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  1. 1. BRITISH SOCIETY OF GASTROENTEROLOGY PRESIDENT Professor MJG Farthing VICE PRESIDENT Dr JRB Green SECRETARIES Dr A Harris, Dr SA Kapadia TREASURER Professor CU Nwokolo ADMINISTRATOR Age Orgusaar CONFERENCE ORGANISERS ConfrexRegistration and TelephoneThe Registration Desk will be situated in Hall 3 Foyer areaat the ICC and will be open at the following times:10 March – 08.00-17.00 12 March – 07.30-18.0011 March – 07.30-18.00 13 March – 07.30-17.30The telephone/fax numbers for urgent messages during conference open hours are:Tel: +44 (0) 121 335 8401 Fax: +44 (0) 121 335 8400Trade ExhibitionAn exhibition of medical equipment, books and pharmaceuticals products will beopen from 11–13 March inclusive and will be situated in Hall 3 and Hall 3 Foyerarea. Complimentary, coffee and tea will be available in Hall 3 and Hall 3 Gallery.Monday 10 March coffee, tea and pre-ordered lunch boxes will be served in Hall1 foyer areas.Tuesday 11 – Thursday 13 March inclusive coffee, tea and pre-ordered lunchboxes will be served in Hall 3 and Hall 3 Gallery.Scientific PostersThe posters will be on display in the Marquee structure adjacent to the Hall 3.Video Learning Centre and Interactive Case presentationsVideo Learning Centre and BSG Interactive Case Presentations will be situated inHall 3 Gallery.(The Society is grateful to Olympus KeyMed for its continued support of the Video LearningCentre) 1
  2. 2. BRITISH SOCIETY OF GASTROENTEROLOGY Annual Meeting 10 – 13 March 2008 International Convention Centre, Birmingham PRESIDENT Professor MJG Farthing VICE PRESIDENT Dr JRB Green SECRETARIES Dr A Harris, Dr SA Kapadia TREASURER Professor CU Nwokolo ADMINISTRATOR Age Orgusaar CONFERENCE ORGANISERS Confrex 3
  3. 3. 4 Posters Tuesday 11 and Wednesday 12 March 12.30–14.00 CC109 – CC117 Hall 3 BSG Interactive Case Presentations Tuesday 11 March 09.00–17.00 Wednesday 12 March 09.00–17.00 Thursday 13 March 09.00–17.00 PP118 – PP137 Plenary PP118 – PP137 Plenary PP118 – PP137 Plenary PT138 – PT171 Endoscopy PW241 – PW274 Endoscopy PTH347 – PTH370 Colorectal/Anorectal PT172 – PT180 Gastrointestinal Pathology PW275 – PW281 Gastroduodenal PTH371 – PTH403 Inflammatory Bowel Disease PT181 – PT184 Gastrointestinal Physiology PW282 – PW292 Health Service Research and IT PTH404 – PTH415 Neurogastroenterology/Motility PT185 – PT226 Liver PW293 – PW324 Inflammatory Bowel Disease PTH416 – PTH422 Pancreas PT227 – PT240 Nutrition PW325 – PW343 Oesophagus PTH423 – PTH440 Service Development PW344 – PW346 Radiology PTH441 – PTH450 Small Bowel Monday 10th March Hall 1 10.00 POSTGRADUATE COURSE: ‘Microbes and the Gut: Putting science into practice’ 17.00 17.30 TRAINEES IN GASTROENTEROLOGY: PROGRAMME AT A GLANCE The changing role of out of programme experience in today’s gastroenterology training 19.30
  4. 4. Programme at a glance tables to go on these pages 5 to 10, ie. 5-6 7-8 9-10 FOLD OUTS 5
  5. 5. Monday 10 March10.00–17.00 POSTGRADUATE COURSE: ‘Microbes and the Gut: Putting science into practice’: Hall 1: Chair – Professor MJG Farthing and Dr R Fedorak10.00–10.30 Host responses in the gut to commensals and microbial enteropathogens (Professor T MacDonald, London)10.30–11.00 Role of the microbiota in the pathogenesis of intestinal disease: implications for treatment (to include IBD, IBS, Cancer, etc) (Professor JM Rhodes, Liverpool)11.00–11.40 Coffee11.40–12.30 The role of gut microbes in the pathogenesis and complications of liver disease (including spontaneous bacterial peritonitis): implications for therapy (Professor AK Burroughs, London)12.30–13.00 Systemic complications of gastrointestinal infection (Dr C Conlon, Oxford)13.00–14.00 Lunch Chair – Professor AK Burroughs and Professor T MacDonald14.00–14.30 Immunosuppression and opportunistic gut infections (Dr P Kelly, London)14.30–15.00 New treatments for C difficile and other enteric pathogens: beyond antibiotics (Dr C Kelly, Boston, USA)15.00–15.30 Coffee15.30–16.00 Pre and pro-biotics for the treatment and prevention of gastrointestinal diseases (Dr R Fedorak, Edmonton, Canada)16.00–16.30 Progress in the development of vaccines for enteric infections (Professor AM Svennerholm, Goteborg, Sweden)16.30–17.00 Helicobacter pylori in 2008 (Professor JS Atherton, Nottingham)17.00 End 11
  6. 6. Monday 10 March17.30–19.30 Trainees in Gastroenterology – ‘The changing role of out of programme experience in today’s gastroenterology training’: Hall 1: Chair – Dr R Logan Debating topic are panellists: Dr S Gabe (St Mark’s Hospital, London) Professor JM Rhodes (Royal Liverpool Hospital) Dr L Langmead (UCH, London) Dr G Macfaul (Milton Keynes Hospital) Followed by Q & A session19.00 TiG AGM (includes update on Workforce from Dr N Thompson, BSG Workforce Co-ordinator)12
  7. 7. Tuesday 11 March06.45–08.30 SATELLITE SYMPOSIUM SPONSORED BY UCB PHARMA LTD: Controversies in Crohn’s Disease Management: A Faculty Led Debate: Hall 9: Chair – Professor S Ghosh06.45–07.15 Breakfast (Refreshments)07.15–08.30 A Faculty Led Debate. Debate Topics: What is role of concurrent medications in the context of biologic therapy? Led by: Professor S Ghosh, Imperial College, London Does mucosal healing indicate meaningful clinical outcomes in Crohn’s disease? Led by: Professor SC Hanauer, University of Chicago, USA What are the current dilemmas in managing difficult Crohn’s disease in pregnancy? Led by: Dr S Travis, John Radcliffe Hospital, Oxford How to manage biologic treatments to get the best outcome in CD? Led by: Professor M Kamm, St Mark’s Hospital and Imperial College, London Summary and close. Professor S Ghosh Symposium Objectives: • Our aim is to provide Gastroenterologists, Specialist Registrars and IBD Nurses a platform to hear from and question an expert panel on some controversies around the management of Crohn’s disease. Delivery: A Faculty led discussion with questions from the audience CPD will be applied for via The Royal College of Physicians 13
  8. 8. Tuesday 11 March08.30–12.35 BSG INFLAMMATORY BOWEL DISEASE SECTION SYMPOSIUM: ‘Bench to Bedside in IBD’: Hall 1:08.30–10.20 Chair – Dr S Bloom and Dr TR Orchard08.30–08.50 Genetics of inflammatory bowel disease – recent progress (Professor J Satsangi, Edinburgh)08.50–09.10 Infectious agents and IBD (Professor F Shanahan, Cork, Ireland)09.10–09.50 The use of biologics in IBD: the difficult questions (Professor G D’Haens, Bonheiden, Belgium)09.50–10.05 O-001 The use of adalimumab in the management of Crohn’s disease: Scottish Society of Gastroenterology audit 2007 (G Ho, L Smith, S Aitken, H Lee, D Ting, J Fennell, C Lees, K Palmer, I Penman, A Shand, I Arnott, M Priest, R Boulton-Jones, R Russell, C Mowat, D Wilson, J Satsangi)10.05–10.20 O-002 Once- versus twice-daily mesalazine (Pentasa) granules for the maintenance of remission in ulcerative colitis: results from a multinational randomised controlled trial (A Dignass, H Veerman)10.20–10.50 Coffee10.50–12.00 Chairs: Professor J Satsangi and Dr S Bloom10.50–11.05 National IBD Service Standards: preliminary report from the IBD Service and Standards Working Group (Mr R Driscoll, St Albans)11.05–12.00 Cancer in IBD: should practice change?11.05–11.25 Pathogenesis of colorectal cancer in IBD: the role of 5ASAs (Professor P Desreumaux, Lille, France)14
  9. 9. Tuesday 11 March11.25–11.45 Cancer surveillance in IBD – are we doing this right? (Dr MD Rutter, Stockton on Tees)11.45–12.00 Panel Discussion: Professor F Shanahan (Cork, Ireland) Professor P Desreumaux (Lille, France) Dr MD Rutter (Stockton on Tees) Session Chairs12.05–12.35 STATE-OF-THE-ART LECTURE: ‘Novel insights into the pathogenesis of IBD’ Professor B Sartor, North Carolina, USA: Hall 1: Chair – Professor J Satsangi 15
  10. 10. Tuesday 11 March08.45–12.30 BSG LIVER/BASL SYMPOSIUM: ‘The deteriorating cirrhotic and ITU’: Hall 4: Chair – Dr JG Freeman and Dr J O’Grady08.45–09.00 Access to ITU, who should go and who can survive? (Dr A O’Brien, London)09.00–09.20 Optimal management of variceal bleeding (Professor R de Franchis, Milan, Italy)09.20–09.30 Discussion09.30–09.45 Care bundles in the management of patients with cirrhosis (Dr J Low, Derby)09.45–10.05 Optimal Renal support in cirrhosis (Dr R Moreau, Clichy, France)10.05–10.15 Discussion10.15–10.35 Coffee10.35–10.50 Extra corporeal liver support (Dr R Javlan, London)10.50–11.05 Circulatory support, what pressor, when? (Dr J Wendon, London)11.05–11.15 Discussion11.15–11.35 Neurological support (Professor F Larsen, Copenhagen, Denmark)11.35–11.50 Prediction of outcomes/transplantation (Dr A Gimson, Cambridge)11.50–12.00 Discussion12.00–12.30 SHEILA SHERLOCK LECTURE: ‘Hepatology: a vision for the future.’ Professor MP Manns, Hanover, Germany: Hall 4: Chair – Dr J Freeman16
