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Sample Blog Series

  1. 1. Harnessing the Power of SEO with SocialMediaThe Internet opened the doors to so many people by allowing them access to a broad spectrum ofinformation. Part of that spectrum included businesses who established an online presence. Theinternet also changed the way businesses handled their marketing efforts.In today’s online world businesses need to garner as much exposure as they can. The Internetopened an infinite number of possibilities when it comes to customers seeking a business online.In order to narrow down those results, businesses need to make sure two things are in order: SEO(search engine optimization) and social media. The problem is that most people have a tendencyto separate the two. The truth is that they should be combined. By combining them, businessesget a powerful marketing duo.The Power of SEOSEO is designed to allow customers to find a website they are looking for easily. Websites areoptimized to make them more search engine friendly and thus make them easier for theircustomers to locate. Search engines like Bing and Google send out “spiders” which are bits ofsoftware that search the World Wide Web for tags and other text which allows them to knowwhat a website is all about.Websites gain better visibility and can gradually move up in the search engines. While the goalwould be to land on the first page of the search engine, the first three pages are consideredacceptable. Any further then the first three pages and the businesses risk losing their audience.The Power of Social MediaSocial media has been gaining momentum over the years. Today more businesses are setting upsocial media profiles. Profiles on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and LinkedIn have helpedbusinesses garner the exposure they are looking for. Customers love interacting with businesseson social media. It makes them feel connected.Why Combine SEO and Social Media?It’s evident how powerful SEO and social media are on their own however together they make adynamic duo. The two can actually feed off of one another and enhance the exposure of thebusiness using them. By utilizing them both a business can create inbounds links that are likemoney in the bank when it comes to exposure. By creating links within social media posts, a
  2. 2. website can get additional exposure via the search engines. Just as adding social media links onthe website will increase exposure.A combined SEO and social media strategy can only work to benefit any business using themboth. They are a powerful combination that no marketing plan should be without.
  3. 3. Social Media Tools You Need to KnowAboutSocial media is more than social networking sites for people to connected and play games on.Today they are valuable marketing tools for businesses. Social media today is no longer amarketing option; it’s a marketing must.Many business owners tend to stray from social media because they consider it more work forthem to monitor. To make it easier to use social media there are several tools that can speed upthe process saving time and money.CrowdboosterTracking social media data is important for businesses to see how effective their campaigns are.Data can be tracked in real time or for a specific date range. Businesses can track shares, replies,Retweets, likes and more. Daily summaries can be sent to an email address for easy monitoring.Sprout SocialSprout Social is another great monitoring tool that easy to read because of its graphic interface. Itoffers a Smart Inbox feature that allows the user to respond to multiple social media accounts inone convenient place. If visual data comparison is what business owners need then this is theapplication for them.SocialbakersWhile Socialbakers may be a bit more expensive than most tools it offers the combination ofseveral monitoring tools in one application. Users can compare their campaigns with that of theircompetitors. It’s easy to track data on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Google+ and LinkedIn withSocialbaker.SendibleSendible is a standout in the crowd. With its 360° brand monitoring and sentiment analysisfeature, users can monitor what’s being said about them as well as what is being said about theircompetition. This is a useful feature especially if something negative is being said about abusiness.Each social media monitoring tool offers its own unique features. What may work for onebusiness may not work for another so it’s important to test them out and then make a
  4. 4. comparison. The most important factor is to utilize social media because it has been proven to bequite effective when it comes to generating traffic to a website and garnering the exposure thattoday’s businesses need.If customers can’t find a business on the Internet then they will go on to the next business in line.Today we live in a virtual world. Not utilizing social media is like not saving money for a rainyday. Each day that a business owner invests in it is another day that they are building towards aprofitable future.
  5. 5. Why Businesses Need Content That WillDrive ResultsThe Internet is a system built upon millions of websites that contain hundreds and eventhousands of words. So why is that important? The content on a website is not only going to beutilized by the search engines but it is also going to pull the audience in and hopefully enticethem to buy whatever product or service is being offered.Words are a powerful mechanism in society. The wrong words can push the targeted audienceaway and into the hands of the competition. However the right words can convert the targetedaudience into a lifelong customer. This is not a new concept yet many businesses still are usingthe wrong content. This is generally evident by the poor performance of their website.Content separates brands. For example, if a search was to be run on the keyword “face cream” inGoogle it would find about 127,000,000 results. So in those 127,000,000 results how does acustomer find the business they are looking for? The content will set each site apart and thatcontent will also be used for SEO purposes making a business more easily identifiable across theWorld Wide Web.Building Credibility on the WebThe right content is also like gold when it comes to building credibility for a person or business.Content makes things seem loud and clear. It’s the voice of the website. The question is, “what isyour website saying about you?” The clearer the content is; the more credibility the brand has.Getting Repeat Visitors to a WebsiteGreat content draws people in. It gets them interested and coming back for more. A website withgreat content will drive traffic to a website and increase repeat visits. This is why it is crucial toprovide fresh content on a consistent basis. It’s not only great for the search engines but for thewebsite visitors as well.Call to ActionGood content gets people to do something. It calls them to act. By converting a visitor into acustomer the content has been proven valuable and effective.Good content is like money in the bank. It’s always there when you need it and it’s workingevery day for those who use it in the right way. Adding content is a cost-effective way to build
  6. 6. the reputation of a brand. It’s an inexpensive increase the websites presence. A little work can goa long way in building up the exposure of a business and their brand.