• Extension: Web Analytics and Digital Metrics (ESPM - IAB, concluded in 2012)
• Postgraduate: Interactive Digi...
+55 11 9 9560 0661
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CV Patricia Cressoni Gomes 2013


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Who's the professional behind Patricia's skills and knowledge? Schedule an interview and get to know her! ;)

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CV Patricia Cressoni Gomes 2013

  1. 1. Graduation • Extension: Web Analytics and Digital Metrics (ESPM - IAB, concluded in 2012) • Postgraduate: Interactive Digital TV (FACOM - UMESP, concluded in 2008) • Graduate: Social Communication (FACOM - UMESP, concluded in 2005) • Additional Course: Audiovisual Script (CINUSP, concluded in 2002) Experience • jul2012-now – Online Media Coordinator, Ag2 Publicis Modem Strategic planning and execution of online media. Audience analysis, study opportunities, execute, monitor and optimize the performance of digital campaigns. Tags: media plan, branding, awareness, engagement, information, innovation, omnichannel, analytics, comScore, AdRelevance, reports, optimization. • dec2011-may2012 – Digital Environments Specialist, RealtON Strategic digital planning and marketing management. Analysis of media performance, business intelligence, metrics and reports. Tags: planning, social media, media plan, SEM, adwords, SEO, branding, analytics, CRM, business intelligence, reports, decision making. • apr2011-oct2011 – Digital Marketing Analyst, Easynvest Digital planning, online brand positioning and social network presence. Strategies for communicating with clients, prospects and employees. Tags: planning, social media, media plan, SEM, adwords, SEO, branding, analytics, CRM. • jul2010-jun2011 – Online Prospecting Account Manager, Actual Sales Digital prospecting, creating and managing campaigns to capture leads online, via targeted media. Provided leads for Claro, UOL, Embratel, Groupália etc. Tags: attendance, briefing, media plan, SEM, adwords, media performance, leads, ROI. • 2009-2010 – E-Commerce Planning, View Express Business plan and strategic digital planning, guiding SEO/SEM, Social Media and CRM for a contact lenses e-Commerce. Tags: planning, SEO, social media, SEM, adwords, media performance, ROI, analytics, CRM. • 2008-2009 – Consulting and Writing, SET Magazine Writer specialized in articles about Digital TV technology for targeted magazine. Tags: writing, digital tv. • 2007-2009 – Digital TV Apps, iTV Interactive Productions Experimental application development, with emphasis in content convergence and GUI standards for TV and Mobile. Tags: concept, prototyping, production, layouts, applications, interactivity, digital tv. • 2006-2008 – Partner and Executive Producer, Sagaz Produções Business partner, briefing, creating and producing corporate videos, web commercials, branded video content, documentaries, videoclips, TV shows, among other formats for serving In Company, Broadcast and On Line. Tags: attendance, briefing, planning, producing, editing, post-producing, reporter. PATRICIA CRESSONI GOMES E-MAIL: CEL.: +55 11 9 9560 0661 SKYPE: patricia.cressoni About me: Digital strategist, plans and manages online campaigns. THINGS I’VE DONE: Content Marketing: Corporate Communication, Public Relations and Internal Marketing. Relationship Marketing: CRM, Digital Brand Presence and Social Media. Direct Marketing: Segmented E-mail Marketing. Viral Marketing: Trends, Incentives and Engaging ways to Entertain. Branding: Online Media, SEO Techniques and Press Office Support. Metrics and Analytics: Research, Monitoring, Analytical Reporting and Decision Making. Market Research: Benchmark, Target’s Behavior and Profile, Affinity, Reach n’ Trends. Be Relevant and Be There: Online Media Planning, Qualifying Audience, Channels and Gadgets. Conversion Funnel: Hit map, Touch points, Multichannel. Re-marketing: Differentiated Opportunities and Customer Recovery. Mobile: Geolocation, Sensory Experiences, Omnichannel, Augmented Reality. And there’s more: Fluent and Advanced English. Specialist in Interactive Digital TV, Web Analytics and Digital Metrics. R. Frei Caneca, 277 ( ap. 4 i ) São Paulo - SP - 01307-001
  2. 2. Paticress +55 11 9 9560 0661 R. FREI CANECA, 277 AP. 4 - I (CONSOLAÇÃO) SÃO PAULO - SP My Tag Cloud: p l a n n i n g B u s i n e s s I n t e l l i g e n c e innovation information o m n i c h a n n e l m e d i a p l a n branding ROI a w a r e n e s s e n g a g e m e n t a n a l y t i c s A d R e l e v a n c e c o m S c o r e C R M social media d e c i s i o n - m a k i n g o p t i m i z a t i o n d i g i t a l T V prototypes i n t e r a c t i v i t y S E O S E M l e a d s r e p o r t s a d w o r d s s o c i a l performance make a difference Additional Activities •Speaker - “Digital TV: Interactivity and Convergence”, Oswaldo Cruz University and UNIP, 2008. •Speaker - “Interactive Digital TV and its Possibilities”, Broadcast&Cable, in partnership with iTV Interactive Productions and Mopa Embedded Systems, 2008. Other Specialties •Google Analytics, Google AdWords, Yahoo Search Marketing, Facebook Ads, Social Networks Metrics and Online Campaigns (AdPlanner, Trends, KW Tool). •comScore, AdRelevance, Nielsen etc. •Microsoft Office, Google Docs, Google Apps, CMS platforms, HTML básico. •Flash, Photoshop, After Effects, Final Cut, Motion, dvd Studio Pro. •Fluent English, Cel Lep (concluded -1996), Additional technical vocabulary, Cel Lep, Private (2008). •Basic Spanish, CCAA (2002). •Basic German, Private (2003) and Live Mocha (2007-2010). •Basic French, learning with apps on iPad (2013). • 30 years old, outgoing, proactive, curious, analytical and committed.