The World of Photo Editing


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The World of Photo Editing

  1. 1. The World of Photo EditingThe world of photography is growing every day. People get into photography for many reasons.A picture can say so much. It can tell a story. Capturing the perfect picture, whether it is alandscape, a person or an object can make a statement without any words. That’s the powerbehind the world of photography.However, sometimes what you thought would be the perfect shot actually turns out with someimperfections. It can be someone’s eyes turning out red, it can be a person in the background thatyou didn’t see or it can even turn out darker then you expected. This is where photo editing canactually save your photo. When taking a digital picture you can edit the properties of that picturein so many ways using editing software.Editing software allows you to make corrections to the photo such as:  Fixing red eyes – too often people in a photo will appear to have red, slowing eyes due to the light and angle of the shot. Many editing programs have a feature to remove the red eye and return the eye color to a normal state.  Brightening a dark photo – in certain indoor settings or lighting, a picture can come out darker than expected. This feature allows you to edit the photo and brighten it so that the subject can be seen easily. You’d be amazed at how you can enhance a dark photo and actually save the image.  Adjusting the pictures contrast and clarity – some pictures may seem a little fuzzy or not as clear as they should be. By adjusting the pictures contrast, you can enhance the clarity of the picture.  Straightening a picture – sometimes when you’re in a hurry a picture can be taken at an angle. This feature allows you to rotate the image so that it is straight and more appealing.  Cropping a photo – When you crop a photo you are zooming in on one area and removing everything else. So if you had a photo and there was a person in the background to the left that you didn’t see at the time the photo was taken, you can crop the photo and zoom in on what you want to see and remove the rest. Cropping allows you to take one area of the photo and zoom on it and make it the main focus.In addition with photo editing you can manipulate the picture to enhance the picture. So you canadd a decorative background to your photo or you can place your baby on top of a flower. Theseare just a few ways that you can use photo editing to enhance your photos and truly make themone of a kind.
  2. 2. You can edit digital and traditional photos. When you edit a traditional photo it is called “photoretouching”. When it comes to traditional photos things like airbrushing are used to enhance thephoto.With digital photos you have several different online and desktop photo editing programs thatyou can use to edit your work. Some programs are free; while others are paid programs. For thebeginner, starting out with one of the free programs will allow you to practice the art of photoediting without having to spend any money.Some of the free programs include:  Picasa – this is a Google based application that allows you to store and edit photos online and on your desktop. It offers simple editing features which makes this an easy program for most beginners.  Photoscape – this is a desktop editor which offers you the ability to customize your photo with decorative backgrounds and images as well as traditional editing options.  Picnik – this online photo editing program offers many of the traditional editing features for free. You also can gain access to more features through their paid program however the free option is a great way to play around with photo editing.Paid photo editing programs can range in price from $80 to well over $300 depending on theprogram. Some of the popular programs used include:  Corel Paint Shop Pro  Adobe PhotoShop  Serif Photo PlusEach program offers its own unique features but has many options to allow the user to reallyenhance and edit their photos. Paid programs offer more feature then your standard free optionsand can allow the user to really learn how to manipulate photo properties. The world of photoediting is not as difficult as one may think. All it takes it patience and practice. Over time, you’llbecome a master at editing all your photos.