How to Keep People Engaged in Your ProjectPutting your project on Rock The Post was the first step in getting the donation...
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How To Keep People Engaged In Your Project


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How To Keep People Engaged In Your Project

  1. 1. How to Keep People Engaged in Your ProjectPutting your project on Rock The Post was the first step in getting the donations and investorsthat you need to make your project truly come to life. However, if you don’t keep your audienceengaged in your post, than it will never progress forward.There are so many ways to enhance your post. Some of these ways include: Edit Posts as Needed – when updates happen to your project and the information changes, keep your content fresh by editing your post. By editing your post with the most current information, you are letting potential donors and investors know how the project’s needs are progressing and changing. Add New Videos – do you have a video about the progress of the project? If so, upload it. Videos make people feel connected to the post. It is interactive and draws people in. Videos are a diamond in the rough. They are one of the best ways to market your project so utilize them as often as you need to. Add Documents – as your project has progressed have you compiled reports to show progress? Do you have letters from those involved that would motivate others? If you have documents on hand that will support your project and get others involved then upload them. The more information you have to support your project; the greater its success.Projects that are successful will constantly keep potential donors and investors up-to-date on thestatus of the project. People like to see progression. Let’s say you’ve reached 25% of your goal.Why post information when you’ve only reached 25% of your goal? The answer is simple. 25%shows progression. It shows that other people find your project worthy of contributing to and youhave a project that is impacting others. Images–Updating images as the project progresses are a great way to keep people informed. Images can show those involved in the project, those that the project is impacting, general progression of the project and more. Images can say more than words. Utilize pictures to enhance your post and the project updates. Utilize Social Media – social media is a great way to enhance your projects exposure and to spread the word about your progress. By adding a link to your post on Rock The Post on your social media networks, you are gaining more exposure for your project and keeping people engaged in what is going on with your project.The most successful project posts contain detailed information and keep potential donors andinvestors constantly engaged in the project. It’s all about stirring up interest in the project andhow it’s progressing. Progression shows success. The more successful your project is; the morecontributors you will engage. The main goal is getting your post to become successful.Following some of these tips will help enhance your projects exposure.