Record of Philanthropy 2005


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Companion to Annual Report 2004-2005

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Record of Philanthropy 2005

  1. 1. R E C O R D OF P H I L A N T H R O P Y 2004-2005Stevens Institute of Technology 201•216•5000 • Castle Point on Hudson Hoboken, NJ 07030 USA
  2. 2. A M E S S A G E O F T H A N K SDear Friends of Stevens,A gift to Stevens is an investment in the future. Y are making an investment in today’s oustudents—and tomorrow’s teachers and leaders—just as alumni and friends of Stevensyears ago made investments in your future. Voluntary contributions and actions throughout the y ears have allowed Stevens tocreate and maintain its standard of excellence and valuable reputation as one of thenation’s leading engineering, science, technology, and management schools. This would not have been possible without y our support. Contributions and volun-teerism to the Stevens community provide the best and brightest minds of our time withopportunities to learn, create and innovate in a supportive atmosphere. It providesthem with the foundation they need to succeed. Your annual investments support student scholarships and faculty research initia -tives. They allow for expansion and improvement of existing campus facilities and forfunding the construction of new buildings. Y our generosity enables Stevens to recruitthe world’s best students and professors, which in turn allows the Institute to maintainand improve upon its high standards. The list goes on and on, but the work is never done. As the cost of education contin-ues to increase, your support is more vital now than ever before to provide facilities foreducation and research at the undergraduate and graduatelevels, to expand existing scholarship programs, and to ini-tiate new opportunities for outstanding students to attendStevens. Volunteers are needed to assist in raising the criticalfunds that improve facilities, support our students andbuild the endowment. Alumni and other friends of Stevensare always encouraged to volunteer for our annual fall andspring telethons, serve on reunion class giving committees,and participate on various advisory boards. Stevens’ success depends upon the kindness of itsbenefactors and volunteers. We can never thank you enoughfor your generosity.Sincerely, RECORD OF PHILANTHROPY • 2005George W. Johnston ’72Chair, Institute Development CommitteeTrustee
  3. 3. Clockwise from above: 1. The Senior Class Gift for the Class of 2002, a viewfinder, was installed on The Point this year. 2. Alumni and guests proudly saw their names displayed on the Wall of Recognition at the Babbio Center dedication. 3. Students and donors met at the annual Scholarship Dinner,THE YEAR IN PHILANTHROPY and included guests for the Class of 1963s Endowed Scholarship. 4. Stevens student callers par- ticipated in successful fundrais- ing at this years Telethon. 5. The Varsity S Club supported a variety of programs for Stevens athletics. 6. Wachovia representatives presented a bequest from the Estate of Katherine Dashiell. 7. Renovations were completed on the state-of-the-art Walker Gymnasium. 8. Dr. Lawrence T. Babbio, Jr. 66, Hon. Ph.D. 01, stands near the building that bears his name and is the new home of the Howe School of Technology Management. 9. Students recognized as 2005 Verizon Scholars gathered to thank the corporation for their support. 10. The Class of 2003 also saw their Senior Class Gift, televisions in the Schaefer Fitness Center, installed this year. 11. The Class of 1955 celebrated their 50th Reunion this year which included their induction into the Old Guard.
  4. 4. EDWIN A. STEVENS SOCIETY FISCAL YEAR 2005 Edwin Augustus Stevens operating funds in 1870. vibrant and growing network needed to achieve this goal. (1795-1868) and his family Stevens established the of leaders, inventors, and Investing in future gener- The figures below represent the results of Stevens Institute of T echnology fundraising efforts showed their civic responsi- Edwin A. Stevens Society educators, like Edwin Stevens, ations of Stevens graduates during the past fiscal year (July 1, 2004 to July 30, 2005). bility and inventiveness in nearly 25 years ago to honor who understand that invest- affirms a deep commitment many ways. The family was the high ideals and financial ments in education are to maintaining and improving Donor gifts received after July 1, 2005 will be acknowledged in the next Record of Philanthropy. known in their time for many dedication to education investments in the future. EAS the Institute’s engineering, philanthropic endeavors. We posessed by the Stevens fam- Society members expect technology, science and man- The Institute regrets any omissions or errors that have occurred in the Record of Philanthrop y. remember them today for ily. Now more than 500 mem- Stevens graduates to contin- agement