Multiple intelligence


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Multiple intelligence

  1. 1. GeometryPrathomsuksa 4
  2. 2. Can you guess the shape?
  3. 3. I am a flat shape.I have 1 curved side.I have no corners. What shape am I? I’m a circle!
  4. 4. I am a flat shape.I have 3 straight sides.I have 3 corners. What shape am I? I’m a triangle!
  5. 5. I am a flat shape.I have 5 straight sides.I have 5 corners. What shape am I? I am a pentagon!
  6. 6. I am a flat shape.I have 4 straight sides.I have 4 corners.All my sides are the same length. What shape am I? I’m a square!
  7. 7. WELL DONE
  8. 8. Vocabularygeometry
  9. 9. Vocabularyshape
  10. 10. Vocabularydimensional
  11. 11. Vocabularybreadth
  12. 12. ModifiersModifiers A modifier can be an adjective, an adverb,or a phrase or clause acting as an adjective oradverb In every case, the basic principle isthe same: the modifier adds information toanother element in the sentence.
  13. 13. Adjective ModifierAdjectives describe nouns by answering one of these three questions:- What kind is it?- How many are there?- Which one is it?An adjective can be a single word and a phrase.
  14. 14. Example• Logical structure adjective• Mathematical relationship adjective
  15. 15. Right angle adjectiveCentral point adjectiveSolid object adjective
  16. 16. Geometry
  17. 17. Two- dimensional figure
  18. 18. Geometric shapes: 2 dimensional pentagonA polygon many sided plane figure having five sides and five interior angles
  19. 19. Geometric shapes: 2 dimensional triangle A three sided plane figure with 2 equal sides
  20. 20. Geometric shapes: 2 dimensional square A four- sided plane figure with four right angles,opposite sides parallel and each side of equal lenght
  21. 21. Geometric shapes: 2 dimensional circle A circle is a two-dimensional shape formed by all points that are one consistent distance or "radius" from a single central point.
  22. 22. Three- dimensional figure
  23. 23. Geometric shapes: 3 dimensional CubeA cube is a solid object with 6 square sides of the same size. It has 6 equal, square faces which meet at right- angles. It has 8 vertices and 12 edges.
  24. 24. Geometric shapes: 3 dimensional Cylinder A solid tube with long straight sides and two equal- sized circular ends.
  25. 25. Geometric shapes: 3 dimensional CuboidA solid object with 6 rectangular sides. A closed boxcomposed of three pairs of rectangular faced oppositeeach other and joined at right angles to each other.
  26. 26. Geometric shapes: 3 dimensional TetrahedronA tetrahedron is a solid shape which has four vertices, six edges, and four equivalent equilateral triangular faces.
  27. 27. Wonderful Geometric- Make a group of five people- Send one representative to draw a random slot in the box- Read the direction and come to get the geometric sharps in front of the class- Create the picture and name it- Come up with your idea and present by using song and movement
  28. 28. Geometric shapes