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مجلات چاپي سال 2007 ( فايل Word )
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مجلات چاپي سال 2007 ( فايل Word )


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  • 1. 1 MUMS Print Journals 2007NO. Title Location 1. Academic Emergency Medicine EDC 2. Academic Medicine EDC 3. Acta haematologica GHH 4. American Academy of Child & Adoles. Psychiatry, Journal EBH 5. American Academy of Dermatology Journal GHH 6. American Academy of Dermatology, Journal IRH 7. American College of Cardiology Journal IRH 8. American Health Information Management Assn. Journal PM 9. American Journal of Cardiology IRH 10 American Journal of Clinical Oncology OMH . 11 American Journal of clinical nutrition C . 12 American Journal of dermatopathology IRH . 13 American Journal of Distance Education EDC . 14 American Journal of Gastroenterology GHH . 1 American Journal of Gastroenterology IRH 5. 16 American Journal of Hematology IRH . 17 American Journal of Human Genetics C . 18 American Journal of Kidney Diseases GHH . 19 American Journal of Nursing NM . 20 American Journal of Obstetrics & Gynecology OBH . 21 American Journal of Ophthalmology KHH . 22 American Journal of Orthodontics & Dentofacial Ortho… DEN . 23 American Journal of Pathology GHH . 24 American Journal of Psychiatry EBH . 25 American Journal of Public Health C . 26 American Journal of Public Health PM . 27 American Journal of Respiratory & critical Care GHH . 28 American Journal of Roentgenology IRH . 29 American Journal of Surgery GHH 1
  • 2. 230 American Journal of Surgical Pathology GHH.31 American Journal of Surgical Pathology E.32 Analyst PHR.33 Anatomical Record C.34 Anesthesia IRH.35 Anesthesia & Anelgesia IRH.36 Anesthesia & Anelgesia GHH.37 Angle Orthodontist DEN.38 Annals of clinical psychiatry EBH.39 Annals of Internal Medicine IRH.40 Annals of Internal Medicine GHH.41 Annals of Rheumatic Diseases GHH.42 Annals of Thoracic Surgery GHH.43 Annual Review of Immunology BA.44 Archives of Ophthalmology KHH.45 Archives of Pathology & Laboratory Medicine C.46 Archives of Neurology GHH.47 Arthritis & Rheumatism GHH.48 Biological Psychiatry EBH.49 Birth NM.50 Birth Defects Research C.51 Blood IRH.52 British Journal of Anesthesia GHH.53 British Journal of Cancer OMH.54 British Journal of Dermatology IRH. 2
  • 3. 355 British Journal of Hematology GHH.56 British Journal of Nursing NM.57 British Journal of Nutrition C.58 British Journal of Obstetrics & Gynecology OBH.59 British Journal of Obstetrics & Gynecology IRH.60 British Journal of ophthalmology KHH.61 British Journal of Pharmacology PHR.62 British Journal of Psychiatry EBH.63 British Journal of Surgery GHH.64 British Medical Journal C.65 Burns IRH.66 Cancer IRH.67 Cancer OMH.68 Cardiology Clinics GHH.69 Cell C.70 Chest IRH.71 Chest Surgery Clinics of North America GHH.72 Circulation GHH.73 Clinical & Experimental Allergy GHH.74 Clinical & Experimental Immunology IRH.75 Clinical Biochemistry C.76 Clinical Infectious Diseases IRH.77 Clinical Nuclear Medicine IRH.78 Clinical Obstetrics & Gynecology IRH.79 Clinical Obstetrics & Gynecology OBH.80 Clinical Oncology OMH 3
  • 4. 481 Clinical Pediatrics PEH.82 Clinical Pharmacokinetics PHR.83 Clinics in Chest Medicine IRH.84 Clinics in Chest Medicine GHH.85 Clinics in Perinatology IRH.86 Clinics in Perinatology GHH.87 Contemporary Pediatrics PEH.88 Cornea KHH.89 Critical Review in Toxicology PHR.90 Current Opinion in Biotechnology PHR.91 Current Pharmaceutical Biotechnology PHR.92 Cytogenetic & Genome Research BA.93 Dental Materials DEN.94 Dentomaxillofacial radiology DEN.95 Dermatologic Clinics GHH.96 Developmental Biology C.97 Diabetes care GHH.98 Drugs PHR.99 Educational Leadership EDC.10 Educational Researcher EDC0.10 Endoscopy IRH1.10 European Journal of immunology C2.10 European Journal of Nuclear Medicine IRH3.10 European Journal of Orthodontics DEN4.10 European Journal of Surgical Oncology – EJSO OMH5. 4
  • 5. 510 Fertility & Sterility OBH6.10 Gastroenterology IRH7.10 Hand clinics EMH8.10 Health Physics C9.11 Hematology / Oncology Clinics of North America OMH0.11 Hepatology IRH1.11 Human Pathology IRH2.11 Immunological reviews BA3.11 Immunology C4.11 Immunology & Allergy Clinics of North America GHH5.11 International Endodontic Journal DEN6.11 International Journal of Environment & Pollution PM7.11 International Journal of pharmaceutics PHR8.11 J.A.M.A C9.12 Journal of Analytical Toxicology PHR0.12 Journal of Anatomy C1.12 Journal Of Antibiotics PHR2.12 Journal of Bone & Joint Surgery(AM ed.) IRH3.12 Journal of Bone & Joint Surgery (AM ed.) EMH4.12 Journal of Bone & Joint Surgery (Br ed.) GHH5.12 Journal of Clinical Endocrinology & Metabolism IRH6.12 Journal of Clinical Endocrinology & Metabolism GHH7.12 Journal of Clinical Microbiology IRH8.12 Journal of Clinical Oncology OMH9.13 Journal of Clinical Pharmacology C0.13 Journal of Clinical Psychiatry EBH 5
