Future of education and high schools, Digital Natives, Impact on learning - Conference keynote speaker


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http://www.globalchange.com Keynote conference speech for International School in Brussels on future of education, high schools, curriculum, student preparation for life and work challenges by Futurist Dr Patrick Dixon. Educational, assessment, examinations, tests, standards, university students. Computer, classroom IT, digital teaching, virtual learning environment, distance learning, videoconferencing, remote sites, advice for parents, safety online of children and teenagers, youth challenges from social networks, guidelines, and advice for school head teachers, teaching faculty.

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Future of education and high schools, Digital Natives, Impact on learning - Conference keynote speaker

  1. 1. Patrick DixonChairman Global Change Ltd
  2. 2. Patrick Dixon is Chairman of Global Change Ltd, Author of 15 books and has been ranked one of the 20 most influential business thinkers alive today (Thinkers 50) Future of education and high schools, Digital Natives,Impact on learning for International School in Brussels (2009) 500 videos of keynotes www.youtube.com/user/pjvdixon Over 4 million views Dixon’s Futurist Website www.globalchange.com/ 14 million unique visitors.
  3. 3. How will they behave?Much of day to day life will be the same!
  4. 4. Preparation for Rapid Change
  5. 5. Educating for a very long life
  6. 6. 30 years ago100 gig of freestorage wouldhave costEU 800m each
  7. 7. Emotional Power of SMS 80% of under 24s more likely to text than call “Voice calls are so last century”
  8. 8. Tribal Emotional Power of Web Chat Up to 12 conversations at once
  9. 9. Add Features
  10. 10. Handies got larger - again
  11. 11. Why do we still test handwriting?
  12. 12. 200,000 applications and2 billion downloads Mainly weather and YouTube
  13. 13. Messaging Convergence SMS E-mail Twitter Communities Voice mail Skype Landline Mobile
  14. 14. Mobile phone becomes bank cardAll retail cards  mobileTicketing  mobileRemittances  mobile
  15. 15. RFID Innovation Impact Radio Frequency Identification Devices 1 trillion online addresses by 2016
  16. 16. Intel Surfboard with laptop
  17. 17. Still convergence chaos at home
  18. 18.  Unlimited bandwidth Everywhere, online, all the time No interest in HOW bandwidth arrives Simple, personal, reliable and FAST Low cost
  19. 19. What happened to knowledge? Blogs Digital extensions of human memory Plug-in modules for data you have never had to commit to brain storage
  20. 20. Education post- Google Primary skill will be linked to plagiarism Rapid location of other people’s work Ability to scan text fast Ability to deliver condensed accurate, authoritative summary on specialist areas that until a few minutes ago you knew nothing about Ability to understand scope of what you don’t know enough about
  21. 21. Changes in Exam Demands
  22. 22. How do we measure future educationalachievement / performance?
  23. 23. Risks in Education Obsession with grades Limited horizons Inability to cope with rapid change Failure to acquire the most valuable skills Inability to form long term happy relationships Failure to understand the secret of happiness
  24. 24. Developing a Broad World View The global model is vital to future success Needs to develop from childhood Cultural sensitivity is more than data Virtual travel and intelligent scanning Forsight is not the same as insight
  25. 25. Virtual LearningEducation as communityAdded-value of school v home learning
  26. 26. Books have a future
  27. 27. Why books will survive
  28. 28. Why Paper Will Survive Convenient Speed of reading Less eye strain High resolution Write / draw on it
  29. 29. The Future is Video Only way to really use 2 megabits per second on mobile phones 2 hour high quality Videolink transfers same data as 120 million e-mails
  30. 30. Personal Video – 3GCost will fall close to zero 2003
  31. 31. Video call: “Which is the best club tonight?”Camera looking out is best to share experiences
  32. 32. "Perfection!, Wonderful hotel. Goodvalue, beautiful views.“ Telford UK, May20, 2015This was the most beautiful hotel“Worst hotel I have ever been in. Shouldbe closed down.“Paris May 12, 2015NEVER stay in this terrible place.
  33. 33. Maps andSocial Linkmake mostmoney out of mobile Web 2.0
  34. 34.  Realtime results for g20 police 0 more results since you started searching. Refresh to see them. taghioff: The Tabloids turn against the Police #G20 http://tinyurl.com/d7ljfz (expand) 1 minute ago from TwitterFox · Reply · View Tweet chesterburnette: via @mkgold Brit media pieces together a case against a police officer who assaulted a G20 protestor http://is.gd/tZaU (expand) 2 minutes ago from web · Reply · View Tweet about 3 hours ago from twitterfeed · Reply · View Tweet melthegardner: http://bit.ly/XLeF6 (expand) I love it when you read something that says what Im thinking #G20 #Police brutality #protest 2 many # tags to mention
  35. 35. Latitude
  36. 36. Older workers – intellectual capital /experience eg of managing recession
  37. 37. Madonna - 50
  38. 38. Meryl Streep - 59
  39. 39. Hilary Clinton60 years old
  40. 40. Harrison Ford - 66
  41. 41. Can we stop ageing ?Urban
  42. 42. Permanent Hair Colour Adenovirus containing new pigment genes Infected mouse hair cells Permanent colour change  AntiCancer Corp San Diego 2002
  43. 43. Ageing Hair FolliclesHair in all the wrong places Hair regrowth – boom industry chemicals, gene treatment, cloning
  44. 44. Grow New Teeth Pigs teeth grown inside rats Mice grow new teeth from nerve cells / gum tissue
  45. 45. Growing new organs Tiny human kidney in a mouse from kidney stem cells  Cells from human and pig foetuses transferred into immuno-deficient mice
  46. 46. Urban Successful Heart repair  Inject bone marrow stem cells after bypass  Improves heart function up to 85%
  47. 47. Cure for old-age loss of sightMacular degeneration – 10 million affected in USSingle injection could restore sight
  48. 48. Brain CanRepairItselfDaily
  49. 49. Spinal cord can be repaired in rats Treatment with adult human stem cells
  50. 50. Treatment which restores andmaintains the youthful elasticity ofhard arteries – and helps wrinkled skin. Works in animals.
  51. 51. We will copy animals that don’t age Turtles, sturgeon fish , some humpback whales
  52. 52. Make IT Work
  53. 53. Virtual Management Many executives double air travel every 2 years Already spending 6 weeks at 35,000 feet every year – next year? New skills required to manage virtually Personality, empathy, TV presence
  54. 54. 24 hour / 365 day video link at zero cost Virtual Leadership – Because Family Really Matters
  55. 55. 24 hour / 365 day video link at zero cost  Broadband means “virtual offices” join across many nations all day, all week for free
  56. 56. Virtual Office – always connected – zero cost
  57. 57. Meetings Will Always Matter Easy to imagine a 30% drop in face-to-face international meetings with a 60% increase in productivity
  58. 58. Broaden his worldChange his future
  59. 59. Exploring Together
  60. 60. For individualsFor familyFor communityFor whole world
  61. 61. Patrick Dixon www.globalchange.com - slides12 million visitors – 1.8 million video views