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  1. 1. Continent Fairways at Fairways & Bluewater, Boracay dazzling…serenity…
  2. 2. My Boracay... Sun…Sea…Sky…blue Boracay,, the most talked-about destination in Boracay talked- the Philippines… Sun Consider these - voted the world's best beach by the Herald, Australia and Harper's. Discovery Travel and Adventure, National Geographic and the BMW Tropical Beach Handbook consider Boracay as the perfect island getaway… tropical beach Boracay is the perfect destination…where the sunset is magical…and the stars actually twinkle…well, aside from the warm blue waters, powder-fine white sand beaches and a palm fringed 4- kilometer beach – the White beach.
  3. 3. My Boracay Sunsets…orange…gold…dazzling
  4. 4. my Boracay nightlife, shopping, sports…..
  5. 5. Location – How to get there– Boracay Island Boracay island is located in Aklan province, south of the capital Manila. It is accessible by air from Manila (50 flights/day) or Cebu (4 flights/day) through two principal airports : Caticlan airport or Kalibo airport.
  6. 6. My Boracay….Fairways & Bluewater Golf & Country Club Fairways and Bluewater -the stunning Graham V. Marsh designed Par 72 Golf Course. Imagine lush tropical surroundings, a world class golf course, an amazing challenge amidst rolling green fairways, azure blue panoramic ocean views. Own a part of this paradise - fully furnished luxury suites within the exclusive grounds of Fairways and Bluewater Resort Golf and Country Club, only a few minutes leisurely drive from the world famous White Beach…
  7. 7. Fairways & Bluewater Resort Golf & Country Club FAIRWAYS AND BLUEWATER’S 18-Hole Par 72 World-Class Golf Course is in itself inspiring - a stimulating golf experience, the ever-blowing but gentle winds at the back nine is a tough test to a golfer’s skills. Masterpiece designer Graham V. Marsh designed the course. …the murmuring creeks, gentle waterfalls and calm lakes…the lush green and fairways makes an invigorating and breathtaking view of the fairways and the greens… a masterful & colorful combination of green surroundings and perpetually blue skies provide a tropical masterpiece to the world-class golf and country club. FAIRWAYS & BLUEWATER – aside from the golf course, it has two stretches of glorious white beaches, each with its own attraction and mood - the East and West Beach, for those who want to enjoy the sun, read a pocket book, get a gorgeous tan, watch the sail boats…the choices are endless.
  8. 8. Continent Fairways Within the front nine grounds of the Fairways & Bluewater Resort Golf & Country Club, will stand deluxe, luxuriously furnished 1 & 2 BR suites Continent Fairways - luxurious comfort… ideal for individuals with a particular taste for indulgence wherever they go - studio units as well as 2BR units that are intricately designed & luxuriously furnished. Continent Fairways – enjoy ownership of the unit itself, plus corporate membership with Fairways & Bluewater Resort Golf & Country Club - the unit owner, and their dependents, may enjoy golf or the club’s amenities any time. The unit owner may, of course, stay in the unit whenever they desire…and while not using it, expect an income-generating investment through our Rental return Program.
  9. 9. Continent Fairways Fairways & Bluewater Golf & Country Club A stunning golf course, two private coves, sports facilities, first-class clubhouse…and the Continent Fairways Suite owners and guests will enjoy the vastness and exclusivity of Fairways & of Bluewater Resort Golf & Country Club complex with its own private Coves, the private ONLY one of its kind in the island - away from the crowds of White Beach but still a short 10 minute drive to the hippiest bars, restaurants and shops at Station 2. The golf course and its amenities offer access to a wide range of recreational facilities not to be found in just a single resort…anywhere in the resort…anywhere island. Resort Clubhouse with fresh water swimming pool and a beautiful view of beautiful the Sibuyan Sea plus an aviary with observation deck among other exclusive amenities designed to please everyone’s dream tropical vacation…or retirement vacation…or home. Privacy…Security…Exclusivity…that only Continent Fairways can provide…and much more….
  10. 10. Ownership…+ income generating investment…+ asset appreciation…+ Retirement destination = Happy Investor For the last 3 years, there are over 500,000 local and foreign tourists who visited the island, according to the Department of Tourism. With roughly 3,000 rooms on the island (all classes), there is currently a shortfall, especially on rooms classified as 5 star in comfort & style. Considering the first class room shortage, and the upcoming Boracay island Master Plan (by Palafox and Associates) that will regulate development on the island, the expectations for Capital Appreciation and Return on Investment of the project are obviously solid. The Continent Fairways – marketing and management by a professional hotel & resort management company – an income generating investment guaranteed to bring in revenues for the unit owners….while they are not around…but to top it all, an awe-inspiring winter vacation destination…or perhaps a dream retirement destination!
