Colombia (by Edwin)


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Colombia (by Edwin)

  1. 1. San Andrés and providencia San Andres is one of three tourist destinations in the Caribbean, the island of San Andres archipelago is located in the Caribbean Sea and its total area is 26 km ². and belongs toColombia, its climate is warm ranging between 26 ° C and 33 ° C in a predominance of summer and winter seasons. A paradise as tourist site.
  2. 2. Bogota: the capital of the republic of Colombia, placed in the center of the country, his climate iscold, and differs to the rest of Colombian cities for his way of transport (transmilenio). Accordingto the information of the national census 2010, Bogota there possesses a population of7.363.782 inhabitants .. it shelters the organisms of major hierarchy of the executive branch,possesses of numerous parks of attraction that are 365 days of the year as magic saltpeter,world ventures, etc. The metropolitan park simón bolivar, possesses a very big lake, when itcomes the summer is the supposed beach for of Bogotá many since his breeze and thedampness refreshes them.
  3. 3. Every year celebrates the National Contest of Beauty of Colombia in take care Of Cartagena ofThe Indies which attracts many tourists. Cartagena is one take care historical since pirate is known principally by the history. The Castle San Philip of Cards was constructed in 1536 during to the colonial Spanish epoch which suffered constantattacks on the part of the English men and French this favorite enclave of many cruises presumes of excellent beaches, marvellous restaurants and a historical old town along which it is possible to walk entirely.
  4. 4. Barranquilla is placed on the coast of the Carib, account at present brings over of 1,5 million inhabitants. Surrounded with a few beautiful crystalline beaches.His hat is traditional in quite Colombia and represents the vallenato, the carnival, or any another celebration andColombian identification, there are famous many born in Barranquilla one of the mas known at present they are Shakira and Radamél Falcao.
  5. 5. CaliIt is the capital of the department of Valleyof the Cauca, the third city most filled withthe country, after Bogota and Medellin. Hisgreat holiday very known by Colombia and part of the world: The Fair of Cali, it is a festivity celebrated anually from 1957. His more important events are the Salsódromo, the Cavalcade and the so called Superconcert. In some occasions ithave been called Fair of the Cane or Fair ofthe Sauce, though during his verbenas they inform international orchestras that represent all the tropical dance paces.
  6. 6.  The capital of the department of  Antioch, With a population of 2.393.011 inhabitants in 20123 it is the second city  most filled with Colombia, after Bogota,  only take care of the country with  cableway as way of transport and tourism, Every year, thousands of people meet concerning this holiday, concebida to remember, to exalt and to perpetuate  the values of Antioch. The holiday  possesses the intimate character of the  culture paisa, and celebrates the bloom  and the customs of the caste.
  7. 7. Caño Cristales Located in the Saw of the Pertaining to La Macarena one located in the department of Meta, the central region of the  country. Named the river of five colors, since in his bottom  there are reproduced water plants of diverse colors, which  produce the sensation of being opposite to a river of five  colors: red, yellow, green, blue and black, principally. The  river, world-famous for his color, and called " The Rio that  escaped of the Paradise " as you poll one of the most  beautiful rivers of the World.
  8. 8. Armenia One of the principal cores of the national economy  and part of the coffee axis  located between Bogota, Medellin and Cali. The coffee of  Colombia like representative symbol Juan Valdez worldwide  is the third producing country  of coffee and the major  producer of soft coffee in the  world. The principal importing  countries of the coffee of  Colombia are The United  States, Germany, Japan,  Netherlands and Sweden. And For many the best coffee of the  world. Armenia possesses  numerous park where the tourism increases every day as the park of the coffee, the park  of the life, panaca, and the  valley of the bore etc.