programs. We are The large number of contributions to Stevens makes it possible that some names have been their most enduring contri- bers strong, the EAS Society ue strengthening our nation grateful for the generosity of unintentionally omitted. We request that corrections be brought to the attention of the Office bution of all: the establish- has become the Institute’s and our world by securing key our many EAS Society mem- of Development & External Affairs at (201) 216-5241. ment of Stevens Institute of premier donor organization. leadership roles, and they bers and invite others to join Technology with an initial Edwin A. Stevens Society know that a strong founda- this vibrant and growing gift of land and members represent a strong, tion of financial support is donor community. PHILANTHROPY SUMMARYThese gifts represent cash receipts and may differ from Stevens ’ annual, Mr. A. Joseph Schneider 1946 v Mrs. Holly C. Young Valerio and Dr. Arthur E. Imperatore 1988 vaudited financial statement, particularly in the accounting for pledges. THE EDWIN A. Mr. Marty P. Valerio 1968 v Mr. Joshua Kheel 1945 Mr. Frank J. Semcer, Sr. 1965 STEVENS SOCIETY Dr. Josh S. Weston 1996 Mr. Thomas J. Kohli 1980Total Gifts $15,778,755 Mr. Jerald M. Wigdortz 1969 Mr. John A. Lacz 1953 EAS President’s Circle EAS Founders ($10,000-$24,999) Ms. Dawn M. Madak 1989From pledges received $8,720,586 ($50,000+) EAS Patrons Mr. Dwight Bailey Massey 1953 v Mr. William J. Ardrey, III 1960(relates to prior years) ($5,000-$9,999) Mr. Edmond C. Mathez 1937 Dr. Lawrence T. Babbio, Jr. 1966 Mr. Raymond F. Baker 1949 Dr. Kenneth W. DeBaun 1949 v Philip P. Crowley, Esq. 1971 Mr. Edward D. Ackerman 1948 Mr. John S. McBride 1947Net Current Gifts Received $7,058,169 Ms. Gina M. Addeo 1986 Mr. Stephen P. McCann s Mr. Joseph J. Kaminski 1960 Mr. Ralph De Lucia Mr. Henry P. Dobbelaar, Jr. v Mr. N. William Atwater 1956 Mr. Rodney McDonough 1933 Dr. Theodore W. Kheel 2004 Mr. Gene Eckel 1951 v Mr. Michael C. Barta 1980 Mrs. Carole Mullowney W 1965 Mr. Dean Marchetto s Mr. Davis W. Edwards 1995 Mr. Marshall M. Bazar 1965 q Mr. Peter H. Rohr 1945 v Mr. Warren G. Wells 1942 v Prof. David J. Farber 1956 Mr. David P. Bencze 1970 Mr. Martin Santini, FAIA s EDWIN A. STEVENS SOCIETY SUMMARY Mr. Joseph E. Scerbo 1955 Dr. Frank L. Fernandez 1960 Frederick L. Bissinger, Esq. 1933 Leadership gifts from members of the Edwin A. Stevens Society were a EAS Benefactors Mrs. Alfred W. Fielding 1939 Stephen T. Boswell, PhD, PE 1989 significant contribution to the overall fundraising total: ($25,000-$49,999) Mrs. Rose M. Gunther John Boustead, Esq. 1935 Mr. and Mrs. Vincent Cestone Mr. Keiichiro Hayashi s Mr. Vern J. Brownell 1980 EAS Gifts $2,864,465 Dr. Christos Christodoulatos 1991 Mr. Edwin J. Hess 1955 Mr. Joseph A. Colandrea 1956 This year, Total EAS Membership 545 Dr. William R. Cuming 1942 George W. Johnston, Esq. 1972 Mr. Stephen P. Cuff 1953 the Edwin A. Mr. Gustav G. Freygang, Jr. 1935 Mr. Howland B. Jones, Jr. 1949 Ms. Mary A. Doddy 1980 v Stevens Society Mr. Louis Gardella Dr. John J. LoPorto 1946 Mr. and Mrs. John Engelsted 1938 membership RECORD OF PHILANTHROPY • 2004-2005 Source: 2005 Voluntary Support of Education Survey Dr. Jerry N. Luftman 1991 Mr. John D. Feehan 1950 total Dr. George P. Korfiatis 1995 Mrs. Horace G. Oliver 1935 Mr. Robert P. Giblon 1936v Prof. Xiaoguang Meng s exceeding 500 The Council for Aid to Education’s (CAE) Voluntary Support of Education (VSE) survey is the authoritative Mr. Thomas Pagano 1935 v Mrs. Ruth Greene W 1940 s Dr. Donald N. Merino 1960 v members - a national source of information on private giving to higher education and private K-12, consistently cap- Mr. Richard R. Roscitt 1973 Mr. Edward J. Grogan 1943 turing about 85 percent of the total voluntary support to colleges and universities in the United States. Mr. James L. Mersfelder 1964 Mrs. E. Russell Sprague 1936 v Mr. Seymour I. Gussack 1945 first since its Mrs. Virginia P. Mahoney Ruesterholz Mrs. Elizabeth T. Ulrich and Mr. James C. Harris 1980 inception! 1983 and Mr. Kevin Ruesterholz 1983 Mr. Walter E. Ulrich 1968 Dr. Caleb B. Hurtt 1953 v John A. Schepisi, Esq. 1965 Mr. Dennis Ulversoy 1977 Mr. Frank Ianna 1971 s=New Donor q=Deceased v=Legacy Society 7