  11. 11. Tuesday 11 March09.00–12.30 JOINT PATHOLOGY & SURGICAL SECTIONS SYMPOSIUM: ‘It’s cancer doctor, but not carcinoma.’: Hall 5: Chair – Dr A Bateman and Mr K Wedgwood09.00–09.05 Welcome (Dr A Bateman & Mr K Wedgwood)09.05–09.10 Introduction to Basil Morson Lecture (Dr B Warren)09.10–09.40 BASIL MORSON LECTURE: ‘Pathological aspects of neuroendocrine tumours of the gastrointestinal tract’: Professor G Klöppel, Kiel, Germany09.40–10.20 Clinical aspects of neuroendocrine tumours of the gastrointestinal tract09.40–10.00 Surgical management (Professor P Lodge, Leeds)10.00–10.20 Non-surgical treatment options (Dr J Ramage, Basingstoke)10.20–10.45 Coffee10.45–11.45 Gastrointestinal stromal tumours10.45–11.05 Key pathological features (Professor M Novelli, London)11.05–11.25 Surgical management (Mr S Mudan, London)11.25–11.45 Oncological aspects (Professor I Judson, London)11.45–12.30 Lymphomas of the gastrointestinal tract (non-MALT)11.45–12.05 Key pathological features (Dr M Ashton-Key, Southampton)12.05–12.25 Oncological aspects (Professor P Johnson, Southampton)12.25–12.30 Closing comments (Dr A Bateman & Mr K Wedgwood) 17
  12. 12. Tuesday 11 March09.00–12.00 OESOPHAGEAL FREE PAPERS: Hall 7: Chair – Mr TCB Dehn and Dr S Riley09.00–09.15 O-033 An improved staging system for oesophageal adenocarcinoma based on the number of involved lymph nodes (CJ Peters, RH Hardwick, JRE Rees, SL Vowler, PM Safranek, V Save, N Carroll, S Dwerryhouse, N Imrit, N Maynard, GWB Clark, RC Fitzgerald)09.15–09.30 O-034 Preliminary results of a randomised controlled trial into the safety and efficacy of ALA versus Photofrin photodynamic therapy for high grade dysplasia in Barrett’s oesophagus (GD Mackenzie, JM Dunn, MR Novelli, S Mosse, SM Thorpe, SG Bown, LB Lovat)09.30–09.45 O-035 Narrow band imaging with magnification is superior to white light endoscopy with magnification in studying the mucosal morphology in Barrett’s oesophagus (R Singh, V Owen, H Karageorgiou, GK Anagnostopoulos, K Garsed, P Fortun, E Fogden, V Subramaniam, A Shonde, P Kaye, CJ Hawkey, K Ragunath) Dr Singh has been awarded a BSG Travel Fellowship09.45–10.00 O-036 Improving outcome in patients with oesophageal cancer (AK Saha, C Sutton, SPL Dexter, AI Sarela, HM Sue-Ling)10.00–10.15 O-037 Eosinophilic oesophagitis: rare disease or a diagnosis frequently missed? (V Kanakala, C Lamb, RW Stirling, SE Attwood)10.15–10.30 O-038 Risk factors for the development of oesophageal cancer in Barrett’s oesophagus: a primary care nested case- control study (SC Cooper, P Graham, NJ Trudgill)18
  13. 13. Tuesday 11 March10.30–11.00 Coffee11.00–11.15 O-039 Analysis of supine gastro-oesophageal reflux variability during 96 hours monitoring using Bravo capsule (KP Basavaraju, A Anggiansah, M Fox, T Wong)11.15–11.25 Oesophageal Section Junior Researcher Award: Optical Coherence Tomography of Barrett’s Oesophagus, Prospect of In-vivo pathology Florian Bazant-Hegemark, Biophotonics Research Unit, Cranfield Health, Gloucestershire Royal Hospital11.25–11.55 STATE-OF-THE-ART LECTURE: ‘How gastroenterologists can ensure the best results from laparoscopic antireflux surgery?’: Professor G Jamieson, Adelaide, Australia 19
  14. 14. Tuesday 11 March09.00–12.30 ENDOSCOPY FREE PAPERS: Hall 8: Chair – Dr A Veitch and Dr H Smart09.00–09.15 O-003 Can death following ERCP be predicted? Results of a large scale prospective study (E J Williams)09.15–09.30 O-004 Validity and reliability of an accreditation assessment for colonoscopy (R Barton)09.30–09.45 O-005 Bowel cancer screening programme one year in – experience of a single first wave centre (MR Tighe, MG Phillips, WSL Stebbings, B Brett, A Cook)09.45–10.00 O-006 Comparison of high resolution magnification endoscopy, narrow band imaging with magnification and chromoendoscopy with magnification in the diagnosis of colorectal neoplasia: a feasibility study (R Singh, A Shonde, P Kaye, CJ Hawkey, K Ragunath) Dr Singh has been awarded a BSG Travel Fellowship10.00–10.15 O-007 Confocal endomicroscopic laser scanning in vivo cellular imaging of Barretts oesophagus: first proof of endoscopic concept in the UK (DP Hurlstone, N Tiffin, SS Cross)10.15–10.45 Coffee10.45–11.00 O-008 Catching the bit in between-endoscopic ulrasound-guided mural trucut biopsies in the diagnosis of thickened oesophageogastric wall (T Thomas, P Kaye, K Ragunath, G Aithal)20
  15. 15. Tuesday 11 March11.00–11.15 O-009 Dedicated bleed units: should they be advocated? (R Sidhu, PV Sakellariou, ME McAlindon, DP Hurlstone, SA Riley, MT Donnelly, S Johal, JM Hebden, KK Basu, AJ Lobo, DS Sanders)11.15–11.30 O-010 Patient position changes during colonoscope withdrawal increase adenoma detection: a randomised, crossover trial (JE East, P Bassett, M Stavrinidis, N Arebi, S Thomas-Gibson,T Guenther, BP Saunders)11.30–11.45 O-011 Predicting outcomes following gastrostomy insertion using the Sheffield gastrostomy score: a prospectively devised scoring system with a validation cohort (JS Leeds, ME McAlindon, SR Morley, R Marr, HE Robson, J Grant, FK TLee, MT Donnelly, DS Sanders)11.45–12.00 O-012 Natural orifice transluminal endoscopic surgery (NOTES) versus laparoscopy for colon perforation and repair: feasibility and risk of adhesions (J Morris, J Romagnuolo, K Morgan, S Palesch, R Hawes)12.00–12.30 Hopkins Endoscopy Award Lecture: Dysplasia Detection at Colonoscopy. Dr J East, London Introduced by Dr JRB Green 21
  16. 16. Tuesday 11 March09.00–12.30 PRIMARY CARE SOCIETY FOR GASTROENTEROLOGY: Hall 10: Chair – Dr R Stevens and Dr J Galloway09.00–09.30 A Comparison of Colonocyte DNA Recovery in a Healthy Population Versus Known Colorectal Cancer Patients. A Possible New Tool for the Diagnosis of, or Screening for Colorectal Cancer? (Dr J Gibson, GP, Honiton)09.30–10.00 Trans Nasal Endoscopy: A Genuine Improvement for the Patient – Not to be Sneezed At (Dr S Fox, GP, Chelmsford)10.00–10.30 The NICE Guidelines for the Management of Irritable Bowel Syndrome in the Community (Dr J Dalrymple, GP, Drayton & St Faiths Medical Practice, Norwich)10.30–10.50 Coffee10.50–11.15 4 Years of the Global Rating Scale – Improving Standards in Endoscopy (Dr R Valori, Gloucester)11.15–11.40 Accreditation and Revalidation of GP Endoscopists (Dr A Summers, GP, Yeovil)11.40–12.00 Discussion12.00 Close22
  17. 17. Tuesday 11 March09.00–12.30 SERVICE DEVELOPMENT FREE PAPERS: Hall 11: Chair – Dr R Valori and Dr J O’Donohue09.00–09.15 O-013 Providing a regional small bowel endoscopic service: the Sheffield experience (R Sidhu, ME McAlindon, DP Hurlstone, M Thomson, IC Cameron, DS Sanders)09.15–09.30 O-014 Transfusion in acute upper gastrointestinal bleeding: preliminary results from the UK comparative audit (SA Hearnshaw, D Lowe, RF Logan, SPL Travis, KR Palmer, MF Murphy)09.30–09.45 O-015 30-day mortality audit using a late quality and safety outcome IT system (S Hebbar, E Nowell, K Dowler, R Valori, P Dunckley)09.45–10.00 O-016 Can we achieve the 18-week pathway target? Effect of differing patient presentations (P Sakellariou, DA Elphick, G Toy, DS Sanders, DP Hurlstone, ME McAlindon, AJ Lobo)10.00–10.15 O-017 Using the 13C-UBT to promote NICE guidelines for simple dyspepsia: an 8-year follow-up cohort study (AJ Norman, S Din, NJ Taylor, S Swain, RPH Logan)10.15–10.45 Coffee10.45–11.00 O-018 A template proforma and operative information improves the quality of histopathology reporting in colorectal cancer (PN Siriwardana, A Pathmeswaran, JSDE Hewavisenthi, KI Deen) Dr Siriwardana has been awarded a BSG Travel Fellowship 23
  18. 18. Tuesday 11 March11.00–11.15 O-019 Preliminary results of the UK comparative audit of acute upper gastrointestinal bleeding: organisation of care (SA Hearnshaw, D Lowe, RF Logan, MF Murphy, SPL Travis, KR Palmer)11.15–11.30 O-020 “Straight to Test” upper gastrointestinal cancer service: efficiency, safety and cost effectiveness (R Madhotra, P Steer, A Ignjatovic, C Akubuine)11.30–11.45 O-021 Liver histopathology in the Yorkshire region: a network model (JI Wyatt, G Reall, R Jones)11.45–12.00 O-022 A decade after Rockall: a 12 month single- centre study of clinical outcome in non- variceal upper gastrointestinal bleed (R Arulraj, I Khan, S Pathmakanthan, K Kane, R Boulton, M Hallissey, J Goh)24
