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Patterson dress your_bed booklet



Describes bedding and how to properly dress a bed for the ulimate comfort.

Describes bedding and how to properly dress a bed for the ulimate comfort.



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    Patterson dress your_bed booklet Patterson dress your_bed booklet Document Transcript

    • DRESS YOUR BED PATTERSON GROUP, LLC Everything You Need to Dress Your Beds Sheets • Matress Pads • Pillows • Duvet Fills and Covers • Comforters • Bed Skirts Decorative Pillows • Accessories B O S T O N D E S I G N C E N T E R S u i t e 3 2 4 • 617.443.4904
    • Why dress your bed at Patterson Group? One-stop shopping. Take advantage of our knowledge. Patterson Group is conveniently located on We have a vast knowledge of the strengths the 3rd floor of the Boston Design Center and and capabilities of our fabric mills and brimming with everything you need to dress fabricators. Each bedding company has a your bed, including sheeting, duvet covers, variety of fabrics, styles, and options. Let us mattress pads and more! help you coordinate the perfect bedding to meet your functional and aesthetic needs. Choose quality and value. We carry only high-quality fabrics, work with Get a hands-on experience. workrooms we trust, and offer beautiful Unlike online shops, at the Patterson Group, bedding for every price range. we have fabric swatches for you to see, touch, and feel. We will work with you one- Why water down your concept? on-one to create the perfect bedding for At the Patterson Group, we work with you to your client. find exactly what you need for your client. We offer you a portfolio of custom creations Leave the details to us. to complete your design. Our project managers will coordinate the details of your design with your office, and Keep control of your project. keep track of your order, from initial quotes Bring your client to our showroom at the to final delivery. Boston Design Center to view bedding you’ve selected and eliminate your client Find what you need. shopping online and at retail shops. We carry bedding in-stock, and offer custom options and made-to-order bedding, all in Make a profit. your colors and fabrics of choice. Custom We sell to you at designer net pricing, giving bedding lead times vary from two to eight you the freedom to make a profit or pass on weeks, depending on custom details. the savings to your client.
    • Patterson Group • Boston Design Center •Suite 324 • 617.443.4904 •
    • Bring in your fabric swatches, paint chips, and rug samples. We’ll help you put together coordinating bedding. Wall Color Drapery Headboard Area Rug Chair
    • Custom Embroidered Sheet Set, 600TC 100% Egyptian Cotton, colors selected individually, hundreds of colors to choose from. Belgium Linen Duvet Cover 100% Alpaca Throw Custom Bedding by Patterson Group $1800 includes custom embroidered sheet set, Belgium linen duvet cover, and 100% Alpaca throw. Bedding by Retail Shops Standard Embroidered Alpaca Sheet Set, comparable thread $3200 count, Egyptian cotton, four includes standard colors available embroidered sheet set, linen duvet cover, and Alpaca blend throw, in Linen Duvet Cover (only white available) limited colors and styles. Patterson Group • Boston Design Center •Suite 324 • 617.443.4904 •
    • Live in the Moment Patterson Group • Boston Design Center •Suite 324 • 617.443.4904 •
    • Determining the quality and superiority of one sheet versus another is more than just Thread Count... Thread Count is a number - but what are you counting? Thread count refers to the number of individual threads woven into one square inch of fabric. The common perception is that the higher the thread count, the bet- ter quality the fabric will be. This is not always the case. The number IS important, but the quality of the threads themselves is also crucial in creating beautiful bedding. Fiber type, fiber length, yarn and fabric weave all play a part when choosing high-quality bedding. The best fabric is woven with single ply yarns made from long-staple fibers of superior cottons and linens. When looking for the finest cottons, take notice of a high thread count, but also make sure they are made using a long-fiber cotton, such as Egyptian. Ultra high thread count sheets can sometimes be inferior to moderate thread count sheets produced with premium fibers. For example, a 300-thread count 100% Egyptian Cotton sheet is superior to a 500-thread count sheet made with cotton-polyester blend fibers. Some of the extremely high thread counts tend to be misleading as they usually count the individual threads in 'plied' yarns (a yarn that is made by twisting together multiple finer threads). For marketing purposes, a fabric with 250 two-ply yarns in both the vertical and horizontal direction could have the component threads counted to a 1000 thread count. How the fabric is woven should also be considered. Different weaves will produce different finishes, textures, and weights. There is no simple answer to the thread count, ply, and fiber game; there are thousands of combinations that will make a beautiful product. At Patterson Group, we carry a large selection of high-quality bedding and sheeting, so you can find the best product for your client. Fiber Type Linen: One of the oldest natural fibers used to produce Organic Cotton: Organic fabrics are made of only cloth, linen can be very soft to the touch and natural products. The term “organic” refers to the way comfortable if it is cared for properly. Belgium produces that the materials are grown and processed. All of the the longest-fiber linens, as its climate is perfectly suited raw materials come from organic and sustainable for the flax plant, which naturally grows taller and agriculture and the subsequent phases of production therefore yields the long fibers most desired for are designed to have a minimal impact on the high-quality linens. environment. They do not contain any genetically Egyptian Cotton: The king of all cottons, this variety engineered particles and they are biodegradable. produces a longer individual fiber, which makes for a Fabric Weaves stronger cloth with a smoother hand. Many of the finest linens in the world are made from 100% Egyptian Sateen: A weave of fabric that is woven with more Cotton. threads on the surface, so it reflects more light and has a greater sheen. Most sateen sheets are made of 100% Combed Cotton: Cotton that has gone through a cotton. process in which the fibers are combed to remove the shorter fibers and all the fibers are put in the same Percale: A closely woven fabric where the warp threads alignment, making for a softer yarn and fabric. Most and the weft threads cross over each other one at a high-end cotton sheets are made with combed cotton. time in an even, balanced manner, 200 TC or higher Standard Bed Sizes Custom size bedding also available Patterson Group • Boston Design Center •Suite 324 • 617.443.4904 •
    • The Well-Dressed Bed Patterson Group offers every thing you need for a well-dressed bed! 1. Mattress Pad or Mattress Cover 9. Duvet Fill 2. Fitted Bottom Sheet 10. Duvet Cover 3. Flat Top Sheet 11. Blanket or Coverlet 4. Sleeping Pillows (2-4) 12. Bed Skirt 5. Pillow Protectors Optional Finishing Touches: 6. Pillowcases Decorative Toss Pillows 7. Standard and/or Euro Sham fills Throw Blankets for end of bed 8. Standard and/or Euro Shams Body Pillows What you’ll find at Patterson Group We specialize in custom and stock bedding, and carry only the highest-quality cottons and linens. Whether you need a full bed or finishing accents, our knowledgeable staff will help you find the perfect thing for your client. In addition to our many signature bedding lines, we carry Libeco Linens, Patrizia A, and Pine Cone Hill. Lead times vary depending on custom details and complexity of project. We have a variety of sheeting sets, duvet covers and decorative pillows in stock at the showroom, and custom orders will arrive in two to eight weeks. When you’re done in the bedroom, don’t forget custom shower curtains and towels for the bathroom, one-of-a kind lighting, and accessories, all available at the Patterson Group in the Boston Design Center, suite 324
    • A Small Selection of Fabrics Available at Patterson Group Patterson Group • Boston Design Center •Suite 324 • 617.443.4904 •