  5. 5. Mr. Albert E. Sisto 1971 Mr. Nicholas Bush 1980 Mr. William C. Habert 1963 Edwin B. Cave, Esq. 1933 Mr. Richard J. Dell 1964 Mr. Steven E. Flicker 1981 Angie M. Hankins, Esq. 1995 Dr. James A. Spady, Esq. 1955 Mr. Ernest R. Carbone 1972 Mr. David A. Haid 1957 Mr. Dennis J. Cecchini 1973 Mr. Alexander Delli Paoli 1961 Mr. Paul H. Flynn 1939 Mr. Reinhard Hanselka 1974 Dr. Peter E. Stamer 1961 Mr. Steven M. Coppa s Dr. Edward L. Hennessy, Jr. 1983 Mr. Roberto G. Ceconi 1966 Mr. Mark J. Denne s Mr. Jeffrey R. Friedman 1976 Mr. Richard J. Harper 1953 v Mr. Werner E. Tietjen 1963 Mr. Anthony R. Coscia s Mr. Daniel L. Hertz, Jr. 1952 v Ms. Victoria Chan s Dr. Dimitris Dermatas 1987 Michael R. Friscia, Esq. 1986 Mr. A. Roy Heath, Jr. 1938 v Mr. James M. Walsh 1969 Mr. Eugene R. Crilly 1945 v Mr. Kenneth J. Higgins, Jr. 1971 Dr. Constantin Chassapis 2004 Dr. William W. Destler 1968 Dr. Hideji Fujiwara 1969 Dr. Harry Heffes Mr. Alfonso Dalisio, Jr. s Mr. Lawrence J. Holzenthaler 1966 Mr. William A. Chernowetz 1971 Mrs. Thorn W. Dickinson W 1952 Mr. Daniel Gallagher Mr. Harold Heffner 1951 EAS Fellows Mrs. Nancy Ann Celestina D’Andrea Mr. John H. Hovey 1957 EAS members enjoy a variety of Mr. Vem Lun Chuang 1964 Dr. David P. Dixon 1972 Dr. A. K. Ganguly 2004 Mr. Frank W. Henrikson 1960 ($2,500-$4,999) 1990 and Mr. Joseph D’Andrea III 1990 Prof. Fred O. Jensen events throughout the year. Mr. Sergio A. Ciccolella 1972 Mr. John C. Dodd 1947 Mr. Robert F. Garbarini 1940 Mrs. William J. Henseler 1936 Mr. Allen C. Anderson 1963 Mr. Donald E. Daume 1967 Mr. Ronald E. Mahaffey, Jr. 1989 Mr. Jeffrey Ciccone 1979 Mr. Michael D’Onofrio s Joseph J. Garvey, Esq. 1971 Dr. Thomas O. Herrington, Jr. 1989 Mr. Philip W. Apruzzese 1970 Dr. David H. Dietz 1969 Mr. John M. Mazzilli 1960 Dr. Herbert M. Appleton, Jr. 1944 Mr. Richard F. Cimera 1955 Dr. Milos Dostal 1980 Mr. Lawrence E. Gastwirt Mr. Carl H. Hevert 1952 Mr. Frederick J. Berenbroick 1959 Mr. Lewis M. Eisenberg Mr. Bruce E. McNair 1971 Mr. Joseph Ayton 1942 Ronald A. Clayton, Esq. 1969 Mrs. Margaret P. Dowling 1996 Dr. David B. Hill 1960 v Mr. Charles G. Berendsen 1951 v Mr. Robert Fairchild 1951 Mr. Raymond J. Moser 1935 v David N. Barus, Esq. 1993 Dr. Christopher L. Coccio 1963 Mr. Robert J. Doyle 1956 Mr. James M. Hill, Jr. 1945 Mr. Jon R. Beveridge 1965 Mr. Greg R. Gianforte 1983 Dr. Emil C. Neu 1955 Mr. and Mrs. Thomas J. Basile 1989 Mr. Ralph M. Cohen 1971 Arthur M. Dresner, Esq. 1963 Dr. Richard I. Hires 1988 William J. Birmingham, Esq. 1945 Mr. Alfred S. Gilman s Mr. R. Wayne Oliver 1975 Mr. Armand Bassi, Jr. 1955 Dr. Richard B. Cole 1961 s Mr. Kevin I. Driscoll 1981 Mr. Leonard J. Hodas 1967 Mr. Robert H. Boorujy 1962 Mr. Corey P. Graney 1988 Mr. Frank S. Panebianco 1976 Mr. Jack R. Bayer 1943 v Mrs. Joanne L. Beattie Compton 1979 Mr. Kenneth A. Dunphy 1961 Mr. Harold A. Holz 1947 Mr. Michael J. Paquet s Prof. Kurt H. Becker Mr. Robert P. Confrancisco 1984 Mr. John R. Earl 1979 Mr. Fred A. Horowitz 1964 Mr. William C. Pezzano 1975 Mr. Louis G. Beffa 1940 Mrs. Kathy L. Rostock Connolly 1986 Mr. Louis O. Eber 1952 Mr. William F. Howind 1949 Mr. Jacob Pineles 1940 Mr. Arthur G. Bendelius 1958 and Mr. Michael F. Connolly 1986 Dr. Edward F. Egan 1940 v Associate EAS members enjoy Mr. Jerry M. Hultin Dr. Harold J. Raveche ´ events through G.O.L.D. Mr. David K. Berkner Dr. Thomas A. Corcoran 1967 v Mr. Edward C. Eichhorn 1969 Mr. John Hunter 1945 Mr. Robert J. Reed 1970 Mrs. Eugene F. Berley 1935 Mr. Richard A. Cornell 1973 Ms. Marjorie H. Everitt Mr. Stanley D. Hutchings 1971 Ms. Lisa Richards s Mr. Enrique L. Blanco 1972 Mr. John W. Cornwell, III 1945 Mr. Stefano Falconi s Mr. Michael F. X. Gigliotti 1942 Mr. James G. Hutchinson 1955 Mr. Lewis H. Rive 1932 Dr. William S. Blazowski 1968 Dr. Stephen H. Crandall 1942 Dr. Hosein Fallah Mr. Nicholas L. Giuricich 1953 v Dr. Michael L. Ioffredo 1963 Mr. John C. Rizzuto 1989 Dr. Stephen L. Bloom 1978 Ms. Audrey Curtis s Dr. Robert L. Farrenkopf 1955 Mr. Joseph J. Gleich 1943 Mr. Richard E. Irons 1942 Dr. Richard Sard 1962 Mr. Christopher B. Blum 1960 Mr. Siegfried F. Dankenbring 1945 Mr. John B. Fendel 1943 Mr. Frank R. Grapkowski 1973 v Mr. Frank C. Jagisch 1964 Mr. and Mrs. Frank Sorrentino, III s Mr. Donald J. Blum 1945 v Dr. Hal Daume 1963 Mr. John R. Ferguson s Dr. Paul W. Grosser 1975 Maj. Edward B. Janeczko, Jr. 1975 Mr. Rudolph W. Staehle 1946 Dr. and Mrs. Alan Blumberg Mr. Michael T. Dawson 1967 Mr. Sebastian J. Filippone Mr. Arthur Guarino Mr. John T. Jarboe 1978 Mr. Paul W. Steffen 1957 Mr. Robert W. Bosse 1950 Mr. Ronald A. De Fusco 1957 Mr. Lawrence Nelson Finch, II 1978 Mr. S. Frederic Guggenheim 1939 Dr. Dilhan M. Kalyon 1994 Mr. Robert L. Steiger 1971 Mr. Murrae Bowden s Mr. Kenneth J. DeGraw 1957 Mr. Valentine J. Fischer 1957 Mr. Roger Haftek s Mr. Edward B. Kamins 1971 Mr. John P. Sweeney 1949 Ms. Susan Bradham 1991 Mr. Joseph M. DeGuilmo 1934 Mr. John J. Fitzpatrick 1984 Thomas R. Haher, M.D. 1972 Mr. Fred Kasoff 1936 Mr. Warren J. Sweetnam 1949 Dr. Washington Braida Mrs. Dianne L. Smith Szipszky 1990 Mr. John R. Bridgeman 1949 and Mr. James A. Szipszky 1989 Mr. John A. Brown 1951 v Mrs. Maureen P. Burke Weatherall 1978 Dr. Leslie R. Brunell 1986 and Mr. James M. Weatherall 1978 Dr. Michael S. Bruno 2001 Mr. Sean L. Welsh 1982 Ms. Heather J. Bryson s Mr. George F. Weston 1955 Ms. Trudy J. Bryson s Mr. Harold P. Wilmerding Mr. Robert Budell 1944 Prof. Dennis Buede EAS Members Dr. A. Charles Buffalano 1961 ($1,000-$2,499) Mr. John L. Burgess 1949 RECORD OF PHILANTHROPY • 2004-2005 Mr. John