  19. 19. Tuesday 11 March14.00–17.00 BSG ENDOSCOPY SYMPOSIUM: ‘The Brave New World of the Specialist Endoscopist’: Hall 1: Chair – Dr JRB Green and Dr S Cairns14.00–14.05 Introduction (Dr JRB Green, Stoke on Trent)14.05–14.20 The Specialist Endoscopist in 2008 (Dr T Wong, London)14.20–14.35 Endoscopic Ultrasound – Therapy only in future? (Dr ID Penman, Edinburgh)14.35–14.50 Small Bowel Enteroscopy – rapid evolution, but is it needed? (Dr C Fraser, Harrow)14.50–15.05 Which colonoscopies should only be done by Specialists? (Dr P Hurlstone, Sheffield)15.05–15.20 Natural Orifice Transluminal Endoscopic Surgery (NOTES) – is this really going to fly? (Dr J Morris, Glasgow)15.20–15.30 Questions15.30–15.50 Coffee15.50–16.10 Specialist Endoscopy Past – Lessons from the national ERCP audit (Dr M Lombard, Liverpool)16.10–16.30 Specialist Endoscopy Future – Implications for Service and Training using ERCP as a model. Towards a BSG Position Statement. (Dr JRB Green, Stoke on Trent)16.30–16.45 Questions16.45 Close 25
  20. 20. Tuesday 11 March17.00–17.35 STATE-OF-THE-ART LECTURE: ‘Primum non nocere - Balancing risks and benefits in the management of inflammatory bowel disease in 2008’. Professor SB Hanauer, Chicago, USA: Hall 1: Chair – Professor J Satsangi and Dr S Bloom26
  21. 21. Tuesday 11 March14.00–16.15 COELIAC DISEASE IN THE 21st CENTURY SYMPOSIUM: Hall 4: Chair – Dr RGP Watson and Dr DS Sanders14.00 -14.15 The pathogenesis of coeliac disease (Professor D Van Heel, London)14.15–14.30 Everyone should be screened for coeliac disease?! (Dr RGP Watson, Belfast)14.30–14.50 What are the risks of having coeliac disease (Dr JRF Walters, London)14.50–15.05 When is a coeliac a coeliac? (Dr DS Sanders, Sheffield)15.05–15.20 What do coeliac patients want and what does Coeliac UK provide (Dr N McGough, High Wycombe)15.20–15.30 Panel Discussion15.30–15.45 Coffee15.45–16.15 STATE-OF-THE-ART LECTURE: ‘Refractory coeliac disease and its management. Professor CJ Mulder, Amsterdam, Netherlands 27
  22. 22. Tuesday 11 March14.00–17.00 BSG PANCREATIC/RADIOLOGY SECTION JOINT SYMPOSIUM: ‘All about cystic lesions of the pancreas’: Hall 5: Chair – Dr SH Lee and Professor R Sutton14.00–14.20 Clinical scenarios (Mr R Charnley, Newcastle)14.20–14.40 CT scanning (Dr M Sheridan, Leeds)14.40–15.00 MR imaging (Dr A Gillams, London)15.00–15.20 EUS (Dr S Pereira, London)15.20–15.40 Coffee15.40–16.10 Pathology (Professor G Klöppel, Kiel, Germany)16.10–16.30 Interventional ERCP (Dr D Martin, Manchester)16.30–16.50 Surgery (Mr R Carter, Glasgow)16.50–17.00 O-023 A comparison of capsule endoscopy with small bowel magnetic resonance imaging in the management of Peutz-Jegher’s Syndrome (AJ Postgate, A Fitzpatrick, D Burling, A Gupta, C Fraser)28
  23. 23. Tuesday 11 March14.00–17.00 INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY SYMPOSIUM: “E gastroenterology – your data, your money, your future”: Hall 6: Chair – Dr T Heymann14.00–14.30 “Capturing and using clinical data: realising the opportunities.” (Professor JG Williams, Swansea)14.30–15.00 “A lay person’s guide to the technology we shall be using: examples, our role and what the technology actually does.” (Professor J Brown, Gloucester)15.00–15.30 “What the future holds and how gastroenterologists can help shape it” (Professor B Crump, Warwick)15.30–15.45 Coffee15.45–16.00 Update on National Library for Health’s Gastroenterology and Liver Diseases Specialist Library (Dr M Caplin, London)16.00–16.30 The BSG Website: what it can do for you. (Mr H Ellison and Colleagues)16.30–17.00 Close 29
  24. 24. Tuesday 11 March14.00–17.00 TRAINING PROGRAMMES FOR CLINICAL ACADEMICS: Hall 7: Chair – Professor DG Thompson14.00–14.15 Report from Chairman of the Academic Advisory Committee14.15–14.45 Research Training Opportunities (Dr J Williams, Wellcome Trust, London)14.45–15.15 Progress with the Gastroenterology Clinical Curriculum (Dr J Gibson, Stafford)15.15–15.30 Coffee15.30–16.00 Progress with Integrated Academic Training. Presentations from: Dr A Elsharkawy (Wellcome Trust Clinical Research Fellow, Newcastle), Dr B Eksteen (MRC Clinical Scientist, Birmingham), Dr H Jackson (Year 1 Academic Clinical Fellow, Manchester)16.00–16.30 Academic Training Survey (Dr M Brookes, Birmingham, Dr E Fogden, Birmingham)16.30–16.45 Question & Answer Session16.45–17.00 CORE/Dr Falk Pharma Awards Ceremony Dr J Bennett / Dr W Alexander (CORE) Mrs C Turnbull (Dr Falk)30
  25. 25. Tuesday 11 March14.00–15.30 NEUROGASTROENTEROLOGY/MOTILITY FREE PAPERS: Hall 8: Chair – Mr C Knowles and Dr LA Houghton14.00–14.15 O-024 Sympathetic and parasympathetic system co-activation underlies heart rate increase in both human visceral and somatic pain (P Paine, J Kishor, L Gregory, Q Aziz)14.15–14.30 O-025 Anxiety induction is associated with greater sensitisation to oesophageal acid in a human model of visceral pain hypersensitivity (A Sharma, L Van Oudenhove, P Paine, Q Aziz)14.30–14.45 O-026 Faecal lactoferrin: a novel test to differentiate between irritable or inflamed bowel? (R Sidhu, L Foye, S Morley, P Wilson, AC Wright, AJ Lobo, ME McAlindon, DS Sanders)14.45–15.00 O-027 Reversing a virtual lesion in human swallowing motor cortex with cortical stimulation: a model for dysphagia after stroke? (S Jefferson, S Mistry, L Hancock, J Rothwell, S Hamdy)15.00–15.15 O-028 Autonomic effects of oesophageal acidification and their relationship to the development of human visceral pain hypersensitivity (A Sharma, P Paine, Q Aziz) 31
  26. 26. Tuesday 11 March15.40–17.00 GASTROINTESTINAL PATHOLOGY FREE PAPERS: Hall 8: Chair – Dr B Warren15.40- 15.55 O-084 The fixation of mutations and clonal expansion in intestinal metaplasia: field cancerisation in the human stomach (SAC McDonald, L Gutierrez-Gonzalez, M Rodriguez-Justo, SJ Leedham, M Novelli, I Mitchell, D Stoker, JA Jankowski, NA Wright)15.55- 16.10 O-086 The aetiology of hyperplastic polyposis syndrome in a large family from the West of Ireland (KJ Monahan, L Carvajal-Carmona, T Guenther, T OGorman, J Cazier, IP Tomlinson, HJW Thomas)16.10- 16.25 O-087 Inhibiting EGFR and VEGR reduces small intestinal and colonic polyp formation in a DSS enhanced APCmin/+ mouse model (D Alferez, RW Wilkinson, AJ Ryan, RA Goodlad)16.25- 16.40 O-088 The delta-SAMP mouse: a novel experimental model facilitating assessment of the role of C terminus of APC in intestinal tumourigenesis (MG Deheragoda, A Lewis, E Nye, N Wright, I Tomlinson)16.40- 16.55 O-085 Iron mediated cellular proliferation, migration and colony formation is dependent on adenomatous polyposis coli status in colorectal adenocarcinoma (MJ Brookes, K Roberts, T Iqbal, C Tselepis)32
  27. 27. Tuesday 11 March14.00–16.00 AspECT MEETING: Hall 10: Chair – Professor J Jankowski Panel: Dr J de Caestecker, Professor H Barr, Mr S Attwood, Dr C Edwards14.00–14.05 Introduction and Progress on all studies (Dr P Bhandari, Portsmouth)14.05–14.15 Regional Recruitment (Dr C Rodgers, Northern Ireland)14.15–14.30 Barriers to recruitment; Nurse Support for GI research (Mr C Stokes, Gloucester)14.30–14.40 Related studies BOSS, HiGH and COG (Professor J Jankowski, Leicester)14.40–14.50 Interim AspECT Data analysis (Dr D Johnston, Dundee)14.50–15.00 Sample collection ChoPIN, HANDEL (Dr K Ragunath, Nottingham)15.00–15.30 Open Forum and Feedback (Chair – Dr M Anderson)16.00 Close 33
  28. 28. Tuesday 11 March17.45–19.45 SATELLITE SYMPOSIUM SPONSORED BY SCHERING PLOUGH LTD: “Route to Success”: Hall 5: Chair – Dr J Sanderson17.45–18.15 Drinks reception18.15–19.45 Open address (Dr J Sanderson) Choosing the destination (Professor M Kamm) Starting the journey (Dr C Edwards) Getting back on track (Professor P Rutgeerts) Closing remarks (Dr J Sanderson)34
  29. 29. Tuesday 11 March17.45–19.45 SATELLITE SYMPOSIUM SPONSORED BY PROCTER & GAMBLE PHARMACEUTICALS UK LTD: The changing face of UC management: Hall 8: Chair – Professor A Forbes17.45–18.15 Refreshments18.15–18.25 Introduction and Welcome (Professor A Forbes, UCH & UCL, London)18.25–18.50 Patients’ attitudes and adherence to treatment: new outlooks and future directions (Professor R Horne, Centre for Behavioural Medicine, University of London)18.50–19.15 Debating a new era of healthcare reform: opportunity or challenge? (Professor G Rubin, University of Sunderland and Dr J Mayberry, University Hospitals of Leicester)19.15–19.40 Treatment success for the UC patient: advances and new considerations (Professor A Forbes, UCH & UCL, London)19.40–19.45 Close 35
