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Slides thomas darlan and georgia


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task for tdc 2013 2nd semester

task for tdc 2013 2nd semester

Published in: Education, Technology

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  • 1. Grammar key 7 Articles 1
  • 2. 2 articles
  • 3. Use a before a noun or adjective that begins with a consonant sound. A feather, a gray feather What are the rules? In spite of some English speakers recognize only three articles ( a, an and the ) we also have no article. Some languages have no articles and due to that fact, articles are problematic. Indefinite articles A and AN: 4 Use an before a noun or an adjective + noun that begins with a vowel sound. An idea, an absurd idea Remember that words beginning with the letters h or u can be problematic . The use of a or an depends on the beginning sound of the word. A hat, an hour A university, an umbrella
  • 4. 6 Use the for names of countries that look plural The United States, The Philippines Use the for parts of something, except for parts of the body. My living room is rommy. The sofa is in front of the television, the rug is round... Use the with most bodies of water except individual lakes. Lake Michigan, The Pacific Ocean Use the with geographic parts of the globe and geographic areas. The South, The Equator
  • 5. 7 No article Talking about category or group in general use no article. Water is important for our health No articles before abstract nouns like feelings or ideas. A person´s future success depends on education
  • 6. articles These grammatical errors are directly connected to ELL´s first language interference, and they tend to make these same mistakes for several times. 3
  • 7. 5 Definite article THE: When talking about something specific The dog in the yard is mine. Use the when the speaker and the listener are talking about the same specific item Barbra, don´t forget to clean the house Use the for the second and all other references to the same noun The computer lets us access the internet really quickly Use the with the superlative form of an adjective Brazil is the most interesting country in the world
  • 8. 8 Exercises: Find the error. 1) Every family dream about confortable house. 2) There is cat in front of the yard. 3) Yesterday we visited university in Brasilia. 4) The planet is running out of the water. 5) Nicole is from United States. 6) The João is my classmate. 7) Pacific Ocean is dangerous. 8) I am waiting here for a hour. 9) She gave me umbrella and a hat. 10) The education is very important for one´s success future. Darlan Nunes and Georgia de Lima.