A. Abom 1965 Mr. Charles J. Buscarino, Jr. 1985STEVENS INSTITUTE OF TECHNOLOGY Mr. Robert M. Adams 1952 Mr. Lawrence E. Callahan 1956 Mr. Stephen P. Adik 1964 Mr. Marsden B. Candler, Jr. 1955 Mr. Thomas M. Aldrich 1980 Mr. Gerard P. Canevari 1947 Mr. and Mrs. Douglas Allan s Mrs. Walter E. Carbone 1935 Virginia Ruesterholz 83, Co-Chair of the EA S Society, standing in the reception area named for her and her husband, fellow alumnus Kevin Mr. Kenneth J. Altorfer 1950 v Mr. Joseph L. Cariello 1966 The Class of 1957 had great representation at the EA S Gala on December 3, 2004. Those attending included, from left, Art Stahl, Chuck Filippone, Herb 83 at the Babbio Center dedication ceremony. Mr. Courtney D. Alvey 1945 Mrs. Vivian Alling Carr 1981 Kimmich, Dave Haid, John Hovey, Paul Steffen, John Schatmeyer and Ken DeGraw. Anonymous Donor Mrs. Esther B. Carroll 8 s=New Donor q=Deceased v=Legacy Society 9
  6. 6. Col. Henry B. Mon 1955 Mr. Joseph C. Parisi, Jr. s Mr. Henry F. Snyder, Jr. 1950 v Mrs. Dolores M. La Marca Wagoner Mr. Kurt D. Fischer 2005 s Mr. Bernard J. Moore Mr. Andre T. Parrish 1991 Mr. Guoyong Song 2003 1979 and Mr. Joel T. Wagoner 1980 Mr. Michael S. Frank 2004 Mr. Carlos Morandi 1984 Mr. John A. Pasquale, III 1960 Dr. James A. Spady, Esq. 1955 Mr. Robert H. Walker 1958 Mr. Steven A. Hakusa 2005 s Mr. James S. Moraseski 1973 Mr. Photios T. Paulson 1959 Mr. Arthur F. Stahl 1957 Mr. Joseph T. Weber, Jr. 1964 Mr. Mark T. Harris, Jr. 2004 s Ms. Anne Marie Moschello Dr. Carl Pavarini Mr. Joseph J. Stahley Mr. Robert H. Wehrenberg 1943 Mr. Christopher J. Hazen 2005 s Mr. Charles W. Mosher 1946 Mr. Raymond H. Perry, Jr. 1947 Mr. David E. Weinreich 1968 Mr. Chih Jen Hsu 2004 s Mr. and Mrs. Hank Statscewich s Mr. Lambert H. Mott, III 1945 Mr. Curt D. Petrucelli 1985 Ms. Allison M. Inguanti 2005 s Mr. John Stevens 1972 Mr. John R. Wells 1937 “ Giving to Stevens Mr. John A. Motusesky 1960 Dr. Charles I. Petschek 1944 Yuji Iwai 2005 s Mr. Gerard C. Stocker 1965 Mr. Robert W. Welti 1943 Mr. Claude L. Mount 1952 Dr. Timothy M. Phelan 1989 Dr. Edward A. Stohr s Madelene Weir Weston s Mr. Jared M. Koscinski 2005 s Mr. Thomas E. Muldowney 1960 Mrs. James R. Pinkerton W 1935 s through the Edwin Ms. Alicia Licata 2004 s Mr. James P. Sweeney 1990 Mr. George C. Willetts 1944 Mr. Patrick Mulhern s Mr. James A. Plumstead 1948 v A. Stevens Society Mr. J. Scott Swensen 1974 Mr. Edward D. Williamson 1955 Mr. Jonathan S. Maikisch 2004 s Dr. Richard S. Muller 1955 Dr. John B. Pormann 1992 provides us with a Mr. Glenn S. Williamson, Jr. 1942 Mr. Paul L. Marcello 1999 Mr. Steven R. Murray 1977 Dr. Birendra N. Pramanik 1973 Dr. William F. Taylor 1967 great sense of Mr. Myles Williamson 1945 v Mr. Brendan M. McDonald 2000 Dr. Irwin Nathan 1953 Mrs. Robert C. Puydak W 1955 Dr. Stuart K. Tewksbury Ken 50 and Mary Altorfer stand proudly near the entrance of the Mr. William J. Neill, Jr. 1947 Mr. Peter T. Queenan 1972 pride for our Dr. John F. Thielke 1965 Dr. Helena Stasia Wisniewski 1973 Ms. Jennifer R Modi 2005 s Kenneth J. Altorfer Auditorium during the Babbio Center ceremony on alma mater.” Mr. Edward W. Wittke, Jr. 1945 Mr. Andrew J. Moramarco 2005 s October 7, 2005. Mr. John F. Nelson 1948 Daniel J. Quinn, M.D. 1970 Nanette M. Semrau Thomas, Esq. 1982 Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Neumann s Mr. Thomas W. Rabaut Mr. Robert F. Wolf 1952 Ms. Emily M. Osborne 2003 Mr. George W. Thompson s Dr. John J. Keating, III Mr. Emery B. Lendvai-Lintner 1971 Mr. George P. Nollet 1957 Mr. Michael S. Rachlin 1951 – Virginia 83 and Ms. Helen Y. Wu 1990 Mr. Michael V. Quinn 2000 s James J. Tietjen, Dean Emeritus Kevin 83 Mr. Christopher P. Santoro 2005 s Mr. David Keeney Mrs. Christine Tobias Lin 2000 and Mr. Luis S. Nunez 1983 Dr. Otto Raths 1957 Mr. Lester O. Wuerfl, Jr. 1955 Ruesterholz, Mr. William P. Tootill, Jr. 1965 Mr. Ronald C. Keller 1955 Mr. Steven Lin 1994 Dr. Robert M. Reithner, Jr. 1965 Mr. Theodore J. Zeller 1946 Ms. Lincy K. Scaria 2001 Chairs of the EAS Mr. Irving A. Trygg 1947 Mr. and Mrs. Michael Kempner s Mr. J. Kenneth Lippincott 1946 William E. Ringle, Esq. 1962 Mr. Gregory Silverstein 2005 s “ This kind of Society Mrs. Jane J. Derian Tsilas 1989 and Mr. Robert F. Kendall, Jr. 1950 Mr. Robert W. Lockwood 1951q Mr. Arthur B. Ritter s EAS Associate Members Mr. Carl K. Smith 2002 Nicos L. Tsilas, Esq. 1989 Mr. Herbert L. Kimmich 1957 Mr. Homer Lowenberg 1942 Mr. Heinz W. Ritzau 1957 Ms. Vanessa Barrigas 2004 s Mr. Kostas J. Svarnas 2005 s support is what Mrs. Virginia A. Tuthill 1928 Mr. Tugrulbey Kiryaman Mr. John J. Lupi 1962 Mr. Steven R. Ritzau 1980 Mr. James J. Behnke 2002 Mr. Jason A Taormina 2005 s built the Hugo Schlatter 1941 q Mr. Howard E. Twist 1937 Mr. Charles Klatskin s Mr. Joseph M. Lynch 1948 Mr. Donald Robertson 1951 Mr. Ernest J. Buechel 2003 Ms. Christine Theodore 2005 s Institute and Dr. Albertus E. Schmidlin 1939 