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Kids Tek Master Presentation 012309
Kids Tek Master Presentation 012309
Kids Tek Master Presentation 012309
Kids Tek Master Presentation 012309
Kids Tek Master Presentation 012309
Kids Tek Master Presentation 012309
Kids Tek Master Presentation 012309
Kids Tek Master Presentation 012309
Kids Tek Master Presentation 012309
Kids Tek Master Presentation 012309
Kids Tek Master Presentation 012309
Kids Tek Master Presentation 012309
Kids Tek Master Presentation 012309
Kids Tek Master Presentation 012309
Kids Tek Master Presentation 012309
Kids Tek Master Presentation 012309
Kids Tek Master Presentation 012309
Kids Tek Master Presentation 012309
Kids Tek Master Presentation 012309
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Kids Tek Master Presentation 012309


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  • 1.
    • Overview
    • Sites
    • Performance
    • Demographics
    • Trends
    • 2009
    • Sponsor Program
  • 2. Why KidsTek?
    • Lack of basic computer skills limits employment opportunity for a lifetime.
      • “ Haves versus Have Not's” is growing.
    • Schools in disadvantaged neighborhoods have the computer labs but lack funding, instructors, lessons, and program management for after school use
    • KidsTek partners with the schools providing instructors, structured computer skills lessons, and program management
    • Result: Low cost and highly efficient
    • “ Bridging of the Digital Divide”
  • 3. History
    • 1999 – Founded by Colorado Software and Internet Association Board and Provide a technology oriented way for the “tech” community to give back
      • Provided multi-year funding of the development and implementation of basic computer skills training for Metro Denver Boys and Girls Club
    • 2004 – Identified unique need in the market for instructors and curriculum and launched KidsTek After School a 501c3.
    • 2005 – Expanded into Larimer County Boys & Girls Clubs
    • 2006 – Expanded into Aurora Pubic Schools and began building curriculum components based on the NETS standard that allowed us to quickly and easily build and scale into new sites.
    • 2007 – Created three areas of emphasis
      • Tech12 is KidsTek’s effort to continue a child’s tech education experience from grade school through 12th grade whenever possible.
      • Tech To Tomorrow (TTT) increases career and college exploration opportunities for high school students with a focus on the use of technology in all careers .
      • Girls Need Tech Too increases the numbers of girls in after-school technology programs, with a goal of even distribution of males to females in KidsTek programs by 2011.
    • 2008 – Expanded into Denver Public Schools and offered an innovative program teaming IT consultant, DU students and KidsTek students to provide a free day IT consulting to 12 non profits.
  • 4. Business Model
    • KidsTek provides instructor, lessons, program management, and funding
    • Partners provide facility, computer lab, scheduling and the kids
    • Kids come ready to learn and do not pay tuition
  • 5. Methodology
    • KidsTek’s project-based learning teaches basic and advanced computer skills through a hands-on approach.
