United States (by Ainhoa)


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United States (by Ainhoa)

  1. 1. INDEXNew York: -Statue of Liberty - Brooklyn bridge -Central Park -Times Square -Empire State Building -St. Patrick Cathedral -Ground ZeroMiami: -Beaches of Miami - Lincoln Road -Downtown Miami - Freedom Tower
  2. 2. STATUE OF LIBERTY-It was a gift that Francedid to the city of New Yorkin the year 1886.- Is in the way of the riverHudson.-It is calculated that itweighs approximately 225(two hundred twenty five)tons and has some 46 metersof high place.
  3. 3. BROUCLIN BRIDGE-This bridge over the EastRiver connecting the islandof Manhattan and Brooklynand has a length of 1834meters.-Its construction began in1869 and was built in 14years and for a long timewas the longest suspensionbridge in the world.
  4. 4. CENTRAL PARK-The Central Park, of 3.41 km ², islocated in Manhattan. It is the mostvisited park in the United States,with approximately 25 milliontourists a year. - Appears in numerous films andtelevision programs, and has becomeone of the most famous urban parksin the world.
  5. 5. EMPIRE STATE BUILDING-Located on the Fifth Avenue andthe street 34.-It has 102(one hundred and two)floors in total and measuresapproximately 443.2 meters ofhigh place.-It has 73 lifts and 6500 (sixthousand five hundred) windows.In the 86th and 102(one hundredand two)nd floors can visit thelookout for estimating magnificentviews of the city. Two millionpeople visit each year.
  6. 6. TIMES SQUARE-Times Square it isilluminated by night and byday. It is the center of thezone of theatres of the city.-Nowadays it is a district fullof trades, entertainment,restaurants and points ofattraction for the tourists.
  7. 7. SAINT PATRICKS-St. Patricks Cathedral isthe seat of the RomanCatholic Archdiocese inNew York. It is the largestGothic Roman Catholiccathedral in the UnitedStates.-It is located on theelegant Fifth Avenue inRockefeller CenterFrende.
  8. 8. GROUND ZERO-Zona Cero(Ground Zero) isthe name given to the areaafter the 11-S. This area isnow also a historic site, a hugecrater full of works with avery promising future.
  9. 9. MIAMI -Miami Beach is a city in Miami- Dade County in Florida.- The Port of Miami is considered the port thathas the largest volume of cruise ships in theworld.
  10. 10. Lincoln Road-Lincoln Road is a streetshopping and pedestrian areaof ​the city of Miami Beachthat serves as a meeting placefor many tourists for itsattractive, both in outdoorshops, restaurants and hotels.- It is an area where peoplewalk outside and also hasanother big attraction fortourists, shopping.
  11. 11. DOWNTOWN MIAMI-Downtown Miami is an urbanresidential neighborhood, andthe central businessdistrict of Miami.
  12. 12. FREEDOM TOWER -Freedom Tower (Freedom Tower), is located in the city of Miami, is a historic building in the district of Biscayne and belongs to the National Register of Historic Places since 1979. -Built in 1925 as the headquarters of News & Metropolis newspaper. The style used was the Spanish Mediterranean with elements inspired by the Giralda of Seville and reaches 88 meters in height.