Mr. Robert L. Klein 1942 v Dr. Richard S. Magee 1963 Mr. Harry H. Robinson, Jr. 1944 Mr. Benjamin F. Tyson 1935 Mr. Alexander J. Trautner 2003 Dr. J. Edward Schmidt 1955 Ms. Ann F. Cappelluti 2001 Arlene Klink, M.D. 1978 and Dr. Mr. James F. Mahon 1948 what keeps it Mrs. Vincent A. Rocco 1967 Mr. Robert N. Ubell s Mr. Thomas E. Schober 1943 Mr. John C. Choi 2003 Mr. Brian P. Treacy 2002 s Steven Silverman 1974 Mr. Stephen A. Mallard 1948 growing in this Mr. Kemp P. Roedema 1960 Dr. David A. Vaccari Ms. Lillian Chu 2004 s Mr. Brett J. Ulrich 2005 s Mr. Richard W. Schueller 1971 Mr. James Kocis Dr. Alan C. Maltz 2001 s new century. Dr. Kenneth C. Rogers 1964 Mr. Robert G. Schwab 1960 Mr. Edwin D. Van Riper 1960 Ms. Kristine Conley 2003 Ms. Monica Velasco 2002 s Mr. Gustav H. Koven, III 1965 Mr. Frank J. Malvezzi 1970 I encourage all Mr. Russell Rogers Mr. Francis R. Varacalli, Jr. 1968 Ms. Jessica M. Countess 2004 s Ms. Victoria Velasco 2004 Capt. Albert Z. Schwartz 1967 Dr. Suphan Kovenklioglu 1972 Mr. and Mrs. Thomas S. Marotta s members of the Mr. Joseph G. Roosevelt 1970 Mr. Antonio Varela 1980 Mr. Michael A. Scott 1970 Mr. Tobias J. Doviak 2003 s Ms. Miriam Rodrigues Woodall 2002 Mr. David Kronfeld 1973 Dr. Robert S. Marshall 1960 Mr. Eric Rosenberg Mr. Thomas S. Velky 1956 Stevens Ralph W. Selitto, Esq. 1971 Mr. James V Essman 2005 s Mr. Brian Woodworth 2005 s Mr. John E. Kruck 1954 Mr. Franklin A. Martin 1941 Ms. Hilary Feier and Mr. Frank Rossi, community, as Mr. Nikolaus D. Semaca 1980 Mr. John K. Voorhees 1940 Mr. Robert M. Farina 2005 s Mr. Adam Yoda 2005 s Mr. Harold W. Kruger 1952 Dr. Thomas A. Martin 1963 Jr. 1988 Mr. Warren H. Shadek 1949 Dr. Erich E. Kunhardt 1996 Mr. Ewalt Maurushat 1936 v well as friends Mrs. Herman J. Rother W 1960 Mr. Richard D. Shainin 1972 Mr. Richard L. Kuskin 1972 Mr. Richard A. McCormack 1953 and partners, to Mr. Steven F. Roy s Dr. Arthur Shapiro 1984 Mr. Kenneth C. Kyle 1976 Ms. Beth McGrath s join the EAS Mr. Edmund W. Ruhl, Jr. 1944 Mr. John W. Shepherd 1957 Edwin A. Stevens Society used to succeed in her career. tution and understands that Mr. Lawrence R. Laikin 1949 Mr. Donald F. McGuinness 1954 Society.” Dr. Kevin M. Ryan 1996 member Gina Addeo has been “An Engineering degree from her support plays a part in Mr. Yong Shi s Mrs. Emory Lakatos 1926 Mrs. William H. McLean W 1931 s Mr. Matthew Ryan 1981 involved with giving to the Stevens has played a major the Institute’s continuing Dr. Steven Shulman 1962 Mr. Robert W. Lamb 1946 Mr. Robert C. McQueen 1976 – President Mr. Paul Rypkema s Donald Silawsky, Esq. 1969 Institute since graduating in role in many different ways.” success. “As I am able to do RECORD OF PHILANTHROPY • 2004-2005 Mr. Bernard L. Larsen 1949 Mr. Gary W. Mello 1977 Harold J.Ravech´ e Mr. Herman S. Sachs 1942 Mr. David G. Simmons 1986. “I am proud to have Continued support keeps her more, I should give more.”STEVENS INSTITUTE OF TECHNOLOGY Mr. Louis F. Laucirica Mr. Albert F. Messano, Jr. 1971 Mr. Robert E. Salfi 1964 v given to Stevens and want to connected to a strong net- She encourages others to Dr. Fernando Sisto 1962 Mr. George E. Laursen 1950 Mr. Nicholas M. Mestanas 1958 Mr. Mark L. Samolewicz 1998 make sure that in years to work of people, Addeo says. do more as well. “I tell the Mr. William Charles Sjovall, Jr. 2002 s Mr. Kenneth H. Lawrence 1943 Mr. Norman Meyer 1945 Mr. John C. O’Keeffe 1951 Mr. Michael A. Sant Angelo 1953 come the Stevens reputation She is grateful to the Alumni that I keep in contact Mr. Bernard Skown 2004 Mr. Ronald P. LeBright 1955 Mrs. Norma Travis Michalec s Mr. Eric G. Olsen 1977 Mr. David Sanzari s stays strong,” Addeo says. generations before her for with or run into that I give Emil R. Skula, Esq. 1968 Rev. Dr. Audrey J. Vincentz Leef Mr. Maurice Michiels 1940 Mrs. Shirley N. Ondrick Dr. Clifford L. Sayre, Jr. 1950 Addeo’s Stevens educa- building the foundation that and tell them that they Mr. William J. Sluka 1955 1947 and Mr. George R. Leef 1953 Mr. Raymond F. Millea 1978 Dr. Thomas M. Oser 1982 Mr. Arthur R. Schaefer 1941 v tion is one of the tools she’s made Stevens a strong insti- should give too.” Mr. Donald E. Smith 1947 Mr. Edward K. Lefren 1940 v Ms. Bonnie J. Mizdol s Mr. and Mrs. Patrick Paolella s Mr. Karl E. Schlachter 1945 Mr. Mr. Watson B. Smith 1953 D O N O R P R O F I L E 10 s=New Donor q=Deceased v=Legacy Society 11
