greek resistance at Thermopylae • He would also seat himself on the top of a hill so as to watch his troops trample the Greeks • This played right into the Greek style of fighting • Using the Phalanx, heavy metal armor and weapons, the Greeks were able to repeal the attacks for two days • After the first day of fighting, Leonidas and his Greek forces were betrayed by a local • He gave Xerxes information about a goat path that would allow the Persian army to surround the entire Greek Force • Video End Show
  • 9. The Battle Cont. • Knowing he had been betrayed, Leonidas sent the majority of his Greek forces back home Leaving him and a few thousand men to slow down the Persian advance • On the second day of fighting the Greeks were asked one last time to surrender, this was not an option • The remaining Greeks were then slaughtered by the Persian army
  • 10. The Result • The Greek forces would be wiped out at Thermopylae allowing the Persians to head further into Greece • The Athenian navy which was holding the Greek’s flank broke it’s lines to fall back to the straits of Salamis • The Greek navy would then fight and turn back the Persian fleet. • The rest of the Greek force would fight the Persian army and eventually turn the Persians away • The Spartans at Thermopylae would be immortalized for ever in myth and legend End Show
  • 11. About Me Hello, my name is Vahan Surabian and I am a student at Grand Valley State University. I am a History major and a political science minor. I hope you enjoyed my presentation on the battle of the 300 Spartans. Questions? Comments? E-Mail Me Here! End Show
  • 12. Resources • http://www.canmag.com/nw/6273-300-zack-snyder • http://static.blogo.it/cineblog/300movie03.jpg • http://www.pixelmagicfx.com/features/300/images/ part1pics/part1_shot2_large.jpg • http://movies.ign.com/dor/objects/40983/300/imag es/ • http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Battle_of_Thermopylae • http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=n2IaHcshiwA End Show