Performance Measurement Workgroup Members


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Performance Measurement Workgroup Members

  1. 1. AQA Performance Measurement WorkgroupChairKevin B. Weiss, MD, MPH, American College of PhysiciansJoseph Allen, American College of CardiologyMureen Allen, MDSteve Allen, MD, American Society of HematologyJames Andrianos, Calculated Risk, Inc.Priscilla Arnold, MD, American Society of Cataract & Refractive SurgeryBruce Bagley, MD, American Academy of Family PhysiciansHerbert Baraf, MD, Arthritis & Rheumatism AssociationMichael Barr, MD, American College of PhysiciansChristine Bechtel, American Health Quality AssociationMila Becker, JD, American Society of HematologyChristopher Bever, American Academy of NeurologyKarin Bierstein, American Society of AnesthesiologistsSandra Bjork, American College of RadiologyRob Blaser, Renal Physicians AssociationSally Bleeks, BlueCross BlueShield AssociationRobert Bonow, MD, Northwestern University Medical SchoolAlbert Bothe, Association of American Medical CollegesJohn Bott, Employer Health Care Alliance CooperativeKevin Bozic, MD, MBA, American Association of Orthopedic SurgeonsJoel Brill, MD, American Gastroenterology AssociationCynthia Brown, American College of SurgeonsEdith Budd, American Urological AssociationRandy Burkholder, PhRMAKhatereh Calleja, JD, American Society of Plastic SurgeonsMary Cantu, Alcon LaboratoriesHanes Christina, DPM, American Podiatric Medical AssociationLeslie Chun, MD, MBA, Health DialogJ. Jarrett Clinton, MD, MAXIMUSBetsy Clough, Wisconsin Collaborative for Health Care QualityAlejandra Clyde, Health NetCatherine Cohen, American Academy of OphthalmologyKathryn Coltin, Harvard Pilgrim Health CareSarah Crabill , American Academy of Physical Medicine and RehabilitationSamuel Cramer, Health Management CorporationKelly Cronin, Office of the Nat Coordinator for HIT, HHSVanessa Cullins, MD, MPH, MBA Physicians for Reproductive Health and ChoiceMerle Cunningham, MD, Lutheran Health SystemTrudie Cushing, American College of RadiologyCharles Cutler, MD, AetnaLekisha Daniel, Centers for Medicare & Medicaid ServicesMichael DeLorenzo, Health DialogChristopher Dezii, Bristol-Myers Squibb CompanyLouis Diamond, MD, Thomson MedstatCheri DiGiovanni, IngenixDenise Dodero, American Association of Medical CollagesRobert Doherty, American College of PhysiciansLaurie Douglass, American Chiropractic Association
  2. 2. Wendy Edlund, American College of NeurologyBarbara Edwards, American Academy of Allergy, Asthma & ImmunologyLinda Edwards, American Cancer SocietySteve Eisenberg, UnitedHealthcareSteve Ellwing, American Medical AssociationJill Epstein, American Geriatrics SocietyPamela Ferraro, American Society of HematologyShelly Fichtner, PhRMAKathleen Flood, American College of CardiologyAngela Franklin, American College of Emergency PhysiciansAndrea Gelzer, MD, MS, FACPAnders Gilberg, American Medical AssociationSteve Goldberg, MD, MBA, HumanaDon Goldmann, MD, Institute for Healthcare ImprovementElizabeth Goldstein, Centers for Medicare & Medicaid ServicesMark Gorden, American College of RadiologyRobert Greene, MD, Rochester Individual Practice AssociationDavid Gregg, MD, Mercer Human Resource ConsultingRachel Groman, American Association of Neurological SurgeonsThomas Gustafson, Centers for Medicare & Medicaid ServicesEileen Hagan, American College of CardiologyBruce Harmory, Geisinger Health SystemPatricia Hassett, AetnaRodney Hayward, MD, University of MichiganTrent Haywood, MD, JD, Centers for Medicare & Medicaid ServicesAmy Helwig, E-Health InitiativeDouglas Henley, MD, American Academy of Family PhysiciansSam Ho, MD, United HealthcarePeter Hollman, MD, BCBS Rhode IslandDavid Hopkins, Pacific Business Group on HealthSheldon Horowitz, MD, American Board of Medical SpecialtiesElizabeth Hoy, American Academy of Otolaryngology – Head and Neck SurgeryRobin Hudson, American Urological AssociationGeorge Isham, MD, MS, HealthPartners, Inc.Christine Izui, Blue Cross Blue Shield AssociationMichele Johnson, Medical Group Management AssociationStacie Jones, American Academy of Otolaryngology – Head and Neck SurgeryErin Kaleba, American Medical Association PCPIPaul Kaye, MD, National Association of Community Health CentersPat Kenney, RN, MAXIMUSPhillip Kenney, University of Alabama at BirminghamKatie Keysor, American College of RadiologyElaine Kirshenbaum, Massachusetts Medical SocietyKaren Kmetik, PhD, American Medical Association – PCPIMark Koepke, Centers for Medicare & Medicaid ServicesAllan Korn, MD, FACP, BlueCross BlueShield AssociationBeth Koziak, American Urological AssociationRobert Krughoff, JD, Consumer’s CheckbookMichael Kulczycki, Joint Commission on Accreditation of Healthcare OrganizationsVera Kurlantzick, American College of RadiologyLisa Latts, MD, WellPointJulie Lewis, America College of Surgeons