  7. 7. 1930 Mr. Rodney McDonough E Mrs. Horace G. Oliver E Mrs. Alfred W. Fielding E Mr. Arthur R. Schaefer v E Mr. F. Leroy Garrabrant, Jr. v William J. Birmingham, Esq. E UNDERGRADUATE Mr. C. Gordon Hutcheon q E Col. George J. Murray, Jr. Mr. Thomas Pagano v E Mr. Paul H. Flynn E Mr. Hugo Schlatter q E Mr. Burton S. Garrell Mr. Donald J. Blum v E DONORS Mr. Alfred O. Morkish q Total giving of class $14,768.75 Mrs. James R. Pinkerton s v E Mr. Aldo B. Galvanoni Charles L. Scott, Esq. Mr. Joseph J. Gleich E Mr. William P. Brotherton Mr. George P. Rettig q Mr. Benjamin F. Tyson E Mr. Van B. Garrison Mr. George Vassily Mr. Robert M. Glucksman Mr. John W. Cornwell, III E 1885 Mrs. George P. Rettig q 1934 Total giving of class $162,022.47 Mr. S. Frederic Guggenheim E Mrs. Mark H. Weinberg Mr. Frank A. Goodwin, Jr. Mr. Eugene R. Crilly v E Dr. Arthur G. Glasgow q E Mrs. Raymond H. Rheaume s q E Mr. John H. Bardes, Jr. Mr. Irwin M. Sarlat Total giving of class $5,195.00 Mr. Edward J. Grogan E Mr. Siegfried F. Dankenbring E Total giving of class $8,015.21 Total giving of class $84,968.19 Mr. Joseph M. DeGuilmo E 1936 Dr. Albertus E. Schmidlin E Mr. Harold Hoertel Dr. William D. Derbyshire Mr. C. Kenneth Holland q Mr. William J. Axt Mr. Theodore Weber, Jr. 1942 Mr. Richard E. Insley Mr. Lester Dreyfuss 1900 1931 Mr. John J. Kennedy q v E Mr. R. Paul Bechle Total giving of class $25,966.00 Dr. Robert A. Arnoldi Mr. Kenneth H. Lawrence E Mr. John C. Dunne Mr. Harold E. Williams q E Mr. Clarence N. Carlson Mr. Martin J. Vaccaro Mr. Theodore S. Gellert Mr. Joseph Ayton E Mr. Thurston C. LeVay Mr. Ralph C. Enes Total giving of class $17,104.92 Mrs. William H. McLean E Mr. Arthur E. Wilde, Jr. Mr. Robert P. Giblon v E 1940 Mr. Rudolph A. Bergman Mr. W. Benton Lewis Mr. Ralph O. Grubel Mr. William F. Suhr q Total giving of class $201,400.00 Mrs. William J. Henseler E Mr. James E. Barta Dr. Stephen H. Crandall E Dr. David Okrent Mr. Seymour I. Gussack E 1909 Total giving of class $2,500.00 Mr. Fred Kasoff E Mr. Louis G. Beffa E Dr. William R. Cuming E Mr. Henry G. Osborne, Jr. Mr. John G. Hauck Dr. Gustav G. Freygang q E 1935 Mr. Ewalt Maurushat v E Mr. Arthur W. Braendel Mrs. B. F. Warren-Davis Mr. Arthur J. D. Schimpf Mr. James V. Hazlett, Jr. Total giving of class $32,949.00 1932 Mr. Richard S. Arnold Mrs. E. Russell Sprague v E Mr. Kenneth C. Cooper Capt. Arthur E. Francis q v E Mr. Thomas E. Schober E Mr. James M. Hill, Jr. E Mr. Ralph J. Golzio Mrs. Eugene F. Berley E Mr. Roderick A. Wood Capt. George W. Daly Mr. Michael F. X. Gigliotti E Mr. Helmut E. Schrank Mr. John Hunter E 1912 Mr. Lewis H. Rive E John Boustead, Esq. E Total giving of class $21,375.00 Mr. William B. Davis Mr. Carl E. Greeff Mr. Julian C. Webster v Mr. Frederick L. Hunziker Mr. Walter H. Freygang q E Total giving of class $2,800.00 Mrs. Walter E. Carbone E Dr. Edward F. Egan v E Mr. Robert C. Greten Mr. Robert H. Wehrenberg E Mr. Arthur W. Jackson Total giving of class $32,949.00 Mrs. T. Richard Fahey s 1937 Mr. Oscar F. Fissore Mr. Crawford Hayes Mr. Robert W. Welti E Mr. Joshua Kheel E 1933 Mr. Gustav G. Freygang, Jr. E Mrs. Walter E. Arnoldi Mr. Robert F. Garbarini E Mr. Frederick J. Hicks Mrs. Lyman F. Wilson Mr. Alexander Kmetz 1920 Frederick L. Bissinger, Esq. E Mr. Frank Mascarich q E Dr. James S. Braxton Mrs. (Herbert A.) Ruth Greene s E Mr. Richard E. Irons E Mr. Albert J. Zipay Dr. Richard E. Kronauer Mr. Robert F. Dirkes q E Edwin B. Cave, Esq. E Mr. Raymond J. Moser v E Mr. Edmond C. Mathez E Mr. James J. Lawlor Mr. Robert L. Klein v E Total giving of class $16,403.20 Mr. Arthur E. Lee Total giving of class $41,625.66 William F. Purdy, Esq. Mr. Edward K. Lefren v E Mr. Jaime R. Llanso q Mr. Howard W. McCall Mr. Frederick Rickerich, Jr. Mr. Maurice Michiels E Mrs. Robert G. Lommel 1944 Mr. Austin F. McCormack, Jr. V A R S I T Y S C L U B 1922 Mr. John F. Spano Mr. Stephen F. Mumford Mr. Homer Lowenberg E Mr. Henry H. Anderson Mr. Walter J. Meighan Warren Spooner, Esq. q E Mr. Howard E. Twist E Mr. Jacob Pineles E Mr. Charles F. Mengers Dr. Herbert M. Appleton, Jr. E Mr. Norman Meyer E Total giving of class $271,778.39 Mr. John R. Wells E Mr. John K. Voorhees E Mrs. F. John Pichard Mr. Gerald F. Brestovansky Mr. Lambert H. Mott, III E Stevens’ goal is to challenge dent athletes and sports pro- Mr. Fred A. Zweifel q Mr. Arthur Weber Mr. Patrick J. Rochford Mr. Robert Budell E Mr. Anthony A. Pietsch both the minds and bodies of grams. The club offers mem- 1923 our students. The Varsity S bership opportunities and sev- Total giving of class $9,010.00 Total giving of class $17,650.28 Mr. Robert B. Ruddick Alvin Davis, M.D. Mr. Edgar A. Pittaluga Mr. William S. Gleeson q Mr. Herman S. Sachs E Mr. Frank E. Field Mr. David J. Resch Club gives fans of Stevens ath- eral benefits including unique Mr. Frank D. Jonas q E 1938 1941 Mrs. Robert T. Schomer Mr. Frederick P. Gerlinger Mr. Charles L. Richards letics a chance to be part of naming opportunities, event Total giving of class $4,837,289.21 Mr. Albert H. Beaufrere Dr. John K. Beling Mr. Charles H. Waugaman Mr. William H. Heiser Mr. Peter H. Rohr v E the team that helps to ensure tickets and special-edition Mr. and Mrs. John Engelsted E Mr. William J. Burel Mr. Fred H. Weber Mr. Donald A. Lamb Dr. Nicholas J. Rose the future success of our stu- Stevens sportswear. 