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ttopstart brochure ttopstart brochure Presentation Transcript

  • Life sciences, healthcare and medical technology
  • Enabling progress in innovation
  • About us ttopstart is a consultancy firm for business generation in the life sciences, healthcare and medical technology. We deliver the intelligence required for strategic decisions, develop strong business plans and realise business and project financing. ttopstart is passionate to turn groundbreaking innovations into profitable products and services. • INTELLIGENCE • TRUST • QUALITY 3
  • technology healthcarelife sciences
  • SECTORSLife Sciences Medical TechnologyNovel medication for cancer patients, reliable diagnoses Improved MRI scan results, 3D simulation of the humanbased on gene profiling, enzymes as catalyst in chemistry: body, telemonitoring of hearth patients: high-tech researchinnovations in the Life sciences bring valuable technolo- delivers exiting new technologies with a large impactgies to society. However, successful commercialisation on existing medical practice. In contrast the market isof innovations is a major challenge due to hard to raise highly competitive, products have a short life cycle and thefinancing, long development trajectories, strict regula- transparency in the application areas is not eminent. It istions and difficult reimbursement models. We work from our commitment to identify the challenges that your tech-the premise that science has to be combined with market nology will face and anticipate accordingly.intelligence to optimally leverage valuable innovations inthis challenging sector.HealthcareIncreasing market force, pressure on reimbursement, anaging population, demanding patients and automationthreaten the quality of healthcare. Innovations can con-tribute in many ways to maintain and improve this quality.In order to successfully introduce and finance healthcareinnovations ttopstart supports healthcare organizationsduring the entire innovation process. Doing so, new prod-ucts, services and processes are successfully implementedin daily practice. 5
  • BUSINESS DEVELOPMENTThe healthcare and life sciences market is highly Business Plancompetitive and promising research does not guarantee ttopstart offers the service to set up a sound and per-successful commercialisation. Under influence of defiant suasive business plan for new activities. It is our task toconditions your business should be cleverly shaped. visualise your plans, deliver key market insights and assessttopstart is specialised in analysing the options for com- commercial and financial feasibility. Your business planmercial activity and in calculating feasibility of different with ttopstart label will allow you to objectively reviewconcepts. Based on such crucial information we offer the concept and to convince investors to provide financialsupport in setting up a strong business plan. With our, a number of clients has been able to determinethe best route of commercialisation and to convince stake- Business Caseholders and investors of their business concept. By sup- In early stages of commercialisation a business case offersporting business development activities, ttopstart is able rapid insight in the added value of innovations. Such docu-to offer entrepreneurs and organizations the extra tools ment is helpful to inform third parties on your plans andto manage a healthy business. allows you to quickly oversee commercial routes. This gives you the essential basis for further development. ttopstart is dedicated to support you in formulating a well-struc- tured business case, built on relevant market information. Project Management During innovation processes it is crucial to initiate and continue management activities in addition to product development. We are able to support you in carrying part of these responsibilities. Please contact us for more information. 6
  • “Thanks to ttopstart, DCPrime hasaccess to market insights and otherintelligence needed for preparationof its VC and company presentations.”Prof. Dr. A.M. (Ada) Kruisbeek, CEO/CSO DCPrime B.V.
  • INTELLIGENCEReliable market information is of key importance in set- Market researchting up business activities. Strategic decisions have to In landscaping your market, we use our extensive networkbe based on insights in market size, segmentation, the and consult direct stakeholders and experts. Furthermore,competitive landscape, the latest state of art and reim- we dig into proprietary databases and analyse competi-bursement options. Besides, the IP landscape influences tive behavior. We present these data in a transparent andthe potential of winning a strong market position. For this structured report and talk you through the most impor-reason it is crucial to identify key opportunities and to tant conclusions. This will not only give you an apprehen-determine the market impact of your innovation. sion of market statistics and trends, but also provides youBy consulting key opinion leaders and market players we with essential information on potential customers andare able to map niche markets, identify critical unmet market opportunities.medical needs and recognise interesting business oppor-tunities. Based on the objective market view generated by IP Landscapingttopstart, you will be able to comprehend commercial and By mapping the IP landscape of your innovation we offertechnological feasibility. you insight into potential prior art and into competitive activities. We are skilled in patent database searches and deliver a lucid IP overview. “For the VIRGO consortium, we are continuously looking for new opportunities for which a business plan or market analysis is essential. ttopstart has gained our trust by delivering high-quality information for decision making.” Prof.Dr. E.H.J.H.M (Eric) Claassen, Valorisation Manager VIRGO Consortium and CEO of Vironovative BV 9
  • FINANCINGFor every business activity, financing is essential. ttopstart Subsidiessupports by mapping the financing opportunities and The ttopstart team has a background in both life sciences/actively contributes in their raising. It is our expertise to healthcare and business and is therefore able to rapidlysupport the financing of the following activities: translate scientific concepts into strong propositions. We are specialised in translational and commercially targeted • Translational research subsidies. • Commercialisation or valorisation of research • Start an innovative company Subsidy scan • Upscaling and internationalisation of commercial We can provide you with a complete and tailored overview activities of subsidies and other financial means for which your • Targeting new markets company or project is eligible. • Starting innovative healthcare concepts • Strengthening of your proposition towards industry Private capital Venture capital, bank loans and innovation credit: ttopstartFor this, we use a wide variety of financial resources, provides optimal advice to maximize your finance possi-including national and international subsidies, patient bilities.societies and funds, bank loans, innovation credit, taxincentives and risk capital. 10
  • “The application for subsidies and grants is extraordinarycomplex. ttopstart offered us the most promising opportu-nities and a realistic outlook on the chance for success. It ispleasant that they support you during the whole process.So far we have received all the grants we applied for thanksto the support of ttopstart.”Dr. S.A. (Servaas) Morré, CSO Microbiome Ltd.
