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Service Gagnant 9 Spring 2011
Service Gagnant 9 Spring 2011
Service Gagnant 9 Spring 2011
Service Gagnant 9 Spring 2011
Service Gagnant 9 Spring 2011
Service Gagnant 9 Spring 2011
Service Gagnant 9 Spring 2011
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Service Gagnant 9 Spring 2011


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Service Gagnant 9 Spring 2011

  1. 1. the magazine of the european leader in multi-services/multi-techniques · Issue #9 Spring 2011servicegagnant * The winning formula for businesses * P6 Franck JulIen, chaIrman oF the atalIan management board “In 2011 the client will never 2010 reVIeW have been so central to our business-by-business development” assessment
  2. 2. contents 9 # spring 2011 The client relation: driving our growth Observers hail the client relation as one of adds its authentic one-to-one culture, the major winning factors to emerge from i.e., an individual relation with each of the recession. Turnover and market share its clients. Our close relations with our pressure was a revelation for a number of clients based on trust ensure a global companies and prompted awareness that and detailed vision of their needs and may seem late for some clients, but will ensure a pro-active stance help them cut help overall service quality… their costs more effectively. ATALiAN did not wait for economic in 2011, clients will be more than ever upheavals to restructure its client organ- the core concern for ATALiAN, both inP4 Scope P12 development P18 reception P24 building P30 talking about it isation, which is already four years old. France and internationally. The sched-› Overview with highlights of › Airports: ATALiAN › Growing business in a tricky › significant success thanks to › clément Poitrenaud: “i want it can even be said that the customer- uled changes in operations and organi- ATALiAN activities confirmed for take-off environment a comprehensive range of to share rugby values with driven approach is one of the genetic sation will allow our clients to pool services ATALiAN” markets of our way of doing business. service and technical businesses more effectively and thereby cut costs.P6 Interview P14 cleaning services P20 Security customer loyalty and satisfaction are› Franck Julien : › A re-defined scope and › Lancry reasserts its values P26 transport a raison d’être in our group, as well as i hope you enjoy this issue of service “ever closer to our clients’ preserved ambition & logistics SERVICE GAGNANT issue No. 9 is a constant aspiration. They are both a Gagnant. published by ATALIAN - 107, rue Edith needs” › The offer diversification driving force and a source of energy. P22 Parks & gardens strategy turns up trumps Cavell - 94 400 Vitry-sur-Seine – Publication director: Miguel De Sousa • As the historic catalyst for our competi- P16 multitechnique › synergy is the priority for Editorial committee: Delphine Allard / tiveness, amplifying the relation withP8 International and Facilities new acquisitions Benjamin Bonnet / Myriam Hamdadou / Emmanuel Lemarchand • Photo credits: our clients has progressively become› 2O11: the year for central management P28 nuclear logistics ATALIAN, Istockphotos, DR, Rémi Benoît, © Arnaud Février For Momentys • Printed a qualitative and quantitative axis for and eastern europe › MTO-eurogem: a winning › A relationship of trust with by: AZ Communication • Magazine development on its own.> strong positions throughout combination eDF designed and produced (artistic and europe Our thanks go to all the people who editorial direction, layout) by: Editorial communication agency , ATALiAN can respond to increasingly sophie Pécriaux contributed to the production of this – 01 70 38 25 04 large requests on a global basis, but also vice-President Atalian issue. atalIan / service gagnant 2 atalIan / service gagnant 3