  30. 30. Wednesday 12 March07.00–08.30 SATELLITE SYMPOSIUM SPONSORED BY SHIRE PHARMACEUTICALS LTD: Psychology of the Doctor and Patient in the Management of Ulcerative Colitis – Clues for Improved Patient Outcome: Hall 8: Chair – Professor M Kamm07.00–07.30 Breakfast (Refreshments)07.30–07.42 Is remission achievable in ulcerative colitis? (Dr B Hawthorne, Cardiff, Wales)07.42–07.54 Effects of achieving strictly defined remission on the disease course (Professor M Kamm, London)07.54–08.06 Psychology of the doctor-patient interaction and its impact on outcomes (Professor P Hungin, Durham)08.06–08.25 Panel discussion08.25 Close36
  31. 31. Wednesday 12 March08.30–11.05 PLENARY SESSION: Hall 1: Chair – Professor MJG Farthing and Dr A Harris08.30–09.00 SIR ARTHUR HURST MEMORIAL LECTURE: Modernizing the Mantra: Ommm to Ommmics – Man, Microbes and Metabolism Professor G Keusch, Boston, USA09.00–09.15 O-029 Preliminary results of the UK comparative audit of over 6500 patients with acute upper gastrointestinal bleeding (SA Hearnshaw, D Lowe, RF Logan, MF Murphy, SPL Travis, KR Palmer)09.15–09.45 SIR FRANCIS AVERY JONES BSG RESEARCH AWARD 2007: Regulation of the gastrointestinal epithelial response to injury – insights into the pathogenesis of GI diseases Dr M Pritchard, Liverpool09.45–09.50 President’s Medal09.50–09.55 CORE Award09.55–10.00 Induction of Dr KR Palmer, President 2008–0910.00–10.20 Coffee10.20–10.35 O-030 Defining the impact of organ dysfunction in cirrhosis: survival at a cost? (DL Shawcross, MJ Austin, RD Abeles, M McPhail, A Yeoman, AJ Portal, W Bernal, G Auzinger, E Sizer, JA Wendon)10.35–11.05 NEW PERSPECTIVES LECTURE: “Improving health and healthcare – What can a regulator do?” Sir Ian Kennedy, London11.10–12.30 Annual Business Meeting (Members only) 37
  32. 32. Wednesday 12 March09.00–12.00 GASTROINTESTINAL PHYSIOLOGY ASSOCIATES (AGIP) GROUP: Hall 9: Chair – Dr J De Caestecker and Ms K Noble09.00–09.15 O-031 The effect of argon plasma coagulation ablation on oesophageal motility and chemoreceptor sensitivity (K Elghellal, A Smythe, R Ackroyd )09.15–09.30 O-032 The effects of glucose, fructose and tagatose on gastric emptying (A McGlone, TJ Little, DG Thompson)09.30–10.15 Keynote Lecture ‘Assessment and treatment of chronic constipation’ (Mr G Duthie, Cottingham)10.15–10.45 Coffee10.45–11.30 Keynote Lecture ‘What can tests of gastrointestinal function tell us about gastrointestinal functional disorders?’ (Professor N Talley, Jacksonville, USA)11.30–11.45 O-0183 Do patient’s reported food triggers really provoke gastro-oesophageal reflux and how well are we advising them? (D Vasant, M Deakin, C Cheruvu, S Evans, FC Leslie)11.45–12.00 AGM38
  33. 33. Wednesday 12 March09.00–12.00 ENDOSCOPY ASSOCIATES GROUP: Training and competencies: Hall 10: Chair – Ms L Thomson and Ms P Hutson09.00–09.20 GRS – Workforce and Training Domains (Ms S Mair)09.20–09.40 GRS – Where are We Now? (Ms D Johnston)09.40–10.00 Designing Endoscopy KSF/ Endoscopy Competence Framework (Mr D Grubb, Torbay)10.00–10.30 Endoscopy Career Framework (Ms J D’Silva, Rotherham)10.30–11.00 Coffee11.00–11.20 NVQ level 3 (Ms D Campbell, Torbay)11.20–11.40 The Travelling GIN Course (Ms L Thompson, London)11.40–12.00 National Endoscopy Training and Courses (Ms P Hutson, Sheffield) 39
  34. 34. Wednesday 12 March09.00–12.00 ENDOSCOPY ASSOCIATES GROUP: ‘New frontiers in upper GI endoscopy’: Hall 11: Chair – Ms I Dunkley and Ms L Doig09.00–09.30 Bravo pH Monitoring (Ms J Stratford)09.30–10.00 Capsule Endoscopy (Ms C Davidson)10.00–10.30 Endoscopic Ultrasound (Mr C Mackay)10.30–11.00 Coffee11.00–11.30 Biliary Endoscopy (Spyglass) (Dr T Wong, London)11.30–12.00 Endoscopic Mucosal Resection (Dr L Lovat, London)40
  35. 35. Wednesday 12 March14.00–17.00 JOINT BSG ENDOSCOPY AND NATIONAL ENDOSCOPY TEAM SYMPOSIUM: Hall 1: Chair – Dr JRB Green and Dr R Valori The Endoscopy Service – Fit for the future?14.00–14.15 Clinical Pathways (Dr AP Manning, Bradford)14.15–14.30 Flexible sigmoidoscopy or whole colon examination for lower bowel symptoms? (Mrs C Ingham Clark, London)14.30–14.45 CT colography – a serious competitor for whole colon examination in the symptomatic patient? (Professor S Halligan, London)14.45–15.00 Questions15.00–15.15 The UK audit of upper GI bleeding – preliminary results (Dr S Hearnshaw, Oxford)15.15–15.30 Out-of-hours Service (Dr KR Palmer, Edinburgh)15.30–15.40 Questions15.40–16.00 Coffee16.00–16.15 Colorectal Cancer Screening The National View (Mrs J Patnick, Sheffield)16.15–16.30 Colorectal Cancer Screening The Clinican’s View (Dr MD Rutter, Stockton on Tees)16.30–16.40 Questions16.40–17.00 The future of endoscopy in the UK: smart, flexible and friendly (Dr RM Valori, Gloucester) 41
  36. 36. Wednesday 12 March17.00–17.30 STATE-OF-THE-ART LECTURE: ‘A new era for the management of radiation-induced bowel injury’: Dr J Andreyev, London: Hall 1: Chair – Professor AI Morris42
  37. 37. Wednesday 12 March14.00–17.00 NEUROGASTROENTEROLOGY/MOTILITY SYMPOSIUM: ‘Challenges and Controversies in Functional Gastrointestinal (GI) Disorders’: Hall 4: Chair – Professor NJ Talley and Dr A Emmanuel14.00–14.50 A Debate for Clinical Practice: Are the Rome Criteria useful for the diagnosis and management of patients with functional GI disorders? Yes: Professor V Stanghellini, Bologna, Italy No: Professor PJ Whorwell, Manchester14.50–15.15 Emerging Science 1: Are functional GI disorders a manifestation of central dysfunction? (Professor Q Aziz, London)15.15–15.45 Coffee15.45–16.10 Emerging Science 2: Are functional GI disorders a manifestation of peripheral dysfunction? (Professor RC Spiller, Nottingham)16.10–17.00 A Debate on Future Treatment: Should central or peripheral mechanisms be targeted? Central: Professor MA Kamm (London) Peripheral: Professor G Barbara (Bologna, Italy)17.05–17.35 STATE-OF-THE-ART LECTURE: ‘Are functional GI disorders a manifestation of the current way of life?’ Professor NJ Talley, Jacksonville, USA: Hall 4: Chair – Professor RC Spiller and Dr LA Houghton 43
  38. 38. Wednesday 12 March14.00–17.00 BSG SURGICAL SECTION SYMPOSIUM 2008 Upper GI programme. ‘Oesophago-gastric Surgery Laparoscopic or open’: Hall 5: Chair – Mr KR Wedgwood and Mr S Attwood14.00–14.20 Results of Open Oesophagogastric resection (Mr R Berrisford, Exeter)14.20–14.40 Results of Laparoscopic Oesophagogastric resection (Mr D Menzies, Colchester)14.40–15.30 Debate of open vs Laparoscopic oesophagogastric surgery – Mr M Vipond (Gloucester) Mr P Barham (Bristol)15.30–16.00 Coffee16.00–16.30 Patient Selection and Operative Criteria (Professor G Jamieson, Adelaide, Australia)16.30–17.00 Complications and Management thereof (Mr R Mason, London)44
  39. 39. Wednesday 12 March14.00–17.30 PATHOLOGY SLIDE SEMINAR AND NATIONAL GASTROINTESTINAL PATHOLOGY EQA SCHEME MEETING: Hall 7: Chair – Dr B Warren14.00–15.30 Slide seminar – Liver disease (Professor A Burt, Newcastle; Professor S Hubscher, Birmingham; Dr J Wyatt, Leeds)15.30–15.50 Coffee15.50–16.10 Pathology Section Business meeting (Chair – Dr B Warren, Oxford)16.10–17.30 National Gastrointestinal Pathology EQA meeting (Chair – Dr N Mapstone, Lancaster)17.30 Close 45
  40. 40. Wednesday 12 March14.00–15.30 HEALTH SERVICE RESEARCH AND IT FREE PAPERS: Hall 8: Chair – Dr T Heymann14.00–14.15 O-040 Deep clean: the way forward in controlling C difficile infection? (A Malik, DW Bullimore)14.15–14.30 O-041 A retrospective record-linkage study to follow up patients with no clinically obvious liver disease from their first liver function tests in primary care (DJ McLernon, PT Donnan, JF Dillon)14.30–14.45 O-042 Diverticular disease hospitalisations have a rapidly increasing impact on the health service and affect younger people and deprived socioeconomic groups (S Jeyarajah, PP Tekkis, P Aylin, I Bjarnason, S Papagrigoriadis)14.45–15.00 O-043 An open-source browser-based endoscopy management system that maps to SNOMED CT (JL Brown, A MacDonald, J Davies, P Ryder)15.00–15.15 O-044 An interactive polyp detection training tool: development and initial validation (PL Youd, A Haycock, S Preston, S Thomas-Gibson)46
