What You Need To Know To Make Linked In Work For You


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What You Need To Know To Make Linked In Work For You

  1. 1. What You Need to Know to Make LinkedIn Work for YouToday more than ever businesses and business professionals are looking for way to gain moreexposure and to network with others. Networking is about building connections with others.These can be businesses that you hope to possibly work with or individuals that you’d like tolearn more about or use their services.The social media world has become an outlet for many to build not only their reputations but thereach of their businesses as well. Social media allows people and businesses to connect withothers that they normally would not have come in contact with.For the business professional there is a social media outlet that is designed with them in mindand it’s known as LinkedIn. LinkedIn has a network of over 150 million members all across theworld. While you may feel that you know how to use social media, the truth is that if you don’tuse it effectively it could do more harm than good.Tips to Make LinkedIn Work for You#1 Stay ActiveSocial media is about being “social”. So in order to build your brand, your reputation and tobuild your network of connections you need to stay active with social media. Many tend to putsocial media on the back burner because they feel they simply don’t have time to dedicate to it.Social media works but it doesn’t take working all day on it for it to be effective. You can updatesocial media manually each day or you can schedule batches of updates via platforms likeHootsuite.LinkedIn is social media for the professional world. So staying active on this outlet is important.Those who remain active are the ones who are most often seen in the newsfeeds. They are theones who get noticed. Stay active by doing a status update at least 3 to 5 times a week. These updates don’t have to be lengthy but they do need to be focused and attention grabbing. Comment on the updates of others within your network. This builds a rapport with them and can easily kick start a conversation that is beneficial for you both. Join LinkedIn groups that not only interest you but also may be starting points to finding potential new clients or business partners.
  2. 2. Seek others on LinkedIn to add to your network. Look for experts in your field as well as those who you may be able to help down the road.#2 Keep Your LinkedIn Network GrowingThe point of social networks is to be social so that you can network with those who have similarinterests personally and professionally. There are always new opportunities available onLinkedIn to connect with others.LinkedIn gives you a helping hand suggesting people you may know or want to connect with.Part of your LinkedIn profile is a box entitled “People You May Know”. These suggestions arebased on a variety of information from your profile such as: Common Connections Professional Field Email Contacts Interests Geographical Location And more…..
  3. 3. Always be aware of potential connections. LinkedIn helps you see possible connections whereyou may not have normally looked.#3 Be ResponsiveWhen you post updates, some of your connections may post a response. It is crucial that you areresponsive to these comments. This may seem like common sense but you’d be amazed at howmany people actually don’t respond to comments. Being responsive creates dialogue. The moreresponsive you are; the better the relationship you build with your connections.#4 Be Choosey with What You SayWhat you say matters a lot so make sure what you say is important and focused. You want toshare news that is important to your business and is relevant to what is going on in your nichemarket today. While some may re-quote others, it’s important to be original in what you say.You want to be known as an expert; a leader within your industry so stand out from the crowd bybeing original in what you post.Lab 42 in August of 2011 posted results of a study on LinkedIn users. The study was performedbetween July 1 and July 5, 2011 and included a sampling of 500 users. The study was conductedto get a better understanding of LinkedIn users as well as what they deem as important on linkedin. While users may be members of numerous social media networks, 61% stated that they usedLinkedIn the most for professional networking. 81% of users stated that they participate in atleast one LinkedIn professional group and 53% of those participate regularly in groupdiscussions. The largest percentage polled stated that they used LinkedIn for professionalnetworking as well as job searching. This study shows that LinkedIn has been gainingmomentum for quite some and is only growing amongst business professionals.Lewis Howes, a former American Football League player found out how much of an impact thatLinkedIn can have on establishing a professional presence. Three years after getting injured,Lewis created a new business with the help of building his connections on LinkedIn and createda 7-figure business.LinkedIn is more than social networking; it’s changing the face of business. Do you have aLinkedIn profile? If not what are you waiting for? If you do have a LinkedIn profile, are youusing it effectively so that it will benefit you and your business in the end? If you haven’t beenon LinkedIn for quite some time then there is no time like the present to get back on and seewhere it can take you. Change begins with you. The only way to change tomorrow is to begintoday.