  3. 3. ATALiAN scope Structure of main trade names and companiesSales Sales breakdownin euro millions by business line A s a percentage of sales cA city One (74) TFN Propreté MTO city One LMP eUrOGeM Hôtesses et TFN Grooms ATc TFN cleaning sONNeT Multi-technique corporate & events & associated services La rayonnante & service engineering reception facilities 1034 544 506 472 Pinson Paysage Arpaja TFN Bâtiment Jean Létuvé 372 320 BÂTIMENT supersol Paysages elale O2TL 286 sNBM Paysage environnement ATALiAN Germot &261 Parks & Gardens, Phyto Prost Paysage construction new Peinture Parquet crudenaire new work and environnement work & renovation revêtement de sol Batimmo upkeep cleaning services security 9,2 % assistance2003 2004 2005 2006 2007 2008 2009 2010 60,2 % Transport 3 % Lancry aéroportuaire cATs TFN Affrêtement ATALiAN si city services et Logistique Multi-technique Parks & Gardens (sGP+sPF) sTAr security surveillance Passenger & track Transport Logismark and construction 3,3 % & safety assistance / Transport & Logistics PAM 17,2 % & Logistics / cleaning reception 7,1 % International International business by locations country as a percentage of sales over 100 facilities Profile of the 46,000 in France “atalians” belgium luxembourg Antwerp Bertrange Amiens croatia Poland Zagreb Warsaw Nancy Paris Spain romania Le Mans 40 % Barcelona Bucharest men hungary Slovakia Budapest Bratislava Belgium 16,36 % Poland 3,64 % Lyon 60 % Bordeaux mauritius czech rep. croatia 4,55 % romania 2,73 % women Port-Louis Prague spain 7,27 % slovakia 7,27 % Marseille lebanon Hungary 22,73 % czech rep. 27,27 % Toulouse 12 % aged under 25 Bayreuth Luxembourg 8,18 % 30 % aged over 50
  4. 4. interview interview reassurances as to the resources we can rally pendence gives us the ability to work over for them. the short term, but also over the medium and long-term. in an economically complex situ- What is the perception from ATALIAN’s ation, the return on some strategic invest- longer-standing clients of this expansion? ments is not immediate. Our policy features it is a very positive development for them to a careful combination of financial and devel- have a high-performance company by their opment balance for the well-being of our cli- side, as shown by double-digit growth in the ents across europe and even beyond. last 15 years. Our clients are also satisfied to have a supplier offering a solution that What are the vital fundamental values for can be international in scope for tenders on ATALIAN to remain the winning service for a pan-european level. French and European markets? First and foremost, excellent service to our How do you help your clients expand inter- clients at the right balance between quality Franck Julien : nationally? We implemented a support strategy a dec- and cost-effectiveness, followed by the sim- ple values that the company attempts to pro- “ever closer ade ago which has really taken off in the last four years. ATALiAN now generates 10% of its turnover abroad, primarily in europe. Our key value: to our clients’ We support our clients in their globalisation strategy as part of our long-term objectives. ATALIAN is also committed to many small service excellence at needs” businesses on the French market. Is this important? Our clients are entitled to the best possible a cost-effective price. service; we must be able to adapt to their constraints. This applies equally to large cor- mote: reactivity, proximity, combativeness, porations and small businesses. We listen to commitment to excellence and honesty. it is our clients and strive to perfect our services, no coincidence that the group is committed improve our close relation with them and to high-level sports. When a group doubles develop partnerships. in size in a complex economic, solidarity is vital, just like in a rugby team. rugby is a How have you adapted your offering to tough sport. i believe it’s an image we can support your clients during this difficult equate to, as we operate in businesses that economy? can sometimes be tough. With turnover doubling, the group has suc- cessfully demonstrated that “one plus one Does ATALIAN’s expansion give you a social clients – be they large international corporations or local small businesses can be more than two”. This can be seen responsibility? – are the core concern for atalIan, says the Franck Julien, chairman of the in our figures, as the group has posted 5% Yes. We emphasise training. Over 23,000 management board. the group’s expansion in France and internationally is organic growth. We have also been proactive hours of training are given every month. We contingent on that one concern. with regard to our clients by helping cut their are also working to move forwards on the costs. This is what makes the group stand feasibility of an ATALiAN campus or acad- out: we are with our clients for the long term. emy, which could be a fantastic social lad- What is your assessment of the acquisition of lines in FM solutions. Our denser network der for some of our staff members. societal Eurogem and VPNM a little more than a year allows us to cater to our