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The history of_music_senior_project_do_not_delete_v3[1] Document Transcript

  • 1. Saint fort 1Patrick Saint fortMs. Maxwell12th brit lit The history of music The history of music goes back to ages back to the beats to a drum all the way to aHarlem block where the sound of music sweeps the whole town. Music to us teen musicis our soul our life and other people call it the safe high. But where did music start? Wasthe start of music in the middle age? Or theage of the Renaissance? Well it’srecorded thatthe first start of music was in a church yes church music, a Christian Church came to takeover Europe, administering justice, andintroducing the destiny of music, art, andliterature. This was around Pope Gregory I who generally believed to have collectedmusic known as Gregorian chant (Robert Sherrane ipl). Then Secular music wasperformed all through Europe by the troubadours of France (Robert Sherrane ipl). It wasduring the middle Ages that Western culture saw the appearance of the first name inmusic, Guillaume de Machaut (Robert Sherrane ipl). Music slow progressed to the Renaissance from 1420 to 1600; the Renaissancewas a time of great cultural awakening like many kinds of arts, music, and sciences. Themeaning of renaissance is rebirth. It was really the time of rebirth a new start like a newpage in history (Robert Sherrane ipl).instrumental and dance music was performed in
  • 2. Saint fort 2abundance in any way possible way theater, show and in courts music was one of themain memories of the renaissance (Robert Sherrane ipl). Then music branched out to The Baroque Age, Named after the popular ornatearchitectural style of the time (Robert Sherrane ipl). In this age a type of music was born,during the early part of the seventeenth century the genre of opera was created bycomposers in Florence, Italy (Robert Sherrane ipl). Also the earliest operaticmasterpieces were composed by Claudio Monteverdi who was a great music composer athis time one of the best in his work. Music was at this age one of the finest entertainments, it kept kid to adultsentertained all the way to The Classical Period from 1750-1820 the musicians movedaway from the heavily styles of the Baroque, and instead embraced a uncluttered stylethey thought reminiscent of Classical Greece and stared a new chapter in music’slife(Sherrane ipl). The Romantic Era was the next chapter in its life, with different kindsof music and many changes of it how can the romantic age change it anymore? Theperiod broke new musical ground by adding a new emotional depth to music;artistsbecame intent in expressing their personal emotions. "Romanticism" derives its namefrom the romances of medieval times (Sherrane ipl). Music has touched the ears of many people to bums on the street to kings inchairs. Music has reached a long mile stone by making its way into The Twentieth-Century. Artists of all nation were searching for different modes of expression thetwentieth century, boasts numerous composers whose styles an average listener can still
  • 3. Saint fort 3easily appreciate and enjoy. (Sherrane ipl). The other way of music is highly diverse andHistorical studies of music are for example concerned with a composers life and works,the developments of styles and genres. The history of music can be told in any kind of way but I refer to the study ofhistory of any type of genre of music. Performances was not just music playing it wasmusic and dance to show you the rhythm if the music or to show a dance (Wikipedia).Music was made better thought practice and people who needed the mental lift. Themusical analysis to these goals is often a part of music history, though the development ofnew tools of music analysis is more likely to be seen in the field of music theory andmusic is the field that will never stop growing (Wikipedia.). When you realize music isthe future and a good way to take some stress of your mind.It’s not just music or soundsit’s More than that its art. To most people it’s a hobby to listen to music but others make ittheir passion, music can help people in much way more then thought. Music broke up tomany different genes and cleans the mind but can music actually be good for you? Musictherapy is a healing influence which could affect health and behavior (musictherapy).Interest in music therapy got major support during the early 1900s and helpedmany people to think happy or to put you in another place a better place(music therapy). Music is a very strong word many people would die to have a shot to make it inthe music career; others connect to music by dance. Dancers spend a lot of time in theirday perfecting their moves and abilities to dance (finding dulcinea). Dance you must feel
  • 4. Saint fort 4the rhythm and must vibe to the beat of the music to dance. It’s not easy to dance withoutmusic it’s like a crime to dance without music it’s a lot funnier and good way to relivestress. There was no real time when it started just came to mind as people watchedperformance and felt the grove! Would you let the music take over your body?Music had, blues, country, pop, the main American music genes is jazz. Jazz was born inthe United States (teacher. Scholastic). Jazz was started in the late 1800s-2011 Born in theSouth; the blues is an African American-derived music form that recognized the pain oflost love and injustice.(Teacher. Scholastic). one of the main artist was Louis Armstrong;he was the best at the trumpet he can sweep anyone of their feet in New Orleans. LouisArmstrongwas one of the most influential artists in the history of music. He was born inNew Orleans, Louisiana on August 4, 1901(teacher. Scholastic). Thenjazz broke into twoparts in the early 1940s musicians were looking for new sounds to explore. A new styleof jazz was born, called bebop, had fast tempos, intricate melodies, and complexharmonies.(Teacher. Scholastic). if music wasn’t stared we would have no kind ofentertainment for our teens and or adults who love a good song in the morning or at nightmusic is a passion that I wish that it can never be forgotten. Music branched out to many types my favorite is rap the history of rap is veryinteresting and hard to make it in the rap life is like wing the lottery! Many people fightto place in rapper places but many fall. My favorite rappers who are many peoples rolemodel are Easy E, to Dr. Dre to Snoop Dog.The influence of rap started in the Jamaica,
  • 5. Saint fort 5then New York City on to the west coast. Compton rappers began to sing songs about thestreet life, growing up as a gang member and explain their life in there town. They madeunderground tapes, which chough on with the youth of their town.Everyone loved it noone was againstthese rappers. The rappers would call it Gangster Rap.(The war zone).To conclude music was the start of a lot of people’s life and help many people on how tobecome a chill person/ teens will be nothing without music and neither would adults.It’srecorded that the first start of music was church music yes a Christian Church came totake over Europe, administering justice establishing Universities, and introducing thedestiny of music, art, and literature. And they took over and stared music to many timeperiods all the way to the Twentieth-Century. Music has went to different face blues ,jazz,pop ,hip hop, Rapp but all ways remember Music will all was change but it’s what youwant listen to. Cause music is that safe kind of high.
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  • 7. Saint fort 7- - -. “Music History 102 Guide Line to Present .” Ed. Robert Sherrane. TheiSchool at Drexel, College of Information Science and Technology,Florida StateUniversity, n.d. Web. 15 Sept. 2011. <>.