  41. 41. Wednesday 12 March14.00–17.00 SMALL BOWEL & NUTRITITION FREE PAPERS: Hall 9: Chair – Dr DS Sanders and Dr J Woodward14.00–14.15 O-045 Outcomes following gastrostomy: radiologically inserted versus percutaneous endoscopic gastrostomy (JS Leeds, ME McAlindon, J Grant, HE Robson, SR Morley, FKT Lee, DS Sanders)14.15–14.30 O-046 Two-year prospective audit of use of liquid diets as “bridge” therapy for active Crohn’s disease (T Demetriou, C Gawad, C Kok, AW Harris)14.30–14.45 O-047 Optimal levels of perioperative parenteral nutrition support: a double-blind randomised controlled trial (TR Smith, P Austin, S Harding, Z Leach, SA Wootton, MA Stroud)14.45–15.00 O-048 The ‘cut and push’ method of percutaneous endoscopic gastrostomy tube removal in adult patients (D Kejariwal, D Bromley, Y Miao)15.00–15.15 O-049 Bile acid malabsorption: two decades on (P Basumani, MJ Smith, M Srinivas, BF Dawson, PJA Willemse, B Höeroldt, BA Mason, C Royston, KD Bardhan)15.15–15.30 O-050 Midgut neuroendocrine tumours with liver metastases results of the UKI NETS survey (A Ahmed, G Turner, B King, L Jones, C Bouvier, D McCance, J Ardill, B Johnston, M Rees, G Poston, M Buxton-Thomas, M Caplin, J Ramage)15.30–16.00 Coffee 47
  42. 42. Wednesday 12 March16.00–16.15 O-051 Fibroblast growth factor 19 may have a role in the pathogenesis of idiopathic bile acid malabsorption (AM Tasleem, GW Brydon, T Dew, S Balesaria, CW LeRoux, JRF Walters)16.15–16.30 O-052 Preliminary double balloon enteroscopy experience from a tertiary centre in the UK (R Sidhu, ME McAlindon, DP Hurlstone, M Thomson, IC Cameron, S Hardcastle, DS Sanders)16.30–16.45 O-053 What are the implications of newly identified coeliac disease in patients with Type 1 diabetes mellitus? Effect upon glycaemic control, quality of life, cardiac risk factors and peripheral nerve function (JS Leeds, AD Hopper, M Hadjivassiliou, S Tesfaye, DS Sanders)16.45–17.00 O-054 Changes in lipid profile with exposure to a gluten-free diet in incident cases of coeliac disease: a prospective cohort study (NR Lewis, DS Sanders, RB Hubbard, RFA Logan, J West)48
  43. 43. Wednesday 12 March14.00–17.00 ENDOSCOPY ASSOCIATES GROUP: Endoscopy services: Hall 10: Chair – Ms A Nicholls and Mr M Hughes13.30–14.00 Endoscopy in Primary Care, The GpwSI perspective (Dr S Feldman, GP endoscopist and Managing Director of Fountain Diagnostics Endoscopy Unit)14.00–14.30 Endoscopy in Primary Care, The perspective of the Nurse Endoscopist (Ms A Nicholls, Nurse Endoscopist/Clinical Governance Lead)14.30–15.00 Dyspepsia management, turning guideline recommendations to reality (Mr R Simmonds, BPharm)15.00–15.30 Coffee15.30–16.00 The Vanguard Mobile Endoscopy Station, Taking Endoscopy to the Community (Ms K Richards, Clinical Director Vanguard Healthcare)16.00–16.30 18-Week Wait / Choose and Book 49
  44. 44. Wednesday 12 March14.00- 17.00 ENDOSCOPY ASSOCIATES GROUP : Free Papers/Regional Groups: Hall 11: Chair – Ms A Ball, Ms K Linton and Ms P Hutson13.30- 15.15 Free Papers13.30- 13.45 Development of the Endoscopy Workforce (Ms M Wright, Caledonian University, Glasgow)13.45- 14.00 “Would They Like an Endoscopy” (Mr K Maylan, Ayr Hospital)14.00- 14.15 Development of a Nurse Led Viral Polyp Clinic Following Validation of Colonoscopy Waiting Lists (Ms M Holland, Royal Bournemouth and Christ Church Hospital NHS Foundation Trust)14.15- 14.30 Developing a Gastrostomy Tube Change Service (Ms S Mair, Hairmyers Hospital, East Kilbride)14.30- 14.45 Managing the Demand for Diagnostic Colonoscopy: Potential Impact of Guideline Based Adenoma Review in a District General Hospital (L Freeburn, A Carrigan, K Linton, JR McGregor)14.45- 15.15 The Role of Oesophageal Stenting in Patients with Carcinoma of the Oesophagus and the Effect of Pain Relief and Length of Survival Following Insertion (Ms V Oldman, Wolverhampton)15.15- 15.30 Coffee15.15- 16.30 Regional Groups15.30- 15.45 Nutritional Assessment in Endoscopy (Mr B King and Ms A Bee, Scotland)50
  45. 45. Wednesday 12 March15.45- 16.00 Nasogastroscopy (Ms D Beesley)16.00- 16.15 Whats New in Wales? (Ms B Harries, Wales)16.15- 16.30 Flexible Sigmoidoscopy in the Community (Ms L Hodgson, North East Region) 51
  46. 46. Wednesday 12 March18.00–19.30 SATELLITE SYMPOSIUM SPONSORED BY ABBOTT LABORATORIES LTD: Crohn’s Talkback: posing practical biological challenges to experts Hall 5: Chair – Dr S Travis18.00–18.05 Welcome and Introduction (Dr S Travis, John Radcliffe Hospital, Oxford)18.05–18.15 How do we choose biological therapies in Crohn’s disease? (Professor M Kamm, St Marks Hospital, Harrow)18.15–18.30 Questions18.30–18.40 How do we identify the right patient for early, intensive treatment? (Professor D Hommes, Leiden University Medical Centre, Netherlands)18.40–18.50 Questions18.50–19.00 How do we manage the young adult? (Dr J Lindsay, Barts and the London NHS Trust)19.00–19.10 Questions19.10–19.20 Working with the paymaster: achieving the best for our patients (Professor S Ghosh, Hammersmith Hospital, London)19.20–19.30 Questions19.30 Summary and close52
  47. 47. Thursday 13 March07.30–08.45 ‘Question the Expert’ Breakfast Meeting: ‘NNEP: initial findings and future projects’ Ms P Hutson Hall 8: This session is open to Nurse Endoscopists only 53
  48. 48. Thursday 13 March09.00–12.45 BSG ENDOSCOPY FOUNDATION LECTURE, FREE PAPERS AND VIDEOS: Hall 1: Chair – Dr JRB Green, Dr S Cairns and Dr R Tighe09.00–09.30 ENDOSCOPY FOUNDATION LECTURE: ‘Endoscopy training – fit for the future?’ Mr RJ Leicester, London Hall 1: Chair – Dr JRB Green.09.30–12.30 ENDOSCOPY FREE PAPERS /VIDEOS: Hall 1: Chair – Dr S Cairns and Dr R Tighe09.30–09.45 O-072 Endoscopic mucosal resection for high- grade dysplasia and early cancers in the upper gastrointestinal tract: Portsmouth experience (M Duku, R Mead, D Poller, S Somers, S Toh, P Goggin, R Ellis, H Duncan, C Archer, P Bhandari)09.45–10.00 O-073 Contrast enhanced endoscopic ultrasound for discrimination of focal chronic pancreatitis and pancreatic cancer (M Hocke, T Topalidis, CF Dietrich, A Stallmach)10.00–10.15 O-074 Is endoscopic ultrasound with fine needle aspiration now essential for the management of pancreaticobiliary malignancy? (GC Bennett, S O’ Riordan, R Sugrue, R Bambury, S Sengupta, E Clarke, N Mulligan, J Lennon, T Kelleher, G McEntee, P MacMathuna)10.15–10.30 O-075 ‘Upside down’ colorectal endoscopic dissection for retrofold and hemi- circumferential intra-epithelial neoplastic disease: expanding the endoscopic technical paradigm (DP Hurlstone, W Baraza, SR Brown, N Tiffin, SS Cross)54
  49. 49. Thursday 13 March10.30–10.45 Coffee10.45–11.00 O-076 Narrow band imaging for lesion characterisation in the colon, oesophagus, duodenal ampulla and lung: a meta-analysis (JE East, E Tan, JJ Bergman, BP Saunders, PP Tekkis)11.00–11.15 VC-077 Double balloon enteroscopy: reaching the depths of the small bowel (E Despott, S Preston, E Tripoli, A Polecina, K Konieczko, C Fraser)11.15–11.30 VC-078 Endoscopic submucosal dissection of early gastric cancer in UK setting (M Duku, R Mead, D Poller, P Bhandari)11.30–11.45 VC-079 En bloc resection of early gastric neoplasia using the endoscopic submucosal dissection technique: West meets East! (K Ragunath, R Singh, P Kaye, M Ilyas, K Yao)11.45–12.00 VC-080 A 7cm g-type laterally spreading tumour of the rectum excised en bloc using endoscopic submucosal dissection with the flush knife (N Suzuki, BP Saunders)12.00–12.15 VC-081 Single operator peroral choledochoscopy system: a single centre experience (MA Zubir, ML Wilkinson, RJ Ede, T Wong)12.15–12.30 VC-082 Endoscopic mucosal resection of high grade gastric dysplasia using the Duette mucosectomy device (A Dhar, A Allan, E Millington)12.30–12.45 VC-083 Endoscopic papillectomy for ampullary neoplasia (RJ Mead, MD Duku, P Goggin, RD Ellis, H Duncan, P Bhandari) 55
  50. 50. Thursday 13 March08.30–12.35 JOINT IBD/PAEDIATRIC/NUTRITION SYMPOSIUM: ‘Challenges in the Management of the young IBD patient’: Hall 4:08.30–10.10 Chair – Dr HR Jenkins and Dr AT Cole08.30–08.40 Case presentation (Dr N Shah, London and Dr S McCartney, London)08.40–09.05 Nutrition in young IBD patients (Dr S Murphy, Birmingham)09.05–09.30 Psychological issues in young patients with IBD (Dr J Stern, London)09.30–09.55 Issues in transitional care (Dr NM Croft, London)09.55–10.10 O-055 Single centre experience of exclusive enteral nutrition for induction of remission in more than 100 children with Crohn’s disease (RK Russell, E Buchanan, T Cardigan, K Hassan, D Young, P McGrogan)10.10–10.40 Coffee10.40–12.00 Chair – Dr MS Murphy and Dr RE Cowan10.40–10.50 Case presentation (Dr S McCartney, London and Dr N Shah, London)10.50–11.05 Management by the Paediatrician (Dr RM Beattie, Southampton)11.05–11.20 Management by the Adult physician (Professor D Rampton, London)11.20–11.35 Panel discussion: Dr S McCartney (London), Dr N Shah (London), Dr RM Beattie (Southampton), Professor JM Rhodes (Liverpool)11.35–12.00 Towards safer imaging: small bowel MRI (Dr I Zealley, Dundee)56