clients more closely Is this why it is important for ATALIAN to aspects are addressed every day in various afterwards? in increasingly bigger contracts. remain a family-owned group? themes such as integration and the environ- ATALiAN doubled in size in the cleaning ser- We can now present ourselves as an outsider A family-owned company retains a sort of ment. This concerns everyone and will be vices and multi-technique business, which for Facilities Management tenders issued by atavistic reflex: it knows that the customer is even more important for our clients and for remains one of the fundamental business major institutions and companies and offer by definition the most important thing. inde- us in the years to come.atalIan / service gagnant 6 atalIan / service gagnant 7
  5. 5. international international2011 4 companies in croatia in 2010. These acquisi- tions round out the group’s presence in a coun- try where we have been present since 2007. Kadus specialises in temping and was set up in Zagreb in 2005. it is now the main operator of the domestic market. ekus was set up in Zagreb in 1989 and is one of the leaders on its market. The company generates 60% of its turnover in cleaning and maintenance in banking and indus- trial sectors, 10% in maintaining parks and gar- dens and 5% in services for local government. The company has clinched two new contracts since the acquisition: a public procurement con- ATALiAN has tract for the croatian post office and a private plans to set up contract for iNA. The result is a doubling of turnover this year. offices soon The group’s acquisitions are intended to in four new enhance the brand recognition of ATALiAN on the croatian market and develop a multi-ser- countries: the year for central vice offering. consolidated turnover by TFN croatia will amount to over €6 million. in 2011 the group is scheduled to set up in four United Kingdom, serbia, Bosnia- and eastern Europe new countries, i.e., a far faster pace of interna- Herzegovina and tional expansion than was announced for the years to come. The aim is to ensure two new Morocco. facilities every year! thanks to several investments and acquisitions atalIan has increased the density of its network in central and eastern europe to become the leader in the eu. Escort, no. 3 in security in Hungary One of the main features of 2010 was the accel- position in multi-technique. in addition to BFM On september 14th, 2010, ATALiAN acquired erated pace of growth for the group interna- and PFM, assets managed by PBW in romania escort, the No. 3 security operator in Hungary. tionally. and Poland led ATALiAN to clinch new contracts The company is highly visible and generated in July ATALiAN acquire the Facilities Manage- such as America House (office block) and Wola nearly €9.5 million in turnover in 2009. it ment brand of the PBW group (AeW europe), Park (a high-end shopping centre). in romania boasts a portfolio of a hundred clients, pri- along with BFM the 2010 acquisition marily key accounts. For example, escort pro- (Hungary) and PFM (czech republic). We export a functional, coincided with the establishment of a vides security for Tourniquet, the nickname of the Formula 1 Hungaroring track in Hun- The BFM acquisition economical model maintenance depart- gary, as well as the reality Tv show X-Factor. in Hungary cata- ment. Dan Geor- Thanks to its escort acquisition, ATALiAN has pulted ATALiAN into that works. gescu was appointed rounded out its security business in Hungary a leading position in technical director which already generates €3 million in turno- multi-services and multi-businesses. its BsZF- to help meet the challenge. Dan is an engineer ver. The input of video surveillance and fireMatthieu TFN subsidiary has been rebranded ATALiAN by training and has over 20 years’ experience detection expertise in particular provides thede Baynast Hungary after the acquisitions and offers cli- in management and technical maintenance, in group with the possibility of enhancing itsPresident, international ents management of 85% of internal services. particular in maintaining shopping centres in offering to Hungarian clients whilst openingOperations in the czech republic the acquisition of PFM Bucharest. up new markets. made it possible for the group to consolidate its ATALiAN also acquired the ekus and KadusatalIan / service gagnant 8 atalIan / service gagnant 9