1926 Mr. Sherwin Epstein Mr. Henry Dankenbring Mr. Warren G. Wells v E Mr. Herbert H. Landmann Mr. Paul Rubel Mrs. Emory Lakatos E Mr. William Gottlieb Mr. Stephen F. Downey, Jr. Mr. Paul E. Widenor Mr. Edward B. Moore Mr. Karl E. Schlachter E Total giving of class $2,000.00 Mr. A. Roy Heath, Jr. v E Mr. Fred A. Fendel, Jr. Mr. Glenn S. Williamson, Jr. E Mr. Charles Morgan Mr. William T. Smorczewski Mr. Robert A. Kaprelian Mr. Charles I. Fishkin Total giving of class $160,343.74 Dr. Charles I. Petschek E Mr. Laurus E. Sutton, III 1927 Mr. Arthur M. Miller Mr. Francis W. Giaccone Mr. Harry H. Robinson, Jr. E Mr. Bernard Wechsler Mr. Francis W. Hay Mr. Walter A. Penner q Mr. John W. Heck 1943 Mr. Edmund W. Ruhl, Jr. E Mr. Charles R. Wellhausen Total giving of class $100.00 Mr. William H. Teimer Mr. Nicholas Heinrich, Jr. Mr. Herbert S. Anderson Mr. John P. Runyon Mr. F. Newton Wells, III RECORD OF PHILANTHROPY • 2004-2005 Total giving of class $7,019.65 Mr. Curt W. Hirsch Mr. Jack R. Bayer v E Mr. G. Clinton Shay Mr. Malcolm D. WidenorSTEVENS INSTITUTE OF TECHNOLOGY 1928 Mr. Edward F. Jedziniak Mr. Herbert A. Blank Mr. Sanford D. Wellen Mr. Myles Williamson v E Mrs. Virginia A. Tuthill E Mrs. Ignatius J. Kamieniecki Mr. Harold Brunton, Jr. Mr. George C. Willetts E Mr. Edward W. Wittke, Jr. E Total giving of class $2,000.00 1939 Mr. Franklin A. Martin E Mr. Joseph C. Bullock, Jr. Total giving of class $7,975.00 Total giving of class $42,854.61 Mr. Charles W. Berghorn, Jr. Mrs. Berta R. Numata Mr. William E. Caldwell, Jr. 1929 Mrs. Albert W. Brandstetter Mr. Edward J. Parma Mr. Joseph R. Casamento 1945 1946 Mr. John H. Mennie q Mr. Milton Brown Mr. Ronald W. Penney Mr. Czeslaus J. Chrobot Mr. Courtney D. Alvey E Mr. Richard L. Albert Total giving of class $100.00 Mr. Virgil V. Chiavetta Mr. Donald J. Price Mr. John B. Fendel E Mr. Rudolph Bahr, Jr. Mr. A. Richard Boera 12 s=New Donor q=Deceased v=Legacy Society E=Edwin A. Stevens Society 13
  8. 8. Mr. Lazzaro A. Fattori Mr. Albert R. Vanderbilt Mr. Thomas J. Phillips Mr. John A. Brown v E SCHOLARSHIPS Mr. Joseph C. Flynn Mr. Philip A. Voltz Mr. John Provetero v Mr. Louis A. Budell Mr. William Frank Mr. Richard S. V. Wagner Mr. William L. Quigley Capt. Hugh J. Campbell Mr. Michael Freeman Mr. Robert P. Webber Mr. Edward L. Sayre Mr. Edward J. Cann The steady increasing cost endowed scholarship funds size is still an obvious goal. lanthropy to honor a loved Mr. Leo B. Glaser, Jr. Mr. Robert J. Winklareth Mr. George B. Schaeffer, Jr. Mr. Hsi-Ling Chu of quality education has they create make it possible Scholarships give a small one, establish a family Mr. John C. Grinwis Total giving of class $644,790.03 Mr. Robert M. Schultz Mr. John R. Clapp pushed the combined price for today’s students to school like Stevens the abil- legacy or celebrate a Mr. Borden L. Hance, Jr. Mr. Henry F. Snyder, Jr. v E Mr. Walter R. Danielson, Jr. of tuition, fees and room attend Stevens. ity to compete with large graduation anniversary or Mr. William F. Howind E 1950 Mr. Ernest W. Swift Mr. Robert W. Davenport and board past $32,000 per Endowed scholarships universities like Carnegie class reunion. A named Mr. Edwin L. Jesse Mr. Kenneth J. Altorfer v E Dr. Snowden Taylor Mr. Donald L. De Sorcy year at Stevens. More than give Stevens the resources Mellon, Cornell and MIT. scholarship creates a solid Mr. Howland B. Jones, Jr. E Mr. Sydney J. Armstrong Mr. John Teufel, Jr. Mr. Edward J. Dierauf, Jr. 85 percent of undergraduate needed to recruit some of Hundreds of individual legacy that reminds today’s Mr. Robert R. Klein Mr. Robert G. Barnes Mr. Warren J. Thorpe Mr. Alan E. Donaldson students now receive some our nation’s brightest minds. scholarship funds have been students that previous Mr. Michael A. Kogan Mr. Robert A. Bjorkman Mr. William E. Tjon Pian Gi Mr. Gene Eckel v E form of financial aid. Like While the overall student established throughout generations are guiding Mr. Edward P. Krebs Mr. Lloyd R. Blackledge Mr. Donald P. Van Court Mr. Robert Fairchild E other institutions, contribu- population has grown with Stevens’ history. Donors them along their journey Mr. Lawrence R. Laikin E Mr. Thomas J. Booth Mr. William Vande Vaarst Mr. Herbert C. Fischer tions from alumni to the the Institute, small class- have used this form of phi- toward greatness. Mr. Bernard L. Larsen E Mr. Robert W. Bosse E Mr. Arnold C. Werner Mr. Malcolm C. Fraser Mr. Remo V. Long Mr. William E. Bracey Mr. F. Richard Whiting Mr. Milton U. Gaul, Jr. Mr. John A. Manzo, Jr. Mr. Robert W. Bradshaw Total giving of class $19,578.38 Mr. Stewart P. Goldie Mr. Donald C. Meserlian Mr. George H. Byrne Mr. Gerald S. Hall Mr. George A. Booth Mr. Rudolph W. Staehle E Mr. Irving A. Trygg E Mr. John F. Nelson E Mr. William J. Moss Mr. Walter M. Carow Mr. Edward C. Havranek Mr. Andrew D. Cravero Mr. William J. Torrens Rev. Ronald H. Webb Mr. James A. Plumstead v E Mr. George A. Olsen Leonard Cooper, Esq. A few new Mr. Harold Heffner