  3. 3. Sandra Lewis, American College of Chest PhysiciansTammie Lindquist, HealthPartners Research FoundationFlora Lum, MD, American Academy of OphthalmologyAnn Marie Lynch, Advanced Medical Technologies AssociationCarol Maggofin, National Minority Health Quality FoundationHeidi Margulis, Humana Inc.Roberto Martinez, MD, Capital District Physicians’ Health PlanSiti Matimba, Delmarva Foundation for Medical CareCynthia Mattox, MD, American Academy of OphthalmologyTilithia McBride, American College of CardiologyNancey McCann, American Society of Cataract and Refractive SurgerySharon McGill, American Osteopathic AssociationJudy McKenzie, American College of RadiologyKristen McNiff, American Society of Clinical OncologyArnold Milstein, Mercer Human Resource ConsultingJim Moser, Humana – KentuckyMichael Mustille, MD, Kaiser PermanenteDavid Nielsen, MD, American Academy of Otolaryngology – Head and Neck SurgeryEileen O’Connor, Health NetKatie Orrico, American Association of Neurological Surgeons/Amer. Congress of Neurological SurJennifer Padberg, Infectious Diseases Society of AmericaNancy Parsley, DPM, American Podiatric Medical AssociationMary Patton, Association of American Medical CollegesGregory Pawlson, MD MPH, National Committee for Quality AssuranceSandra Peters, American Academy of DermatologyPamela Phillips, Society for Vascular SurgerySteve Phillips, Johnson & JohnsonRod Piechowski, National Alliance for Health Information TechnologyRobert Plovnick, MD, American Psychiatric AssociationKathryn Pontzer, JD, American Association of Orthopaedic SurgeonsVirginia Proestakes, General ElectricGary Puckrein, PhD, National Minority Health Quality FoundationChris Queram, Wisconsin Collaborative For Health Care QualityMichael Rapp, MD, Centers for Medicare & Medicaid ServicesMark Rattray, MD, Care Variance/AHIPMark Reuben, MD, American Academy of PediatricsWilliam Rich, MD, FACS, American Academy of OphthalmologyDeborah Robin, American Gastroenterological AssociationWilliam Rollow, MD, MPH, CMSTed Rooney, Maine Health Management CoalitionJoachim Roski, PhD, MPH, National Committee for Quality AssuranceBernard Rosof, MD, AMA Physician Consortium for Performance ImprovementBarbara Rudolph, PhD, The Leapfrog GroupPeter Sawires, Physicians for Reproductive Choice and HealthJohn Schaeffer, MD, FACC, American College of CardiologyJonathan Scheff, MD, Health Net, Inc.Jeremiah Schuur, MD, Yale School of Medicine Faculty PracticeDavid Scrase, MD, Presbyterian Health PlanCary Sennett, MD, PhD, American Board of Internal MedicineFay Shamanski, College of American PathologyLori Shoaf, American Association of Neurological SurgeonsTom Sibert, MD, Association of American Medical Colleges
  4. 4. Dale Singer, Renal Physicians AssociationSunil Sinha, FACP, CHE, MD, MBA, Centers for Medicare & Medicaid ServicesMadeleine Smith, AdvaMedRichard Snow, DO, MPH, American Osteopathic AssociationVincenza Snow, MD, American College of PhysiciansKatie Starkey, ABIM FoundationMatt Stiefel, Kaiser PermanenteDonald Storey, MD, Aetna Inc.Barry Straube, MD, Centers for Medicare & Medicaid ServicesErin Sullivan, Boston ScientificDonna Sweet, MD, American College of PhysiciansSarah Tonn, American Academy of NeurologyHoward Underwood, MD, Deloitte ConsultingThomas Valuck, Centers for Medicare & Medicaid ServicesClifford Waldman, MD, Capital District Physicians’ Health PlanScott Wallace, National Alliance for Health Information TechnologyRichard Ward, MD, MBA, Blue Cross Blue Shield MichiganJonathan Weiner, DrPHRobert Weinstein, MDAmerican Society of Hematology,Richard Weiss, MD, MAXIMUSJed Weissberg, MD, The Permanente FederationNancy Wilson, RN, MD, MPH, Agency for Healthcare Research and QualityReva Winkler, MD, MPH, The National Quality ForumDaniel Wolfson, ABIM FoundationHerbert Wong, MD, Agency for Healthcare Research and QualityJohn Young, Centers for Medicare & Medicaid ServicesTimothy Zeddies, Independence Blue CrossEdward Zimmerman, American Academy of PediatricsPaul Zurlo, WellPoint