  6. 6. international parole de client international belgium czech republic Poland › €18 M turnover › €30 M turnover › €4 M turnover › 700 staff members › 3,000 staff members › 200 staff members business lines: business lines: business lines: cleaning services & associated cleaning services & associated cleaning services & associated services/ parks & gardens/recep- services/Technical mainte- services/ Technical mainte- tion/multi-service nance/Technical audits/Parks & nance/Technical audits/Parks & main clients: gardens/temperature control, gardens/ temperature control, › christelijke Mutualiteiten heating/Plumbing/ Water-proo- heating/Plumbing/Water-proo- › BKMW/AcW/Acv fing/electricity/Multi-technique/ fing/electricity/ Multi-technique/ › Zorg en verzorgingscentrum Multi-service/security Multi-service Witte Meren main clients: main clients: › sDs (filiale de cetraco) › skoda Auto a.s › Louvre Hôtels (campanile, › Allen & Overy › Letiste Praha s.p Kyriad Prestige, Première › scA Packaging › Jaderna elektrarna Dukovany classe) › Antwerp Gateway - DP World › Zentiva › Galeries ceFic › United Bakeries › Galeries Manhattan s t ro n g › NTrA luxembourg › WsK « PZL » rzeszow s.A. hungary › vistula Group s.A. › €9 M turnover › 350 staff members › €25 M turnover business lines: › 2,500 staff members croatia cleaning services & associated business lines: services/Technical mainte- cleaning services & associated › €5 M turnover nance/Technical audits/Parks & services/Technical mainte- › 500 staff members gardens/temperature control, nance/Technical audits/Parks & business lines: heating/Plumbing/ Water-proo- gardens/temperature control, cleaning services & associated fing/electricity/Multi-technique/ heating/Plumbing/Water-proo- services/Technical maintenance/ Multi-service/reception fing/electricity/Multi-technique/ Technical audits / Parks & main clients: Multi-service/security gardens/ temperature control, positions › Banque & caisse d’epargne main clients: heating/Plumbing/Water-proo- de l’etat › Manhattan Group fing/ electricity/Multi-technique/ › servior › ségécé Multi-service › Deloitte › DTZ Hungary Kft main clients: › Husky › Premier Outlet center › iGH › Novelis › coca-cola › Bricostore › ArcelorMittal › volvo › Banka Kovanica Slovakia › Zagrebacka pivovara Spain › €8 M turnover › €8 M turnover › 600 staff members romania business lines: throughout Europe › 450 staff members cleaning services & associated › €3 million turnover business lines: services/Technical mainte- › 200 staff members cleaning services & associated nance/Technical audits/Parks & business lines: services/Parks & gardens gardens/temperature control, cleaning services & associated main clients: heating/Plumbing/Water-proo- services/Technical mainte- › TcB fing/electricity / Multi-tech- nance/Technical audits/Parks & › Grup serHs nique/Multi-service gardens/temperature control, International growth has become a priority for the group which wishes to provide its clients › Pimec sefes main clients: heating/Plumbing/Water-proo- › NTrA with support matching their requirements as closely as possible. the past year featured › sra. de la Mercè school › sloveo fing/electricity/Multi-technique/ › PsA Peugeot citroën Multi-service many acquisitions that have considerably strengthened the atalIan european network. › Doga › TescO stores sr main clients: › Tradisa International business now accounts for 10% of overall turnover. › Metro cash & carry slovakia › Auchan (MGv Distri-Hiper) s.r.o › sun Plaza (Bucarest) › TriGranit Bratislava / Manage- › Lafarge ciment ment / s.r.o › Decathlon › Oc slovakia s.r.oatalIan / service gagnant 10 atalIan / service gagnant 11
  7. 7. development developmentairports: ID city ATALiAN Toulouse servicesATALiAN confirmed for take-off catS established › juin 2010 › 140 staff members › 21,000 aircraft processed each yearatalIan is already present in a number of airports in France and europe with reception, cleaning and for Air France in Toulouse-Blagnacsecurity services and has clearly announced its ambition for this sector. the successful launch of catS clients › Air France, Air Algérie, easy Jetin 2010 has opened up new avenues for the group, which is developing in-depth expertise in a veryspecific field.The airport sector is one of the main vices expertise has long been acknowl- in airport assistance by turnover is aim- ATALiAN and city One had already Toulouse-Blagnac airport for surveil- negotiating with other airlines to offerdevelopment axes for ATALiAN in the edged in the aviation and space sectors ing at a top spot in the very near future. established a