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In every organization processes can be identified that do not function optimal in the normal, so called bureaucratic or formal structure.

Finding people or expertise, sharing and leveraging implicit knowledge, exploiting the wisdom of the crowd, using the special talents of people, driving sustainable innovation.

Many processes run more efficient and are more effective using the social networks of the organisation. Many tasks can be accomplished better by organizing people in communities instead of teams. An organization that knows how to use communities, social networks, crowd-sourcing, broadcast communication, self-organization and other ‘2.0’ concepts has an advantage over competitors and offers an appealing working environment.

The Intelligent Organization knows, build it with TeamPark

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Sogeti TeamPark - overview

  1. 1. TeamPark is the trajectory to grow your organization a living social side A more alert and efficient organization through Quick-start improved flexibility, more effective Our services communication and collaboration. Better disclosure and utilization of people, means, knowledge and expertise through self- 1. Make inventory of the wishes, talents, social communication- en collaboration habits and Which action organization of processes. (im)possibilities of your employees to take? Awareness Strategy Implementation Alive Happy employees who are able to work the way they like, at working hours which they choose 2. Identify the misplaced, underperforming on locations which suites them. and hidden social processes and the social A collective mind with a better perception of hubs in your current, functional organization Complete trajectory society, trends, customers and employees. 3. Select or construct social concepts and Functional processes means which fit your people and processen and Phase 1: create awareness bring them alive 2. Getting inspired, Assessing technological and Internal PR- campaign Seminars, workshops, Informational sessions 1+2+3 = optimal social germs forming a vision cultural / political trends The new way of work Create broad Different angles, support and Human factors possibilities, pitfalls A new generation of employees with willingness Nature as Sustainability, Limits to different habbits and 1. example natural resources and demands Commitment Mintzbergs cheap energy heterarchy Inspire, inform, spread, discuss, demonstrate Wishes, talents, Phase 2: determine strategy habits, duties Misplaced, (im)possibilities underperforming and Identify misplaced Analyse establish Establish hidden_social processes workforce baseline of goals and Determine Identify crowd processes, social hubs planning germ underperforming Inventorise current KPI’s and processes collaboration- and communication Determine roadmap Analyse Identify hidden social practices target processes Determine internal and processes, - Estimate size, Analyse processes scale and potential and Perform initial SNA external sociallness of groups and integration Building blocks, Application- and identify social employees technology impact concepts, technology, selection hubs Platformselection (im)possibilities Social processes Analyse, plan, determine, estimate and create Social technology Phase 3: implement platform 3. Corporate communications HR Moderators Single-signon Expert bloggers (Re-)design Build / install, processes and (Re-)allocation Social natives integrate and structures and training of Social hubs test software people and Migrate and Initial crowd technology prepare Identity Partnerships content Design, build, test, install, configure, train, restructure Wim Hofland Sogeti Nederland BV DSE / Innovation & Inspiration Phase 4: bring to life Hoofdweg 204 Functional / bureaucracy Social / holocracy 3067 GJ Rotterdam Installparties Use-cases and howto’s Training and Nederland Opening and courses and workshops Moderation Measure initiation Social (re-) Expert blogging Life- goals design (+31)652327348 hacking Passive control and KPI’s Firestarting (framing) Editorial Detect and Online Catalyze mentoring management Platformevolution cultivate Demonstrate, cultivate, stimulate, motivate, moderate, measure Sogeti Innovation & Inspiration, TeamPark is a registered trademark
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