  • CLIENT PROFILESThe TU/e Innovation Lab in Eindhoven fulfils an active and Steef Blok: “For us, ttopstart delivers capacity and profes-supportive role in relation to knowledge valorisation and sionalism. They have the brains to deliver high qualityinnovation. They encourage entrepreneurship by identifying, products that make us able to assist promising researchsupporting and providing guidance for potential high-tech even better. Our projects are highly divers. The flexibilitystartups and spin-off companies originating at the TU Eind- of ttopstart makes it possible to join forces on a variety ofhoven. For innovative research in Eindhoven the assistance projects.”of the Innovation Lab is probably the most familiar first steptowards commercial success.The Innovation Lab works together with ttopstart on severalprojects to offer promising researchers the tools they need foroptimal valorisation. The role of ttopstart in assisting theseprojects is diverse. Depending on the needs of the clients, theInnovation Lab asks ttopstart to take care of either a businessplan; to carry out market research or to assist in acquiringpublic and private capital for a project.As a team the TU/e Innovation Lab and ttopstart were ableto assist the valorisation of promising research projects inmedical technology and healthcare. The trustworthy relationhas resulted in the successful progress of cutting edge tech-nology towards society and industry. 13
  • Microbiome Ltd. is a molecular diagnostics company in the Because setting up a subsidy application is a time consum-field of infectious diseases. As a spin-off from the VU Univer- ing task that requires full attention, ttopstart took care of thesity medical center in Amsterdam, Microbiome is active in the complete process. To make the proposition as persuasive anddiscovery, manufacturing and marketing of microbiological lucid as possible multiple experts within the field and keytechniques, tools, systems and characterisations. In 2008 the decision makers where received the Amsterdam Innovation Award for thegroundbreaking research concerning Chlamydia testing and Microbiome successfully applied for a EuroTransBio grant ofin 2011 they were nominated for the FD-Gazellen award 660.000 EUR for the development of the diagnostic test. The grant enables the company to further develop the diagnosticOne of the R&D programs of Microbiome is the development test.of a certified host genetic based diagnostic test to assessChlamydia trachomatis (CT) and other Sexually Transmitted Dr. Servaas Morré: “The application for subsidies andDiseases (STD) associated tubal damage in subfertile women grants is extraordinary complex. ttopstart offered us theto triage subfertile better for laparoscopy as compared to CT most promising opportunities and a realistic outlook onserology only. the chance for success. It is pleasant that they support you during the whole process. So far we have received all theTo realise sufficient funding for R&D, Microbiome works grants we applied for thanks to the support of ttopstart.”together with ttopstart. In a close cooperation ttopstart Patrick de Boer MSc: “Microbiome has several promisinginvestigated the possibilities for Microbiome to receive R&D projects that are close to market. Therefore, we sup-funding for the development of the genetic test. After select- ported Microbiome in attracting funding specifically foring the most promising funding possibilities, it was decided SMEs. With these proceeds, Microbiome is able to validate,to apply for a European and National subsidy program. certify and market their diagnostic test”. 14
  • ContactBilthovenP.C. Staalweg 303721 TJ BilthovenTel: +31 30 73 70 779Mailing addressPostbus 78811008 AB Amsterdaminfo@ttopstart.nlwww.