jointly-owned subsidiary, lance and handling of trolleys. The two assistance services by replicating theyears to come. in 2010 the group sig- thanks to working together with the city One works with Air France and its city services, which specialists in com- contracts generated €6 million turno- Toulouse model. “The market is grow-nificantly consolidated its presence in leading names in the industry (Airbus, subsidiaries in the two major Paris air- mercial reception and passenger assis- ver in 2010. ing strongly”, says Thierry Foures, cATsthis field in both services to passengers eurocopter, Astrium, MBDA eADs and ports, but also at Toulouse-Blagnac for tance at Paris charles-de-Gaulle and operations director. “We hope to capture(reception) and infrastructures (clean- Latécoère), which makes the airport example, and also works with Aéroports Orly airports. in 2010 they established Multi-skills, a decisive advantage other contracts thanks to the completeing, security, etc.). sector a natural area for expansion. de Paris (ADP) and is planning to set up a a joint entity, city ATALiAN Toulouse cATs has also been ensuring an inte- commitment of all our staff members at“This is a labour management activ- presence in regional airports to continue services (cATs), which was launched rior cleaning service since Novem- our Toulouse platform located in Blag-ity that we thoroughly understand and Specialisation by subsidiaries its partnership with the national com- in June and quickly clinched two mar- ber 1st, 2010, for easy Jet aircraft on nac.” in any event cATs is looking at finewhich is based on a combination of var- ATALiAN fields many assets in this field, pany. The latest contract was launched kets at Toulouse-Blagnac airport for nights stops. Air Algérie also selected growth prospects in enabling the groupious businesses and fields of expertise”, starting with its exclusive partnership in February with handling for passenger Air France runway assistance for a the ATALiAN subsidiary for work in to develop a position on airport con-explains Management Board chairman with city One. The leader in airport reception at the Orly-sud terminal by five-year term. in addition, Lancry and Toulouse-Blagnac on aircraft departing tracts by integrating its skills in recep-Franck Julien. The group’s cleaning ser- reception in France and the No. 6 player operatives of city One Accueil Passager. city One also won the tender issued by for or from Oran and Algiers. cATs is tion, cleaning services and security.atalIan / service gagnant 12 atalIan / service gagnant 13
  8. 8. cleaning services cleaning services one of the main features of 2010 in the clean- What is the position of tFn Propreté on its market? ing services business was the implementation TFN Propreté is now a national operator that can of a decentralised organisation. Why was this offer the best possible response for all types of decided? client irrespective of sector or size. We achieved One of the great strengths of ATALiAN is our objectives in 2010 in both organisation and its ability to combine cultures and always financial terms and even exceeded our initial fore- focus on individual ability whilst generat- cast. regional sales teams are all operational and ing synergies that can be increase business. have been completely reinvigorated with new The organisation we implemented helps us sales tools. in sum, TFN Propreté and its 32,000 become more agile and less complex, which workforce and €640 million turnover is now the means more efficient, as proved by the second largest cleaning services group in France. decentralisation we implemented. We set up Pierre vacheron five regional divisions in the provinces and What are the challenges facing you in 2011? two in the greater Paris region. each one is There are many. Firstly, with regard to our core TFN Propreté chairman a separate legal entity with a regional direc- business we must put hygiene on a long-term tor working as the head of the company. organic growth curve. it began at the start of in addition, each support function at head the new business year which began for us on office is present in regions through a local september 1st, 2010. We should also strive to representative. For each region there is a maximise sales loyalty rates at all times by regional sales director, a human resources further consolidating our close relation with manager, a budget control officer, a quality our clients. The cleaning services business line / safety / environment officer