  51. 51. Thursday 13 March12.05–12.35 STATE-OF-THE-ART LECTURE: ‘Stem cell transplantation for GI diseases: fact or fantasy?’ Professor CJ Hawkey, Nottingham: Hall 4: Chair – Dr S Bloom 57
  52. 52. Thursday 13 March09.00–10.30 GASTRODUODENAL FREE PAPERS: Hall 5: Chair – Dr M Pritchard and Professor JC Atherton09.00–09.15 O-056 Influence of aspirin and non-steroidal anti- inflammatory drug use on the outcomes of bleeding peptic ulcers: 10-year experience of a specialised bleeding unit (U Basavaraju, JM Thomson, D Armour, NAG Mowat, A Fraser)09.15–09.30 O-057 The effect of natural polymorphisms upstream of the Helicobacter pylori vacuolating cytotoxin gene, vacA, on vacA transcription levels (CG Masters, DP Letley, NC Doherty, JC Atherton)09.30–09.45 O-058 Ghrelin increases nuclear factor-kappa B (NFKB) expression in a human lymphocyte cell line (EZH Sung, NF da Silva, SJ Goodyear, R Prajapati, PJ McTernan, CU Nwokolo)09.45–10.00 O-059 Gastric cancer cell migration is reduced by novel migrastatin analogues (G Horgan, D Murray, A Madden, G Bennett, G Anquetin, P Murphy, J Lennon, P MacMathuna, P Doran)10.00–10.15 O-060 Assessment and outcomes in gastric carcinoid (L Marelli, C Toumpanakis, R Srirajaskanthan, T Eves, J Watkins, M Caplin)58
  53. 53. Thursday 13 March09.00–12.30 PANCREATIC SECTION MEETING : Delphic discussion on the management of chronic pancreatitis: Hall 6: Facilitator: Mr R Carter Recorder: Professor R Sutton Towards guidelines on the management of chronic pancreatitis 1) Where and by whom 2) Diagnosis 3) Aetiology 4) Exocrine failure 5) Endocrine failure 6) Pain 7) Nutrition 8) Emergencies 9) Malignancy O-061 Azathioprine in the management of relapsing autoimmune pancreatitis/IgG4 sclerosing cholangitis (NS Sandanayake, GJ Johnson, CM Smyth, NI Church, L Ayaru, MH Chapman, AR Hatfield, SP Pereira, GJ Webster) 59
  54. 54. Thursday 13 March09.00–12.30 COLORECTAL/ANORECTAL FREE PAPERS: Hall 7: Chair – Mr K Wedgwood09.00–09.15 O-062 Could surveillance protocols be altered due to low yield of significant colorectal neoplasia in a high risk cohort? initial five years experience of a collaborative high risk familial cancer screening initiative in Ireland (G Horgan, G Lawlor, L O’Brien, J Leyden, N Ullah, V Sibartie, M O’ Riordain, G O’ Sullivan, J Lennon, P MacMathuna)09.15–09.30 O-063 Stromal cell cyclooxygenase-2 promotes colorectal tumorigenesis in the ApcMin/+ mouse model of familial adenomatous polyposis (MA Hull, DJ Scott, RJ Cuthbert, S Ko, SL Perry, E Cartwright, C Bonifer, AF Markham, L Coletta)09.30–09.45 O-064 Aberrant crypt foci formation is inhibited by peroxisome proliferator-activated receptor /alpha in APC min+/- mice (A Shonde, N Mandir, D Bell, R Goodlad, A Bennett, C Hawkey)09.45–10.00 O-066 Incidence of perforated colonic diverticular disease and its associated mortality: a UK general population based study (DJ Humes, M Solaymani-Dodaran, K Fleming, J Simpson, RC Spiller, J West)10.00–10.15 O-067 Oncological medium term outcome of local endoluminal resection of low risk pTim/T1 rectal cancer: can we change the management paradigm? (DP Hurlstone, SR Brown, S Amin, I Adam, AJ Shorthouse, P Skinner, L Hunt, W Baraza, SS Cross, N Tiffin)10.15–10.45 Coffee60
  55. 55. Thursday 13 March10.45–11.00 O-068 Microdissecting the carcinogenesis pathways in sporadic and colitis- associated colon cancer (SJ Leedham, T Graham, M Rodriguez-Justo, R Harrison, M Novelli, JA Jankowski, NA Wright)11.00–11.15 O-069 Extracellular galectin-3 interacts with cell surface MUC1 to promote cancer cell aggregation, adhesion and trans- endothelial invasion: an important mechanism for metastasis (Q Zhao, M Barclay, J Hilkens, JM Rhodes, LG Yu)11.15–11.30 O-070 Incidence and implications of pre-pouch ileitis in patients following restorative proctocolectomy (SD McLaughlin, SK Clark, AJ Bell, PP Tekkis, PJ Ciclitira, R Nicholls)11.30–11.45 O-071 Most bowel cancer screening colonoscopies are undertaken for weak positive faecal occult blood results (CJ Rees, M Ritchie, I Ward, D Nylander, J Painter, J Singh, L Hurst, M Rutter) 61
  56. 56. Thursday 13 March09.00–12.30 ENDOSCOPY ASSOCIATES GROUP: Perceptions of the UK’s nurse Endoscopist’s Practice – Have we overstepped the mark?: Hall 8: Chair – Ms L Doig and Ms B Harries09.00–09.30 European Overview, Nursing (Ms U Beilenhoff, ESGENA)09.30–10.00 UK Overview & Advanced Practice, Colonoscopy/EUS/Therapeutic OGD (Ms M Vance, London)10.00–10.30 Alaskan Overview (Ms C Christensen, Alaska)10.30–11.00 Coffee11.00–11.30 European Overview, Medical11.30–12.00 UK overview, Medical (Dr R Valori, Gloucester)12.00–12.30 Debate62
  57. 57. Thursday 13 March09.00–12.30 ENDOSCOPY ASSOCIATES GROUP: Bowel Screening: Hall 9: Chair – Ms P Hutson and Ms K Linton09.00–09.30 Accreditation of Screening Colonoscopists (Mr M Feeney, South Devon)09.30–10.15 Bowel Screening Differences in Scotland, England and Wales (Ms J Rodger, Fyfe, Ms S Marshall, London, Ms R Lawler, Cardiff)10.15–10.45 Coffee10.45–11.15 Bowel Prep & Caecal Intubation Rates (Ms K Linton, Ayreshire)11.15–11.45 The Screening Practitioner, how the role was developed (Mr M Hughes, Hull)12.00 AGM 63
  58. 58. Thursday 13 March09.00–12.30 OESOPHAGEAL/AGIP SYMPOSIUM: ‘New Techniques and Technologies: Are They Helpful?’: Hall 11: Chair – Mr TCB Dehn and Ms K Noble Typical Reflux Symptoms But A Poor Response to PPI09.00–09.15 Does standard pH testing help? (Dr NJ Trudgill, West Bromwich)09.15–09.30 Would the Bravo capsule be appropriate? (Mr R Gillies)09.30–09.45 Would impedance be better? (Professor F Zerbib, Bordeaux Cédex, France)09.45–10.00 Panel discussion The Surgical Anti-Reflux Patient10.00–10.15 Do patients need pre-operative tests and do they influence outcome? (Mr M Booth, Reading)10.15–10.30 What tests are helpful when surgery fails? (Professor G Jamieson, Adelaide, Australia)10.30–10.45 Panel discussion10.45–11.15 Coffee Non Cardiac chest Pain11.15–11.30 Is there a role for the challenge test? (Dr J De Caestecker, Leicester)11.30–11.45 Should I consider ambulatory manometry? (Mr P Barham, Bristol)11.45–12.00 A trial of TCAD or call for the hypnotist? (Professor PJ Whorwell, Manchester)12.00–12.15 Panel discussion64
  59. 59. Thursday 13 March14.00–17.00 INFLAMMATORY BOWEL DISEASE FREE PAPERS: Hall 1: Chair – Dr M Rutter and Dr C Mowat14.00–14.15 O-089 Sustained fistula healing and response with adalimumab for up to 2 years in patients with fistulizing Crohn’s disease: 12 months of open-label maintenance with adalimumab following the CHARM trial (JF Colombel, MA Kamm, D Schwartz, WJ Sandborn, J Li, KG Lomax, PF Pollack)14.15–14.30 O-090 A retrospective analysis of small bowel MRI in evaluation of disease activity in ileal Crohn’s disease (CW Lees, C Parisinos, D Subedi, AG Shand, IDR Arnott, S Glancy, J Satsangi)14.30–14.45 O-091 Gene specific hypermethylation in colorectal mucosa of patients with ulcerative colitis (RP Arasaradnam, KTJ Khoo, DM Commane, J Mathers, M Bradburn)14.45–15.00 O-092 Prospective magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) to guide perineal Crohn’s fistula treatment with infliximab, adalimumab and thalidomide (SC Ng, S Plamondon, A Swatton, A Gupta, MA Kamm)15.00–15.15 O-093 The safety profile of infliximab for inflammatory bowel disease in Edinburgh: final analysis of over 200 patients (CW Lees, A Ali, AI Thompson, RO Forsythe, L Marquez, S Aitken, J Fennell, P Rogers, AG Shand, ID Penman, KR Palmer, DC Wilson, IDR Arnott, J Satsangi) 65