  11. 11. Continent Fairways PROPERTY HIGHLIGHTS: There are Fifty Six (56) suites. Fourteen (14) Spacious 2BRLuxury Suites ( from 101-114 sq. m.) and 6 inner units 2BRLuxury 101- which are 1BR Luxury Studio Suite (from 43-53 sq. m.) The Studio units can be joined to come up with a spacious 43- spacious Double Studio Unit with 2 full Balconies. Suite – has spacious living and dining areas, 2 bedrooms - master with an in-suite bathroom in- 2BR and a guest room and another bathroom in the apartment plus 1 Terrace. It has a Wide view of rrace. Te the fairway and the lush surroundings. Double Studio Suite - A Single Suite with another suite ad-joining (2 suites in one joined by adjoining door) ideal ad- for big families with a big circle of friends. Each condo has 1 bed bedroom, bathroom, kitchen, and dining area. The Double Studio Suite are self sufficient so it can be used and rented independently of each other divided by and lockable joining doors - features 2 separate terraces. Studio Suite – best for couples, will have the same luxurious amenities. 1 Terrace. Terrace. Each suite will be fully furnished - designed be a leading Interior Design company. Each apartment will be covered by a Certificate of Condominium Title (CCT), giving full ownership to local and Title foreigner buyers. Owners have playing rights on Fairways and Bluewater course via Corporate Membership. 65% Rental guarantee for 5 years (roll on contract) with Korean Travel agent (237 days a year occupancy) Continent Fairways will form part of the 30-villa development in Fairways & Bluewater.
  12. 12. Turn-over Finishes Structure Foundations - Piles with concrete pad footings & ground beams with a damp course Walls - Concrete columns and beams with block work walls Roof - Roof tiles External Finishes Walls - Cement plaster with primed waterproof sealant and all weather shield paint Windows - Powder coated aluminum Doors - Powder coated aluminum doors Interior Finishes Walls - Cement rendered and painted to smooth finish Ceilings - Gypsum board on concealed grid Floors - Ceramic tiles with polished hardwood flooring in bedrooms Doors - Hardwood doors & frames Sanitary ware - American Standard or similar Kitchen - European quality cabinets with granite work tops Bathroom - High quality ceramic tiles and granite Air - conditioning Concealed & ducted
  13. 13. Furniture – Condominium Units 1 BR 2 BR Single Bed with Shelf Queen Size Bed / Single Bed with Shelf Size Eden Tall Cabinet Night Stand Night Stand Stand Olivetti/Victor Table Lamp Olivetti/Victor Table Lamp Olivetti/Victor Braxton 2 Seated Sofa Braxton / Spirit 2 Seated Sectional Sofa Wire Lamp Wire Lamp Lamp Bali Chair Bali Char Char Balcony Table (marble top) & Chair Balcony Table (marble top) & Chair (marble Coach Bar Stools Durian Dining Table Appliances Refrigerator Refrigerator Refrigerator Microwave Microwave Microwave Flat Flat TV * Flat TV * Window-type Aircon Window- Split-type Aircon Split-
  14. 14. PRICING: TERMS OF PAYMENT RESERVATION (non refundable) USD $2,000.00 50% 1st PAYMENT (within 30 days from reservation; less reservation) 25% 2nd PAYMENT (roof level) 25% last PAYMENT (turn-over of unit) Use your unit for up to 128 days without it affecting your return. 60 days notice of owner occupying unit.
  15. 15. PROJECTED RENTAL RETURN 50+sqm Room Size per sqm 43+ sqm 101sqm 114sqm $85.00 Room Revenue per night $75.00 $150.00 $170.00 365 days / 65% = 237 days 237 $17,775.00 $20,145.00 $35,550.00 $40,290.00 $5,036.25 Management fee of 25% 25 $4,443.75 $8,887.50 $10,007.25 Net YEARLY income per unit USD $ $13,331.25 $15,108.75 $26,662.50 $30,282.75
  16. 16. Other Charges Yearly Maintenance Fee Studio $500.00 Two Bed unit $800.00 Insurance (estimated) Studio $600.00 Two Bed unit $1000.00 Property Tax Less than USD $200.00 per annum