and a design in its new configuration offers a fantastic basis manager. each manager has his or her own for developing Facilities Management by inte- local team. grating all the other ATALiAN fields of exper- €640 turnover generated M 60 % proportion of overall ATALiAN by TFN Propreté.a redefined scope turnover accounted for by cleaning services.and preserved ambition 7 32,000boasting a new, decentralised organisation, tFn Propreté is now the no. 2 in its sector in France. No. 2 position held by ATALiAN major regional offices set up in the greater Paris region and provinces number of employees at TFN Propreté. They are locatedIn 2011, tFn Propreté chairman Pierre Vacheron will be emphasising organic growth and enhanced on the French cleaning in a hundred branch officescustomer loyalty. services market. throughout France.atalIan / service gagnant 14 atalIan / service gagnant 15
  9. 9. multitechnique and Facilities management multitechnique and Facilities management gle point of contact coordinating all services Can MTO-Eurogem now be called a major – and a single bill. This means we can opti- player? mise their overall costs, which comes in very Absolutely. We have grown into the sixth largest handy during a recession. if you add to this operator on the French multi-technique / multi- the absolute priority given to service quality service market. With technicians and engineers and availability by our teams, then it’s easy to included, there are now 1,200 employees with understand how ATALiAN manages to enhance €120 million generated in the last financial the loyalty of demanding and diversified key year. MTO-eurogem has opened 12 regional account clients. offices in France to cover the entire country. Is that what explains the fine performance What are your development axes for the achieved by MTO-Eurogem in 2010? years to come? Antoine Last year we consolidated our business lines, We are betting heavily on regional growth, establishments and which has been suc- Terzikhan the group’s pres- cessful so far, so MTO-eurogem chairman ence with regard we have decided to to key accounts. think global, act local: make it more inten- ATALiAN doubled sive. We will deploy the scale of its activ- we will make our new account manag- ity in this sector, ers in the provinces which ensures bet- network of regional to develop business ter identification on and will accordingly highlights the national mar- ket as an operator facilities denser round out our nation- wide approach. We › estimated 2011 with drive, will and are planning on at turnover €130 M flexibility. The results speak for themselves: least four new establishments this year. our business is growing rapidly in France and But we’re not overlooking international growth › 6th player on the market internationally. in the last financial year we in which multi-technique is a priority avenue attracted many new clients, which led to 12% for expansion. ATALiAN is continuing its inte- › 1,200 staff members more in net sales development. gration and diversification policy to propose a › certifications: This year there will also be new tools. For exam- multi-business offering and carve out a lead- MAse / ceFri / MtO-Eurogem: ple, we have deployed an intervention request ing position in all countries where the group Qualibat / Qualifelec / isO 9001 v2008 application which offers a genuine operational operates. We are aiming at a 13% growth rate advantage for all our teams. despite the very difficult economy. a winning combination Increasing numbers of clients With growth at 12% last year and forecast at 13% this one, multi-technique One of the company’s major achievements is a growing client base in type and quantity, and Fm business for atalIan is surging forward. chairman antoine terzikhan as can be seen with just a few of the new clients who put their trust in MTO-eurogem this analyses its success. year from several fields (aviation, pharmaceutics, insurance and banking, health, pub- lic services, telecoms, employment, justice, etc.): crédit suisse, cci P, OcDe, sFL, icade, Messier-Bugatti, caisse des Dépôts et consignations, Longjumeau university hospital, Pôle What makes ATALIAN different in multi-tech- sent MTO-eurogem is the only company that emploi, eDF, UFG, cushman & Wakefield, cDc climat, OFi-reiM, Paris court of Appeals, nique and Facilities Management? can handle 85% of support services using just Laboratoires roche, AXA, sorin Group, France Télécom, UGAP and Air France. ATALiAN has a rare faculty for this market, its own group’s resources. This is the equivalent which makes it precious to its clients: at pre- of one-stop shopping for the client with a sin-atalIan / service gagnant 16 atalIan / service gagnant 17