  60. 60. Thursday 13 March15.15–15.30 O-094 Common polymorphism in the aldehyde oxidase gene is a marker of non-response to azathioprine therapy in inflammatory bowel disease (MA Smith, T Marinaki, A Ansari, J Sanderson)15.30–16.00 Coffee16.00–17.00 Chair – Professor J Satsangi and Dr T Orchard16.00–16.15 O-095 Corticosteroids increase interleukin-10 and inhibit interleukin-12p40 production by intestinal dendritic cells in acute ulcerative colitis: novel mechanisms of therapy (SC Ng, S Plamondon, HO Al-Hassi, MA Kamm, SC Knight, AJ Stagg)16.15–16.30 O-096 Effective probiotic treatment (VSL#3), but not placebo, in acute ulcerative colitis is associated with down-regulation of inflammatory intestinal dendritic cells (SC Ng, S Plamondon, AL Hart, MA Kamm, SC Knight, AJ Stagg)16.30–16.45 O-097 Dietary n-3 polyunsaturated fatty acids protect against the development of ulcerative colitis: a UK prospective cohort study (S John, R Luben, HJ Kennedy, A Welch, K Khaw, SA Bingham, AR Hart)16.45–17.00 O-098 Monitoring azathioprine treatment in inflammatory bowel disease: rituals re-visited — but not revised! (M Walsh, C Royston, M Srinivas, B Höeroldt, PJW Willemse, P Basumani, KD Bardhan)66
  61. 61. Thursday 13 March14.00–17.00 SURGICAL SECTION SYMPOSIUM: ‘Lower GI Programme’: Hall 4: Chair – Mr KR Wedgwood and Mr GS Duthie14.00–14.30 New Endoscopic Technologies (influence on surgery for IBD and CRC) (Dr DP Hurlstone, Sheffield)14.30–15.00 Patient Selection for Oncological safety (Professor JRT Monson, Hull)15.00–15.30 Combination Endoscopic and Minimal access surgery (MAS) for large bowel disease (enhancement of role of EMR inc patient selection and imaging) (Dr C Fraser, Harrow)15.30–16.00 Coffee16.00–16.30 MAS for IBD (Mr PM Sagar, Leeds)16.30–17.00 Management of Advanced/Recurrent CRC (Stent vs Surgery, Cost vs Quality) (Dr J Cast, Cottingham) 67
  62. 62. Thursday 13 March14.00–17.00 GASTRODUODENAL SECTION SYMPOSIUM: ‘“Everything you wanted to know about gastric lumps and bumps…”: Hall 5: Chair – Dr MM Walker and Dr AF Goddard14.00–15.10 Part 1: Overview14.00–14.30 An overview of gastric lesions & launch of gastric polyp guidelines (Dr AF Goddard, Derby)14.30–14.50 What are the ideal imaging strategies? (Dr ID Penman, Edinburgh)14.50–15.10 How can Pathology help? (Dr MM Walker, London)15.10–15.40 Coffee15.40–17.00 Part 2: Specific lesions15.40–16.00 GIST (Dr S Parsons, Nottingham)16.00–16.20 Carcinoid (Dr DM Pritchard, Liverpool)16.20–16.40 MALT lymphoma (Professor JC Atherton, Nottingham)16.40–17.00 Menetrier’s Disease (Dr P Phull, Aberdeen)14.00–17.00 PAEDIATRICS COMMITTEE MEETING: Hall 668
  63. 63. Thursday 13 March14.00–17.00 BSG TRAINEE SECTION SYMPOSIUM: Hall 8: Chair – Dr S Cooper and Dr A Haycock14.00–14.45 Management of extra-luminal IBD complications (Dr T Orchard, London)14.45–15.05 Overseas clinical fellowships (Dr M James, Nottingham)15.05–15.35 Coffee15.35–15.55 Success with CORE applications (Dr O Brain, Oxford)15.55–16.15 Walport fellow training (Dr J Dowman, Birmingham)16.15–16.20 Award of OOPE overseas grants16.20–17.00 AGM with Q&A for committee 69
  64. 64. Thursday 13 March14.00–17.00 LIVER FREE PAPERS: Hall 9: Chair – Dr A Stanley and Dr A Douds14.00–14.15 O-099 European liver fibrosis markers can predict clinical outcome in patients with chronic liver disease (J Parkes, P Roderick, S Harris, C Gough, M Wheatley, G Alexander, J Collier, C Day, M Lombard, D Mutimer, J Ramage, G Dusheiko, A Burt, E Sampson, W Rosenberg)14.15–14.30 O-100 Highly efficient differentiation of human embryonic stem cells to functional hepatocytes in vitro and in vivo requires Activin A and Wnt3a signalling (D Hay, J Fletcher, C Payne, J Terrace, R Gallagher, J Black, A Pryde, C Filippi, S Forbes, K Samuel, J Ross, J Iredale, PN Newsome)14.30–14.45 O-101 Hospitalisation of hepatitis C diagnosed persons in Scotland for decompensated cirrhosis: a population-based record- linkage study (SA McDonald, S Hutchinson, S Bird, P Mills, J Dillon, P Hayes, C Robertson, D Goldberg)14.45–15.00 O-102 Early liver biopsy is crucial for accurate diagnosis of alcoholic hepatitis and provides independent prognostic information in patients with decompensated alcoholic liver disease (RP Mookerjee, C Lackner, V Stadlbauer, R Williams, R Jalan)15.00–15.15 O-103 Current measurements of renal function do not reflect true glomerular filtration: a comparison of standard and novel markers of renal function in patients undergoing liver transplant assessment (AJ Portal, M McPhail, I Coltart, M Bruce, S Hughes, N Taylor, R Sherwood, J O’Grady, N Heaton, MA Heneghan)70
  65. 65. Thursday 13 March15.15–15.30 O-104 Silencing TIMPs with siRNA: defining a role for TIMP-1 in hepatic stellate cell proliferation (AJ Fowell, WMC Rosenberg, RC Benyon)15.30–16.00 Coffee16.00–16.15 O-105 Adrenal insufficiency in patients with AOCLF admitted to intensive care a single unit experience (MJ Austin, AJ Portal, I Coltart, L Sizer, G Auzinger, W Bernal, J Wendon)16.15–16.30 O-106 Identification of biomarkers that measure disease activity in patients with non- alcoholic fatty liver disease (R Malik, M Lai, K Bhaskar, I Nasser, M Curry, D Schuppan, N Afdhal)16.30–16.45 O-107 Prevalence and determinants of primary sclerosing cholangitis in a cohort of patients with inflammatory bowel disease and normal liver function tests (HK Bungay, OC Buchel, F Cummings, SPL Travis, RWG Chapman)16.45–17.00 O-108 Standardised mortality ratio in autoimmune hepatitis (BS Höeroldt, E McFarlane, M Campell, P Basumani, M Karajeh, D Gleeson) 71
  66. 66. Thursday 13 March14.00–16.00 ENDOSCOPY ASSOCIATES GROUP: Legal/Ethical Issues: Hall 10: Chair – Ms A Nicholls and Ms F MacKinnon14.00–16.00 Consent to treatment and the Mental Capacity Act 2005 This is a 2 hour session outlining what consent is and also to discuss the Mental Capacity Act; there will be a presentation and a case study workshop. (Mr P McGough, Eversheds Solicitors)72
  67. 67. Thursday 13 March14.00–16.30 ENDOSCOPY ASSOCIATES GROUP: Nursing Perspectives: Hall 11: Chair – Ms W Pugh and Ms L Hodgson14.00–14.20 Barretts, the Evidence to screen or not to screen (Dr RC Fitzgerald, Cambridge)14.20–14.40 The Patients perspective on Barretts Oesophagus (Mr C Marchant-White, Hampshire)14.40–15.00 The Emotional Aspect of Barretts (Ms M Baulf, Harrow)15.00–15.20 Coffee15.20–15.40 Nursing Perspective of Oesophageal Cancer (Ms K Smith, Leeds)15.40–16.00 The Nursing perspective of Coeliac Disease support and management (Ms L Porter, Torbay) 73
  68. 68. When routine extractions turn into stressful lithotripsies, you can put your con dence in the newest member of the Fusion line. The Lithotripsy Basket performs smoothly as you shift to mechanical lithotripsy with no assembly required. To learn more, visit and click Endoscopy. © 2008 Cook Medical74
  69. 69. Tuesday 11 to Thursday 13 MarchHall 3 Gallery12.30–14.00BSG INTERACTIVE CASE PRESENTATIONS:The following Case Presentations will be shown during thecourse of this session:CC-109 An unusual cause of recurrent chest pain (JRA Skipworth, A Humphries, B Patel, F Hughes)CC-110 Primary pancreatic lymphoma: a diagnosis to remember (KE Evans, AS Mee)CC-111 Be aware of this risk with feeding (J Mannath, I Mohammed)CC-112 Lateral thinking and gastrointestinal bleeding (E Wesley, R Ali, R Ramnarace, MA Puckett, JR Lowes)CC-113 Pyrexia of unknown origin: a diagnostic challenge (A Anand, R Parmeshwar, AK Bohra)CC-114 The confusing alcoholic (DG Craig, I Curzon, K Prasad, N Quinn, J Hancock)CC-115 Shortness of breath in Crohn’s disease (P Ellul, J Mann, ET Swarbrick, DC Rowlands, I Morgan)CC-116 An unusual cause of gastrointestinal haemorrhage (CE Kober, MC Gallagher, S de Sanctis, C Topham, CJ Tibbs)CC-117 A rare complication of liver biopsy (M Wireko, S Bridger, C Hovell, R Ward) 75
  70. 70. Tuesday 11 MarchPOSTER VIEWING SESSION:PLENARY, ENDOSCOPY, GASTROINTESTINALPATHOLOGY, GASTROINTESTINALPHYSIOLOGY, LIVER, NUTRITION(Posters will be on display in the Marquee adjacent toHall 3 from 09.00–17.00 daily and authors will be present fordiscussion between 12.30–14.00)PLENARYPoster round will be conducted by Professor MJG Farthing,Dr K Palmer, Dr A Harris and Dr SA KapadiaPP-118 Mucosally-adherent E coli isolates from human colon cancer induce nuclear translocation of ß-catenin and Cyclin D1 expression in human colon cancer epithelial cells (PD Collins, L Yu, JM Rhodes)PP-119 The misuse of the faecal occult blood test under the lower gastrointestinal two-week wait rule (A Shaw, C Longman, JN Lund, AF Goddard)PP-120 Double balloon enteroscopy is highly effective: the first 100 cases at St Mark’s hospital (E Despott, E Tripoli, A Polecina, K Konieczko, C Fraser)PP-121 Defining in vivo mucosal inflammatory activity and disease extent in ulcerative colitis: developing a clinically applicable model using laser scanning confocal endomicroscopy (DP Hurlstone, N Tiffin, SS Cross)PP-122 ‘Salvage’ endoscopic submucosal dissection as an alternative to surgical resection for residual or local recurrent intraepithelial neoplasia in the colorectum: a prospective analysis (DP Hurlstone, SR Brown, W Baraza N Tiffin, SS Cross)76
