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Choosing content management software for an organization
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Choosing content management software for an organization


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Factors to consider when choosing the content management software

Factors to consider when choosing the content management software

Published in: Education, Technology

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  • 1. What to consider ByPatrick Alfred Ongwen & Koyier Francis
  • 2. • Consider carefully the basic functionality you need• Indexing and retrieval• Workflow-forwarding right information to right people at the right time (Privacy right)• A web-based system-One central system• Scalability-Network/handling growing amount of work• Automation of retention and Destruction schedules
  • 3.  It’s the interface through which content is added and amendedManaging Assets Ensure the CMS you select forces content providers to add attributes to images How it deals with uploading and attaching files CMS should provide basic image editing tools
  • 4.  This is where most users start from when looking for content Freshness: how often does the search engine index your site. Thoroughness: does index the entire content of each page Speed: how long does the search engine take to return results Scope: Can you limit the scope of your search Customization: can you control how the results are displayed
  • 5.  You need a CMS that allows flexibility in the way content is retrieved and presented. Content presentation should not be dictated by technologyUser Interaction It should allow you to gather feedbacks, comments, chats, host forums and get user ratings
  • 6.  You need more control over who can edit you website One can post job advert but not add content on the home pageVersioning Being able to revert to the last saved state It allows to quickly recover what might been posted by accident
  • 7.  You need to be able to run several websites from the same installation New websites that target narrower audience Multilingual Support It should be able to accommodate several languages apart from the domestic language Integration It should allow you to integrate different departments of the organization
  • 8.  The vendor you consider should have high level of knowledge, expertise and experience of the software Communicate your expectation clearly The Vendor should be able to offer staff training, set-up, consultation and maintenance Licensing, Accessibility, Security, training and much more