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Press Release/TSC + A/C

  1. 1. PAT T Y SO F F ER LA U NC H E S T H E SO F F ER COL L EC+I V E AND T EAM S W I T H UBER N E W YORK AGEN T JOE LOMBARDO OF ART I S T S AND CREA TI V E S FORT LAUDERDALE, Fla. (November 12, 2008) – Yeah, Patty Soffer is glamorous, but more important, she’s an innovator. The former Wilhelmina model and longtime veteran of the advertising industry has reinvented the branding + strategy + design trifecta with her new firm, The Soffer Collec+ive. Through great ideas, creative artistry and a strict no-BS policy, The Collec+ive‘s fresh- thinking, envelope-pushing artistes rocket new clients into the spotlight and shake up soggy, tired brands. “We have the best time coming up with cool-yet-sound new ideas. After all, isn’t that where innovation is born?” asks Soffer. “ And then we roll from there, using a strict process that keeps us focused and develops a clear road map for the brand.” Soffer has also incorporated fresh thinking into her own brand by hiring New York agent Joe Lombardo to represent The Collec+ive, rather than continuing to operate a biz dev department, which she feels is a tired, outdated concept. Artists and Creative’s Lombardo is arguably New York’s top creative agent. The off-the- charts-original Lombardo says, “The Collec+ive deeply cares about what they do, and it shows in their work. They believe in the spirit of art and the artist. Soffer runs her company with an enterprising eye on the present while constantly respecting the power of popular culture and trends. Her business acumen is compact, lean and mean, and that's what this economy calls for in a boutique such as hers.” “I totally get the agent business relationship; I had one for 15 years when I worked as a model,” said Soffer, who was founder and principal at Soffer Adkins for the past decade. “Moving on with the times, to me, meant looking at my business thru a different lens. Joe Lombardo is that lens on steroids!” Not surprisingly, Lombardo is also probably the first agent to represent a company and not just a single person. “He and I met, and in about 15 minutes we realized we had a completely new concept going on here,” said Soffer. “He’s as cool as they come, and on fire at the same time. A whole lotta Joe is just what we need right now. He’s like a magnificent Roman candle! What a huge change from the old ways, ”she adds. ”And he’s exposing us to opportunities in his world of fashion, music and the arts that we could never identify on our own. I feel like I’m home again. You know, full circle.” The Collec+ive, which Soffer refers to as an “Ideas Company,” is comprised of masters of design, strategy and branding across many disciplines, all artists in their own right and each of whom is deployed on projects as needed. They create everything from websites and packaging to radio, TV and video production, and more. When they’re not working on client
  2. 2. work, they’re creating their own art, whether it’s painting, music, writing, woodworking or whatever. Also unique to the Collec+ive is its seamless integration, team building, complete transparency and single point of contact approach. And Soffer prides herself on adhering to their process. The Collec+ive keeps its pulse on the marketplace by researching and analyzing trends, consumer insights and cultural shifts, and tailors its work to each client to find open areas in which to compete effectively before it even puts pen to paper, or finger to keyboard. “We’re big believers in prep, “ she says. ”It saves time, anguish and the ever-important budget dollars. That is key in this economy.” While The Collec+ive’s structure is new, Soffer’s long-standing relationships endure, including those with Paradisus Resorts, Sol Melia Group, The Luxury Group, S&S Fresh Naturals, Elite Golf Cruises, RCTV, McDonald’s, Perry Ellis, Marriott International, JWMarriott, Turnberry Associates, St. Regis Hotels and Resorts, Fed Ex LA, The Related Group, The Shaquille O’Neal Group, and PGA Commons, plus more For more information on The Soffer Collec+ive and to learn about the full gamut of packaged and a la carte services, visit or