Overview aesthetic philosophy


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Overview aesthetic philosophy

  1. 1. aestheticphilosophy 1"Want to risk winning?"contact Patrick BLANCHETON creative intelligence curator / innovation ecosystem management Tel: +33 (0)6 10 92 46 69 contact@aestheticphilosophy.fr 1999 // EURO RSCG Venture - Founder + Managing Director 2003 // Master II "Competitive intelligence and innovation" 2004 // aestheticphilosophy - Founder + Managing Director 2011 // 1.618 Community SAS - Partner (co-founder) 2011 // Opportunities unlimited [project] - Founder + Managing Director1 [incubator of smart business ideas + creative talents ecosystem mgt]
  2. 2. aestheticphilosophy Vision Nothing ever the same, everything changes Philosophy Creativity is connecting things, ideas and personalities (creative innovation ecosystem) Mission / commitment Business deals and business model innovation oriented • Identify new business opportunities in an ever changing word. • Initiate and develop sustainable value and growth. • Turn ideas into reality • Imagine creative business ideas (ideation) • Creative intelligence curating • Business model innovationAction thinking process Anticipate ---> influence ---> engage Fees venture model: minimum fees + success fees as a strategic partner (collective intelligence) Core compentencies Creative & comptetitive intelligence Creative and sourcing intelligence Marketing research [anticipatory environmental scannning] Brand & innovation strategy: develop Intellectual Properties (IP) assets Innovative communication [engagement planning - digital influence - creative branded content - entreprise social network marketing] Business development management (new business) Open innovation ecosystem management / curating Community management and curation clients aestheticphilosophy Boffi s.p.a Hiscox France Salmson Vinci Immobilier Rhône Alpes Auvergne Marie Courdouan architecte d.p.l.g Opportunities unlimited (project incubate) in "MIND" program Saint Etienne Métropole (high potential innovative companies program)Collaboration with Mathieu Lehanneur lleader in teh luxury industry (even launch April 09) Cartier International: USA 100 years anniversary Collaboration with graphic designers Boffi Oxbow Agnès b Louis Vuitton Première vision The City of Lyon Auditorium Jalliance ... Collaboration with E-magineurs Opéra National de Lyon Groupe IOSIS
  3. 3. aestheticphilosophy # Purpose / value proposition " As for the future your task is not to foresee it, but to enable it. " Antoine de Saint-ExuperyMethod / Tools / Process Method: VAS-IC ® (CERAG CNRS UMR 5820 Laboratory) Tool: @opportunities__ : open innovation web 2.0 plateform (accelerator program) Process: Competitive Intelligence + open innovation ecosystems + entreprise social networks weak signals < smart* success *[ethic x huge] Ventures / Initiatives Invest my time, my competences and my enthusiasm in this challenging fields: • Smart cities • design services • Food / wellbeing industries • IP creation and valuation • Sharing Economy
  4. 4. aestheticphilosophy 1 #Anticipation anticipatory environmental scanning • Understanding (business) environment --> open innovation Ecosystem • Risk management • Pinpointing / Initiating business opportunities • Enhancing your innovation capabilities / Ecosystem " Where observation is concerned, chance favors only the prepared. " Louis Pasteur " What facts foretell is more important than what they explain. " Gaston Bachelard2 #Creative sourcing • Setting up and managing "situated creative communities" [interdisciplinary stackeholders: ecosystem] in order to develop strategic partnerships and identify - investigation rare competencies and ressources. Main objectives: develop open Innovation Strategy [co-creation, co-conception] 3 #Venture • • Brand management Consulting (branding) Business development consulting consulting • Smart Venture: appraisal / due Diligence «anticipatory envoironmental scanning process», for venture capitalists and corporate finance actions: 1- Innovation (game change players) 2- Corporate trade initiatives 10 Years of Ventures [1999] "From Euro RSCG Venture to [2012] opportunities unlimited: " the opportunities’ engine " a vision of Innovative business model: " being part creative intelligence advocate part design ventures / IP creator "
  5. 5. aestheticphilosophy4 #Retail valuable experiences design marketing • Events - happenings • Display scenography develop engagement • Pop-up store nuture loyalty • Public relations Inspiration " OMA_AMO " " PRADA: while OMA worked on the design of five epicentre stores (including New York, Sab Fransisco, and Los Angeles), AMO worked on PRADA’s in store information technology, the website and media content. This has also led to work on PRADA’s advertisement campaigns, websites and general business consulting. "5 #Business Cases Some examples • Industry: Vinci Immobilier for "Debrousse Parc real estate program" (brand management consulting) • Luxe : Cartier - USA 100 years anniversary (retail marketing) • Web (IT): Opportunities unlimited (web 2.0 plateform initiative / project)
  6. 6. aestheticphilosophy
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