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Jyväskylä 2012.11.27
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Jyväskylä 2012.11.27

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Keynote presentation at LuomaMä!, Jyväskylä, 2012.11.27

Keynote presentation at LuomaMä!, Jyväskylä, 2012.11.27

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  • 1. Tweens constructing gender onlineLuovaMä! Jyväskylä November 27th 2012Patrik Hernwall · associate professorDepartment of Computer and Systems Sciences · Stockholm Universitet& School of Communication, media and IT · Södertörn universitye-mail hernwall@dsv.su.seURL phernwall.wordpress.comresearch mt.sh.se/gto · mt.sh.se/ungmods
  • 2. keywords: tweens, consumption, media
  • 3. Age when 50 % of an age group started using the Internet.[Svenskarna och internet, 2012]
  • 4. at least once a sometimes week dailyHow often children and young people use the Internet.[Svenskarna och internet, 2012]
  • 5. How often girls/boys send MMS w. Playing daily, girls/boys.images. [Svenskarna och internet, 2012] [Svenskarna och internet, 2012]
  • 6. Blogs women/men; reading/writing & reading daily.[Svenskarna och internet, 2012]
  • 7. “Some sites are fjortis and there you donot want to be”(Girl age 14, SE)
  • 8. identitytweens
  • 9. multimodality [multiple unique resources are mixed] ... sound, image, video, photo, text, dance, gestures, color, layout, animation, voice, intertextuality, sampling, mashing, moving images ...
  • 10. anon. by author I don’t want to loose yoou <33Swedish girl, postproduced image.(app. 10 years old)
  • 11. doing gender
  • 12. biological culturaltheoretical age
  • 13. ”It is more girls than boys who takephotos that are challenging”(Boy, 14, SE)
  • 14. ”The most popular photos must be thosewhere girls are scantily dressed and theirboobs are pushed up.”(Girl, 10, EE)
  • 15. privatepublic space
  • 16. Interviewer: Bathroom images are classic... Boy2: Yes, I have seen it. anon. Boy1: If one does that, you will probablyby author anon. get comments. by author Boy3: But yes. Well, it is not the way we boys... of course, they exist. Interviewer: But you have not done it? Boy3: No. Boy2: Oh No, hell no! [Laughs] (Interview 3, Boys, 14, SE).Image 2. Estonian boys posing.(app. 14 years old)
  • 17. anon.by author anon. by author anon. by author Swedish girls posing.Estonian boys posing. (app. 10 years old)(app. 14 years old)
  • 18. ”power differentials and identity markers” [Lykke, 2010]
  • 19. ”I think that there are people who try toimitate others, those who do not haveenough good ideas themselves but whowould like to look more interesting,because there are thousands of similarphotos. There are tons of photos wheregirls are making this ‘duck-face’.”(Girl, 12, EE)
  • 20. “machines that offer identityprostheses to redress the burdensof physical “handicaps” such asage, gender, and race producecybertypes that look remarkablylike racial and gender stereotypes” [Nakamura, 2002]
  • 21. phernwall.wordpress.com