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  • Niche brands tend to be obscure- The metal image represents the razor blades and its torture on the skin. manPULSE badger will emerge through the blades providing an amour for the skin. Our model rushes to his daily routine with confidence since he has just survived and triumphed against his blade
  • Man pulse presentation my version

    1. 1. manPULSE.
    2. 2. manPULSE.
    3. 3. FALL WINTER 2013-14MAXIMALISM Domination, uber-power and determination. The hyper-urban consumer marches across the city with great strides. This glamorous, transgressive, high voltage epoch is demanding and rough. After the crisis life goes on and the world must be reconstructed. Its time to pick up the city and put it back together again, to raise our heads high with dignity and rise from the ashes. Calls upon the silent forces of the city’s darkness and is awakened by the night’s shadows moving stealthily across the city sky scrappers
    4. 4. MAXIMALISM. SKIN CARE. New Technology and extreme precision for a la carte care. Round, square or rectangular shapes for mini doses of high performance skin care. Skin care designed for individual preference.
    5. 5. MAXIMALISMFall Winter 2013-14
    6. 6. The Crusader Couple.
    7. 7. Fall Winter 2013-14MAXIMALISM Color Urban Midnight Deep, dark, cold colors lit-up by a stark silver. An Urban Palette gleaming with artificial light.
    8. 8. 2013 Fashion Week.
    9. 9. Packaging Hard Deco.LV Men’s FashionDécor 2013.
    11. 11. Classic? Yes! Romantic? Yes! Functional?ABSOLUTELY, Time consuming…
    12. 12. Times Have Changed!
    13. 13. Metrosexual…So ten years ago!• New studies asserts a new definition ofmasculinity is taking shape, saying, "theuniversal archetype of masculinity is over."• Men ages 18 to 40 are spending more timeon their appearances, creating theirindividual styles• "Its less about being Neanderthal orclean cut, but about variations of those twoextremes," Hahn-Griffiths said.• "Its about finding your own personallook. Its not manicured, but its stillcool." -LA Times
    14. 14. Wet Shaving is Back.• Traditional shaving is eco friendly• Safety razors cost $25-$200 – Replacement blades .20 cents each• Barber Schools rose in the US by 8%• College students are using traditional tools• P&G acquired Art of Shaving
    15. 15. Rise In Men’s Skin Care.• Department Store • Economist sales gained monitoring 10%, to 80.6 economic million-NPD conditions• Sales of shaving – have seen that items rose 12% on sales of badger eBay brush hair have gone through• Shaving the roof conventions are • Grandfather’s filled with Men shaving tools are 20s and early 30s trending at dorms
    16. 16. The Growing Niche Market.• Affluent consumers • Affluent consumers are responsible for make up 20% of the 40% of consumer overall population spending • 11% increase in• 2011 U.S. Prestige dollars beauty Market – Record breaking – $9.5 billion increase – All beauty prestige categories• Diversity in age • Luxury brands on the and income rise
    17. 17. Old School.
    18. 18. The manPULSE.StoryThe Smoothest Shave takes a new form:
    19. 19. Traditional +Artisan + Contemporary = Niche.
    20. 20. Traditional.
    21. 21. Artisan.
    22. 22. Contemporary.
    23. 23. manPULSE. The Smoothest Shave takes a new form.
    24. 24. Target Audience.
    25. 25. Target Market.• 25-45 Men• Living in metropolitan areas• Appearance and maintenance is part of their routine• Young Executives• Trend Seekers
    26. 26. Genuine Badger Brush.• Range from $25-$550• Retains heat and water• The brush will massage and exfoliate your skin and the motion required to apply the soap will also lift your hair, preparing it for the shave.• For a scrubbier feeling – a brush made of pure or best badger, for a soft touch super badger or silver tip will do the trick.
    27. 27. Why manPULSE?• Head spins in a • This helps in circular motion to minimizing ingrown gently exfoliate the hairs skin• The secondary brush • This motion will bristles will move up create a faster and down lather and soften the whiskers• Mimics manual hand • Eliminates the use of motions of a bowl to lather traditional badger product brushes• Badger hair is • Eliminates the need antibacterial of replacing badger heads
    28. 28. manPULSE.The Smooth Shave Takes a New Form