  • 6. 613 Journal of Clinical Psychopharmacology EBH2.13 Journal of Curriculum and Supervision EDC3.13 Journal of Dentistry for Children DEN4.13 Journal of Endodontics DEN5.13 Journal of Environmental Health C6.13 Journal of Essential Oil Research PHR7.13 Journal of Family Practice C8.13 Journal of Photochemistry & photobiology A: chemistry C9.14 Journal of Immunology C0.14 Journal of Medical Ethics EDC1.14 Journal of Medicinal Chemistry PHR2.14 Journal of midwifery & womens health NM3.14 Journal of Molecular Medicine C4.14 Journal of Natural Products PHR5.14 Journal of Neurosurgery GHH6.14 Journal of Neurosurgery EMH7.14 Journal of Nuclear Medicine C8.14 Journal of Oral & Maxillofacial Surgery DEN9.15 Journal of Oral pathology & Medicine DEN0.15 Journal of Parasitology C1.15 Journal of Pediatric Endocrinology & Metabolism IRH2.15 Journal of Pediatric Gastroenterology & Nutrition - JPGN PEH3.15 Journal of Pediatric Hematology/ Oncology PEH4.15 Journal of Pediatric Surgery PEH5.15 Journal of Pediatrics IRH6. 6
  • 7. 715 Journal of Pediatrics PEH7.15 Journal of Perinatology OBH8.15 Journal of Periodontology DEN9.16 Journal of Pharmacokinetics & Pharmacodynamic PHR0.16 Journal of Pharmacology & Experimental Therapeutics PHR1.16 Journal of Pharmacy & Pharmacology(new title: Pharmacy & PHR2. pharmacology communications)16 Journal of Prosthetic Dentistry DEN3.16 Journal of Rheumatology IRH4.16 Journal of the Am. Ass. For pediatric Ophthalmology &strabismus KHH5.16 Journal of thoracic & Cardiovascular Surgery GHH6.16 Journal of Urology IRH7.16 Journal of Urology GHH8.16 Kidney International IRH9.17 Lancet C0.17 Lancet Oncology OMH1.17 Laryngoscope GHH2.17 Lupus GHH3.17 MCN -American Journal of Maternal Child Nursing NM4.17 Medical & health Care Books & serials in print C5.17 Medical Clinics of North America C6.17 Medical Education EDC7.17 Medical Teacher EDC8.17 Microscopic research & technique BA9.18 Mycologia C0.18 Natural Product Reports BA1.18 Nature C 7
  • 8. 818 Nature biotechnology PHR3.18 Nephrology Dialysis & Transplantation IRH4.18 Neurology GHH5.18 Neuropsycho Pharmacology EBH6.18 Neurosurgery GHH7.18 New England Journal of Medicine IRH8.18 New England Journal of Medicine GHH9.19 Nursing NM0.19 Nursing Science NM1.19 Nursing Times NM2.19 Obstetrics & Gynecology GHH3.19 Obstetrics & gynecology IRH4.19 Operative Dentistry DEN5.19 Ophthalmic Surgery, Lasers & imaging KHH6.19 Ophthalmology: American Academy of Ophthalmology KHH7.19 Optometry & Vision Science PM8.19 Oral Oncology DEN9.20 Oral surgery, oral medicine ,oral pathology ,oral radiology , oral DEN0. endodontics20 Orthopedics Clinics of North America EMH1.20 Otolaryngology Clinics of North America GHH2.20 Otolaryngology Clinics of North America IRH3.20 Pathology Case Review PEH4.20 Pediatric & developmental pathology PEH5.20 Pediatric Cardiology IRH6.20 Pediatric Clinics Of North America PEH7. 8
  • 9. 920 Pediatric Clinics of North America GHH8.20 Pediatric Dentistry DEN9.21 Pediatric Infectious Diseases Journal IRH0.21 Pediatric Nephrology PEH1.21 Pediatric Nursing NM2.21 Pediatric Radiology PEH3.21 Pediatric Research IRH4.21 Pediatric surgery international PEH5.21 Pediatrics PEH6.21 Pediatrics GHH7.21 Pediatrics in review PEH8.21 Pharmaceutical Biology PHR9.22 Pharmacological Reviews PHR0.22 Pharmacy & Pharmacology Communications (formerly title:155) PHR1.22 Physics in Medicine & Biology C2.22 Phytochemistry PHR3.22 Planta Medica PHR4.22 Plastic & Reconstructive Surgery IRH5.22 Quintessence International DEN6.22 Radiation Protection Dosimetry C7.22 Radiologic Clinics of North America IRH8.22 Radiologic Clinics of North America GHH9.23 Radiology GHH0.23 Radiotherapy & Oncology OMH1.23 Retina KHH2.23 Rheumatic Diseases Clinics of North America GHH 9
  • 10. 1023 Rheumatology IRH4.23 Science C5.23 Spine EMH6.23 Seminars in Arthritis & Rheumatism IRH7.23 Seminars in Diagnostic Pathology GHH8.23 Seminars in Hematology GHH9.24 Seminars in Nuclear Medicine IRH0.24 Seminars in Oncology GHH1.24 Seminars in Oncology OMH2.24 Surgical Clinics of North America IRH3.24 Surgical Clinics of North America GHH4.24 Survey of ophthalmology KHH5.24 Teaching and Learning in Medicine EDC6.24 Thrombosis and homeostasis GHH7.24 Transplantation GHH8.24 Trends in Immunology C9.25 Trends in Parasitology IRH0.25 Trends in Pharmacological Sciences PHR1.25 Urologic Clinics of North America IRH2.25 Urologic Clinics of North America GHH3.25 Vision Research PM4.25 World Journal of Surgery GHH5. 10