E Mr. Joseph R. Detaranto Mr. Theodore J. Zeller E Mr. John B. Williams, Jr. Mr. Henry J. Post Mr. John D. O’Toole Mr. Richard H. Cunneen scholarships Mr. Geoffrey S. Inman v Mr. Charles L. Du Vivier Total giving of class $80,403.00 Mr. Frederick R. Young Mr. Frank A. Ross, Jr. v Dr. Thomas E. Peirce Mr. Richard J. Decker established Mr. William A. Johnson Dr. Richard A. Easterlin Total giving of class $20,989.73 Mr. Walter E. Schnabel Mr. Herbert F. Peppel Mr. John D. Feehan E this year include: Mr. Raymond J. Keogh Mr. T. Richard Enright 1947 Mr. Augustine M. Scutti Mr. Robert W. Perry Dr. Richard S. Fredericks Mr. F. William Koestner, Jr. • The Stephen & Mr. Robert J. Farquharson, Sr. Mr. John Bebbington 1948 Mr. Kenneth E. Smith Mr. Henry W. Peterson Mr. George S. Garbarini Mr. Vincent A. Kulik Karen Boswell Walter H. Freygang, M.D. q E Mr. Charles Berk Mr. Edward D. Ackerman E Mr. Curtis C. Van Valkenburgh Mr. Harold Prashker Mr. Herman C. Gehnrich Scholarship Fund Mr. Donald V. Landmann Mr. Alan S. Gertz Mr. John S. Buckley Mr. Anthony J. Bosco q Total giving of class $15,998.35 Mr. Emil Propper Mr. John W. Gude Mr. William F. Landmann, Jr. Mr. Robert Halstead Mr. Gerard P. Canevari E Mr. Robert A. Bruce Mr. Bernard J. Rainey Mr. John H. Helfrich • The Marty 68 and Mr. Charles W. Lang Mr. William D. Hay Aldo J. Cozzi, Esq. Mr. Harold C. Buckelew, Jr. 1949 Mr. Robert B. Reilly Mr. Frederick A. Hemmer, Jr. Holly Valerio Mr. Robert H. Lewe Mr. Theodore Hayford Mr. John T. Crow Mr. Elmer H. Chamberlin Mr. Russell D. Anderson Mr. Frederick A. Roessle Mr. John W. Hermann, Jr. Scholarship Mr. Alfred Lingen Mr. Malcolm C. Hutchison, Jr. Mr. John C. Dodd E Mr. James J. Cullen, Jr. Mr. Joseph L. Arata Mr. Walter J. Schmidt Mr. Richard D. Hetzel Mr. Robert W. Lockwood q E • The Alvin George Mr. Frederick C. Jenkins Mr. William E. Elgin Mr. William Ellison Mr. Raymond F. Baker E Mr. Robert F. Schneider Mrs. Frank J. Jessich v Gunther Mr. Reinhardt F. Luthmann Mr. Robert W. Lamb E Mr. Alfred H. Everson, Jr. Mr. Daniel Haagens Mr. Robert J. Bazzini Mr. Alfred G. Schoenbrunn Mr. Sidney Kelley, Jr. Scholarship Mr. Edward H. Lutz Mr. J. Kenneth Lippincott E Mr. Harold A. Holz E Mr. Kenneth R. Habermann Mr. Charles R. Beitner Mr. Robert H. Schroeder Mr. Robert F. Kendall, Jr. E Mr. Gerrit V. Lydecker Dr. John J. LoPorto E Mr. Leslie J. Kuzenski Mr. Frederick H. Hauser, Jr. Mr. Samuel A. Bjorkman v Mr. John H. Seely Mr. Frederick W. Kleiner • The Kaminski Mr. Leigh K. Lydecker, Jr. Mr. George E. MacVeigh Mr. Charles M. Leemans Mr. Richard S. Heiser Dr. Robert E. Blank Mr. Warren H. Shadek E Mr. Frederick W. Lankering Family Mr. Robert F. Mattlage Scholarship Mr. John A. Misteli Mr. John S. McBride E Mr. Howard S. Heydon Mr. Harry W. Bodemann Mr. Frank T. Sherman Mr. George E. Laursen E Mr. Gilbert D. McDonald Mr. Charles W. Mosher E Mr. William J. Neill, Jr. E Mr. Albert E. Krug Mr. John R. Bridgeman E Mr. Leonard S. Sloane Mr. Gerard J. Leddy Mr. Van Cortright Mekeel, Jr. Mr. Ernest H. Pauli Mr. John M. Peeples Mr. Miles Kuchar Mr. John J. Brighouse Mr. H. Edgar Snow Mr. Albert E. Lyons Mr. Rudolph A. Milin Mr. David D. Pierson Mr. Raymond H. Perry, Jr. E Mr. Arve Larsson Mr. John L. Burgess E Mr. Nicholas J. Stagias Mr. Raymond E. Mack, Jr. Mr. Raymond K. Moessner RECORD OF PHILANTHROPY • 2004-2005 Mr. Fred Rieger, Jr. Rev. James F. Salmon, S.J. Mr. Joseph M. Lynch E Mr. John G. Christopher Mr. William A. Sternad Mr. Howard H. Mathews, Jr. 1951 Mr. Robert H. NeillSTEVENS INSTITUTE OF TECHNOLOGY Mr. Henry J. Ritmeester, Jr. Mr. C. William Schenck Mr. James F. Mahon E Mr. Joseph M. Clemente Mr. Frederick E. Straus Mr. Robert A. Meyer Mr. Joseph P. Akrep Mr. Richard A. Nolan Mr. Ennio Rocchini Mr. Harry J. Schneider Mr. Stephen A. Mallard E Mr. Donald E. Cordell Mr. Eric L. Strauss Mr. Robert W. Meyer Mr. Ernst R. Altschul Mr. William A. O’Connor, Jr. Mr. Richard J. Ruhlman Mr. Donald E. Smith E Mr. Joseph J. Martus Mr. John Crabtree Mr. John P. Sweeney E Mr. Warren F. Mills Mr. Edward Austin Mr. John C. O’Keeffe E Mr. Daniel C. Russ Mr. G. Frederick Smith Mr. Thomas J. Monahan Mr. William E. Dargan Mr. Warren J. Sweetnam E Mr. Alexander B. Molten Mr. Charles G. Berendsen v E Mr. Frederick T. Oltmann, Jr. Mr. A. Joseph Schneider v E Mr. William D. Taylor Mr. Emile H. Munier Dr. Kenneth W. DeBaun v E Mr. Walter D. Temple, Jr. Mr. David H. Neilson q Mr. Alexander A. Black Mr. William A. Poyner Mr. Fred Schneider Mr. Thomas R. Topping Mr. Charles G. Najimian Mr. Louis C. Dunning Mr. Charles I. Tiplitz Mr. Charles W. Nordhausen Mr. John W. Bossung Mr. Michael S. Rachlin E Mr. Leon E. Sealey Mr. Warren L. Totten Mr. Robert E. Naylor Mr. Wilbur R. Ellis Mr. Frayer R. Treacy Mr. George F. Ort Mr. Robert E. Broderick Mr. Paul C. Raczkowski 14 s=New Donor q=Deceased v=Legacy Society E=Edwin A. Stevens Society 15
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