  10. 10. reception receptionBooming activityin a difficult environmentcity one managing director nicolas lixi reviews the major events that set the tone for the various sectors highlightsof corporate reception in 2010: new clients and 30% growth. › estimated 2011 turnover: €90 million How did 2010 appear to you? watch on their budget, but the situation should › No. 3 operator on the We have had to deal with the recession affecting become easier in 2011. market our country just like all small businesses. With that said, in the corporate reception sector, for What about the airport sector? › 2,600 staff members example, city One has come out well. We have The situation is fairly positive. Our role in this › certification : been approached by clients wishing to cut costs sector is to support the client’s policy. Here, NF service whilst improving service quality, which means the driving force is ADP. reception staff have they use professionals to manage reception. A a very specific assignment; they must accom- large number of companies in 2010 entrusted pany the passenger in his or her movements city One with the management of their reception and purchases. The end client, whether arriv- and associated services. The corporate reception ing, departing or in transit, must feel at ease. sector on the whole did well in 2010. Airport managers have implemented receptionNicolas Lixi services to inform One Managing How did event management perform?Director This was where the recession was felt more What is your review of cultural reception? sharply. in this kind of situation, promoting and The sector in 2010 was like the previous year. spotlighting a company’s image are not neces- in a nutshell, i’d say business was put on hold. sarily priorities. Our clients are keeping a close Let’s hope it picks up in the next few weeks! What was the most noteworthy event for City service is highly prevalent in english-speaking One reception business in 2010? and Asian countries. The new city one Sélection offering With a doubt the main event was in aviation. Despite a chaotic year with a recession, the vol- Did you note new clients last year? city launched a new activity in October: city One sélection. The aim is to make recruiting secre- cano in iceland, strikes and weather issues which Yes – and top-tier ones, to boot. i’m think- taries and executive assistants easier. The task was given to a specialist, Marie-cécile Ménard, all impacted traffic, airports are increasingly ing in particular of Havas, Bolloré, Banque former director of Pigier Paris. “It isn’t always simply to find a good secretary or executive using our services. We are bidding for several Lazard, Printemps, the French higher educa- assistant who is immediately available. I’ve been hearing that the job will be phased out for tenders in the next few months and have every tion and research ministry, Astra Zeneca, cBs the last 20 years, but it isn’t the case”. The job of secretary and assistant has changed over hope of accompanying specific airport manage- Outdoor and sanofi Pasteur. We recorded 30% the years. Thanks to computer technology in particular, secretaries are no longer saddled with ment companies in the years to come. growth in reception business. thankless tasks. “they can now focus exclusively on files. companies are looking for rigorous staff who are reactive, motivated, deal well with stress and want to be involved in the com- What are the new features in your offering? What is the outlook for 2011? pany’s operations”, adds the director of the new department. Marie-cécile Ménard has been There was the launch of city One sélection Ours is a growth market and is maturing. The touring companies for several weeks “which helps me judge the atmosphere and environment”, (see text insert) and, of course, our partner- business will continue to expand. There are she adds. “It’s vital to make a good recruitment work”. The new activity should achieve cruising ship with John Paul, the specialist in corpo- major growth vectors for the future. i am very speed this year. rate concierge services. This is a benefit for confident about the expansion of our business all employees of large companies. This type of in the next few months.atalIan / service gagnant 18 atalIan / service gagnant 19