Patrina Kerr marketing portfolio March 2012

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  • 1. Patrina KerrMarketing Portfolio
  • 2. Customer Relationship Marketing - Tempo• Owner of Tempo – Microsoft Australia’s SMB customer monthly newsletter• Distributed via email to 20,000 business contacts each month• Objective is to build communities and retain customers through direct communication and to promote offers, upsell and cross sell opportunities by utilising dynamic content based on customer buying models
  • 3. Customer Relationship Marketing - MRP• SMB business owner for MRP - Microsoft’s Volume License customer lifecycle management marketing program• Management of monthly communication with customers and partners based on reaching certain trigger points in their agreement (Welcome, Deploy, Use and Renew)
  • 4. Customer Relationship Marketing - Renewals • Renewals is a top business priority for Microsoft globally. • Business lead for Open License Renewals (Sales and Operational discipline) • Integrated into the model a marketing / demand generation component • Responsibility includes all sales execution, communications, pipeline management, forecasting and reporting for Microsoft Australia 1. Prepare & 5. Report & Plan Review T-1804. Loss Analysis & 2. Engage Win-backs T-120 – T-30 T-0 3. Follow-up
  • 5. My First Volume License Customer Campaign • Objective of My First Volume License campaign is to acquire new customers into the Open License program • Sole responsibility for building business case for funding and implementation of campaign in Australia • Execution includes direct to Customer and to Partner communications with a campaign landing page to support online customer journey • Partnership established with a 3rd party to promote offer via their SMB Hub to 100,000+ business decision makers Customer Landing Page3rd Party Marketing
  • 6. Modernise The Desktop Customer Campaign• Objective of Modernise The Desktop campaign was to drive business customers to upgrade from Windows XP and Office 2003 to the latest and greatest versions of Windows 7 & Office 2010• Two customer offers in market to drive demand – dependant upon purchase method chosen by customer• Cross promotion via integrated digital marketing campaignCustomer email Paid Online Banners Online Advertising Customer email
  • 7. Authorised Education Reseller Program (AER)• Purpose of program is to establish a dedicated Microsoft Education Reseller Channel• Launch preparation involved localisation of global content and creation of some local materials that were leveraged by the global team• Execution included to Partner and to Customer communications, digital marketing and through Distribution support Web Banner Partner eDM Partner Program Flyer
  • 8. Government Citizen Services Platform (CSP)Campaign• Local Government customer campaign• Execution included distribution of to Customer and to Partner communications and digital marketing to fill the pipeline• Cross team collaboration with Corporate Sales and Partner teams• Included a series of direct customer events and an online webinar series Web Banner Customer eDM Partner Flyer
  • 9. Other Highlights• Social Media introduction as a customer communication channel - Rapid growth of Klout score and online network - Engagement of the right type of customer• Customer Contact Strategy - Strategy development for SMB customer acquisition, retention and nurture - Engagement and management with Tele-sales team - Integration into Lifecycle Management program and customer campaigns to provide tele-touch as part of contact strategy
  • 10. Thank you for reviewingPlease contact me directly with any questions•• Mobile (0404) 472-203