    • KidsTek teaches and reinforces these skills through projects using
      • the power of the Internet
      • commonly used applications including Microsoft Office
      • multimedia applications that engage children’s interest in the possibilities of technology
    • Providing a “fun” learning environment
  • 6. Instructors
    • Andrew will add
  • 7. Lessons
    • Andrew will add
  • 8. Boys and Girls Club of Larimer County
      • Partnership started in 2005
        • Over 800 unduplicated Kids served since inception
      • 3 Sites - Loveland, Fort Collins and Wellington
      • Nine classes per week - year round
      • New Loveland club site's computer lab was built with KidsTek in mind
        • doubled number of PC workstations to 25
        • added computer hardware workbench
  • 9. Aurora Public Schools
    • Partnership started in 2006, expanded every year as a core part of APS’s after school program focused on at risk kids called COMPASS
    • KidsTek Programs are in all COMPASS schools
      • Elementary schools - Fletcher, Sable & Vaughn
      • Middle schools - North, South & West
      • High school - Aurora Central
      • 16 classes per week
    • Will grow as COMPASS adds sites to their program
      • Next - East Middle fall of 2009 dependent on funding
    • Unique program: Career exploration and job readiness courses at Aurora Central through a partnership with College in Colorado
    • Recognition: KidsTek’s Steve Kessler awarded “Top 2008 After School Hero” by the COMPASS program
  • 10. Denver Public Schools
      • Partnership started in 2007 at Manual High School and has expanded through partnership with DPS’s Lights on After School (LOAS) program
      • Current LOAS classes at Stedman and Teller Elementary
        • 4 classes per week
      • Manual High School programs
        • 2008 provided “yearbook on DVD” for all students
        • Fall '09 launch of a CISCO certification program with the support DU EMBA students
      • Future growth one high school “POD” at a time
        • Finish Manual’s pod by spring of 2010
  • 11. Continued Cost Effective Programs in 2008
    • Increased monthly school year classes from 80 to 95 while maintaining average of 9.2 students per class
    • Increased unduplicated kids from 927 to 1249
    • Increased contact hours from 96,145 to 112,320
    • Maintained instruction cost at $5.06 per hour per student
    • Improved instructor hiring process and reduced turnover
    • Developed DPS LOAS program focused on a high school and all their neighborhood feeder schools (POD)
      • Goal: a student can attend KidsTek classes from K thru 12
    • Recognized for providing High Value to Kids, Partners, and Funders
  • 12. Total Unduplicated Users Monthly Attendance Totals Monthly Contact Hour Totals Total 2006 400 Total 2007 927 Total 2008 1249 2008-2009 2007-2008 2006-2007 2005-2006
  • 13. Sites
    • Total Student Attendance
    • Dec 2008 673
    • Dec 2007 663
    • Unduplicated Students
    • YTD Dec 2008 1249
    • YTD Dec 2007 927
    % Capacity Met Per Partner % of Students Per Partner
  • 14. Demographics % of Grades Across Sites Ethnicity Across Sites % Free and Reduced Lunch Gender % Across Sites
  • 15. Business Plan for 2009
    • Maintain KidsTek’s proven and cost effective Operational and Delivery Business Model
    • Larimer B&G Club
      • Obtain local funding sponsors
      • Add East Middle School (fall term)
      • Need $10K annual funding commitment
    • DPS LOAS
      • Expand in the Manual H.S. “pod”
      • Add Smiley and Randolph
        • $ 7.5K per school year per school
    • Expand the KidsTek funding model with a sponsor program
    • Engage more technology companies to help mentor and provide real-world technology experiences
  • 16. KidsTek Sponsor Program
    • Provide funders with opportunity for direct connection to Partner sites
      • Participate directly in the outcome
    • Broaden the scope of potential funders
    • Give Back opportunity for tech and non-tech companies and their employees
    • Enhance sponsor recognition
  • 17. KidsTek Sponsor Program
    • Enterprise Sponsor
      • Broadest recognition
      • Funds used across all sites and for SGA
    • Strategic Partner Sponsor
      • Choose B&GC, DPS LOAS, or APS COMPASS
      • Funds used for KidsTek programs at this partner’s sites
      • Opportunity for participation in the partner’s programs
    • Individual Site Sponsor
      • Choose individual site
      • Funds used at sponsor’s site only
      • Opportunity for participation in the site programs
  • 18. How can you help?
    • Become a KidsTek Sponsor
    • Attend one of our annual fundraising events:
      • Tech Leader’s Dinner(2/11/09)
      • Golf Tournament (06/15/09)
    • Provide field trip opportunities at your place of business
    • Volunteer in a classroom
      • - mentor a child
      • - guest speaker
      • - teach a guest lesson focusing on real-world technology applications
  • 19.
    • Proven and scalable operations
      • over 150 documented lessons
      • over 2,000 unduplicated kids served since 2005
    • Low cost but highly effective delivery
      • 2008 Cost of instruction was $5.06 per hour per student
    • Focused on the underserved population
      • 62.5% free and reduced lunch eligible
    • Increasing enrollments validate the need
      • Unduplicated kids grew by 35% in 2008
      • Contact hours grew from 96,145 to 112,320
    • Sponsors directly involved in outcome
    • “ Bridging the Digital Divide one kid at a time”