  71. 71. PP-123 Pillcam colon capsule endoscopy compared to colonoscopy in detection of colon polyps and cancers. Interim analysis of a prospective multi-centre trial (AJ Postgate, C Fraser, A Fitzpatrick M Munoz-Navas, I Fernandez-Urien, M Lapalus, T Ponchon, G Gay, M Delvaux, H Neuhaus, M Philliper, G Costamagna, M Riccioni, C Spada, F Haegenmuller, M Keuchel, N Schoofs, A Van Gossum, J Deviere)PP-124 Accurate quantification of H pylori density in human gastric biopsies using real-time PCR (SR Patel, K Robinson, DP Letley, JC Atherton)PP-125 Upregulation of urokinase-type plasminogen activator receptor is associated with Helicobacter pylori in premalignant gastric tissue (JM Mikhail, P Griffiths, J Manson, L Thomas, L Williams, JN Baxter, JM Parry, GJS Jenkins)PP-126 The cost-effectiveness of biological therapies for Crohn’s disease: Markov cohort analyses incorporating UK patient-level cost data (K Bodger, T Kikuchi, DA Hughes)PP-127 Nicotine exerts its anti-inflammatory effects on cells of colonic phenotype via inhibition of transcription factor, NF-κB (KM Khatab, W Dhaliwal, DS Rampton)PP-128 Safety of adalimumab maintenance therapy in Crohn’s disease patients: open-label extension of CHARM and GAIN trials (JF Colombel, P Rutgeerts, WJ Sandborn, R Panaccione, W Lau, KG Lomax, PF Pollack)PP-129 Audit of inflammatory bowel disease clinical research activity and resources in the United Kingdom (BA Theis, SL Bloom)PP-130 The effects of ribavirin of dendritic cell maturation and cytokine production (SJ Barker, AE Semper, WM Rosenberg)PP-131 Retinal vascular changes in patients with cirrhosis (A Mukhopadhya, T MacGillivray, N McAvoy, PC Hayes)PP-132 Biliary epithelial to mesenchymal transition contributes to portal tract fibrogenesis in primary sclerosing cholangitis (HL Marshall, H Robertson, AD Burt, DEJ Jones, JA Kirby, M Hudson) 77
  72. 72. PP-133 Corticotrophin releasing hormone increases postprandial bloating but not distension in patients with irritable bowel syndrome (A Agrawal, R Lea, PJ Whorwell, LA Houghton)PP-134 Measurement of gliadin alone cannot predict total gluten content of foods for coeliac disease sufferers (HJ Ellis, MC Bermudo-Redondo, ML Butero, T Suligoj, CK O’Sullivan, PJ Ciclitira)PP-135 A comparison of outcome predictive scores for acute haemorrhage from oesophageal varices (PD Dunckley, N Rajoriya, K Tweed, J Booth)PP-136 VIP endoscopy - the red carpet treatment? (CW Pritchard, PM Neville, MJ Webberley)PP-137 Is there a case for routine duodenal biopsy at gastroscopy or is a targeted approach adequate? a retrospective and prospective evaluation (AD Hopper, TS Chew, DS Sanders)ENDOSCOPYPoster Round will be conducted by Dr H Shepherd,Dr J Morris, Dr R Tighe and Dr A VeitchPT-138 Endoscopic ultrasound predicts patients with oesophageal cancer who benefit from neoadjuvant therapy (NS Balaji, R Melhado, A Fowler, N Wariach, A Goddard, PC Leeder, A Cole, S Iftikhar)PT-139 Outcomes and perceptions of a high-stakes colonoscopy skills assessment: the Joint Advisory Group/Bowel Cancer Screening Programme Screening Colonoscopy Assessment (R Barton)PT-140 Initial experience of the new cytobrush in the endoscopic ultrasound management of pancreatic cystic lesions- procedural characteristics, cytological yield and safety profile (H Karageorgiou, JR Bebb, K Ragunath, G Aithal)78
  73. 73. PT-141 Endoscopic ultrasound fine needle aspiration: a valuable tool for evaluation of mediastinal pathology (GC Bennett, R Bambury, S O’Riordan, R Sugrue, S Sengupta, E Clarke, J Lennon, N Mulligan, T Kelleher, P MacMathuna)PT-142 Outcome of patients with upper gastrointestinal haemorrhage undergoing delayed out-patient endoscopy (S Bhat, M McLoughlin, TCK Tham)PT-143 Missed diagnoses in patients with upper gastrointestinal cancers (DH Chowdhury, P Bhandari, P Goggin, R Ellis, Q Amanda, T Trebble, S Toh, S Sommers, H Duncan)PT-144 Localisation of colorectal tumour at colonoscopy ; do we know where we are? (BJ Colleypriest, PF Marden, A Nicol, E Griffiths, JD Linehan)PT-145 Colorectal cancer found during colonoscopy: how many biopsies are necessary? (BJ Colleypriest, PF Marden, L Ayres, B Doshi, A Nicol, E Griffiths, JD Linehan)PT-146 Double balloon enteroscopy: a leap forward in the management of small bowel Crohn’s strictures (E Despott, E Tripoli, A Polecina, K Konieczko, C Fraser)PT-147 A profile of colonic polyps in the Northeast of England and its impact on colonoscopic practice: the South Durham polyp pilot study (T Wood, C Westwood, K Gunning, A Dhar)PT-148 Safe sedation in endoscopic procedures: impact of pethidine on 30-day post-procedure mortality (B Doshi, P Marden, B Colleypriest, G Taylor, D Robertson)PT-149 Endoscopic management of non-variceal upper gastrointestinal haemorrhage: results of a questionnaire evaluating current practice (JM Dunn, A McNair, V Saxena)PT-150 Gastrointestinal bleeding and warfarin (P Eadala, R Crimmins, S Dolwani, GL Swift, JT Green)PT-151 A prospective study to determine factors associated with increased discomfort during colonoscopy (DA Elphick, MT Donnelly, K Smith, SA Riley) 79
  74. 74. PT-152 ERCP training; what has changed in the last 5 years? (AD Farmer, MJ Brookes, PG Wilson)PT-153 Endoscopic ultrasound training: the trainees’ perspective (AD Farmer, MJ Brookes, JIW Jones, PG Wilson)PT-154 Mortality following PEG insertion in a Scottish district general hospital (S Ghosh, AK Ghosh, A Roychoudhury, J Rose)PT-155 Use of endoscopic ultrasonography versus oesophagogastroduodenoscopy in assessing intestinal failure associated liver disease in children assessed for intestinal transplantation (P McKiernan, K Sharif, G Gupte)PT-156 Mid-point results of a randomised blinded controlled study of hands-on therapeutic endoscopy training (AV Haycock, S Thomas-Gibson)PT-157 The UK national endoscopy training programme has improved colonoscopy training over a five-year period: closing the audit loop (AV Haycock, JH Patel, S Thomas-Gibson)PT-158 Gastrointestinal cancer prevalence in iron deficiency and the predictive value of iron indices (B Hayee, S Patel, J O’Donohue, D Reffitt)PT-159 Virtual chromoendoscopy by means of real-time adaptive histogram equalisation of HD video with the Sony Cell RSX graphics processing unit (S Hebbar, R Beresford, D Lennon, M Williams, J Anderson, N Shepherd, J Brown)PT-160 Intraepithelial neoplasia and intramucosal carcinoma complicating Barrett’s oesophagus: endoluminal resection is possible in the UK (DP Hurlstone, N Tiffin, SS Cross)PT-161 The role of straight-to-test endoscopy for two-week- wait referrals suspected of upper gastrointestinal malignancy (GR Irving, F Chikwanda, P Morowski, K Kapur, M Shiwani)PT-162 Indications, success and complications of needle knife sphincterotomy in a tertiary referral centre (V Jairath, SP Pereira, ARW Hatfield, GJM Webster)80
  75. 75. PT-163 Assessment of rapid on-site evaluation by a biomedical scientist in endoscopic ultrasound guided fine needle aspirations (S Chaudhry, VY Kaushik)PT-164 Bispectral index monitoring during ERCP (I Khan, M Hegde, A Windsor, J Bateman, M Smith)PT-165 Early experience of diagnostic and therapeutic single-balloon enteroscopy (SC Kong, AJ Morris)PT-166 Patient intolerance during conscious sedation is a major cause of procedure failure: a retrospective audit of ERCP in a London teaching hospital (N Kumar, P Kennedy, J Mawdsley, M Thursz, J Teare, J Hoare)PT-167 The efficacy, acceptability and safety of the new 2L Moviprep vs the 4L Kleanprep in patients undergoing elective colonoscopies (BC Lee, DA Moyes, JC McLoughlin, PL Lim)PT-168 In cases of obscure gastrointestinal bleeding, negative capsule endoscopy predicts good long-term outcome (JC Macdonald, V Porter, DA McNamara)PT-169 Rates of caecal intubation as reported in the abstracts of the BSG annual meeting (MR Welfare, SJ Mills, LA Macdougall)PT-170 Is the colonoscopic medical surgical divide a reality? (LA Macdougall, MR Welfare, SJ Mills)PT-171 Use and safety of needle knife sphincterotomy at ERCP: an audit of 8 years experience at a district general hospital (PG Mayhead, RH Loke, G Greenhall, Y Umebuani)GASTROINTESTINAL PATHOLOGYPoster Round will be conducted by Dr A BatemanPT-172 The regulation of cellular iron is defective in APC mutant colorectal carcinogenesis (MJ Brookes, K Roberts, T Iqbal, C Tselepis) 81