Pathos Organization Development Overview


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An overview of the Organization Development Consulting and Executive Coaching services of Pathos Leadership Group LLC ( Contact us at 877 455 3133 or

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Pathos Organization Development Overview

  2. 2. This document is protected under the copyright laws of the United States COPYRIGHT and other countries as unpublished work. This document contains information that is proprietary and confidential to Pathos Leadership Group LLC (PATHOS), which shall not be disclosed outside PATHOS, or intended recipient, transmitted or duplicated, used in whole or in part for any purpose other than its intended purpose. Any use or disclosure in whole or in part of this information without express written permission of PATHOS is prohibited. Any other company and product names referenced in this document are used for identification, information, or reference purposes only, and may be trademarks of their respective owners. 1Copyright © 2010 Pathos Leadership Group LLC. All Rights Reserved. EXECUTIVE COACHING & ORGANIZATION DEVELOPMENT
  3. 3. PREPARED BY Sam Palazzolo CPLP PCC Dear Learning & Development Leader, Chief Executive Officer & President Pathos Leadership Group LLC Attached you will find a reference deck that describes the leadership development initiatives Pathos Leadership Group is prepared to support. In order to respect your time, and to position you to assess and reflect upon our proposed initiatives John Higgins* in the attached file, we provide a description for each area we are qualified to Pathos Senior Guru propose. Once we work with you to identify the initiatives of interest to you, a Pathos Leadership Group LLC detailed proposal will be prepared for each initiative you select. *(former CLO/Partner with Accenture & KPMG) You’ll note we focus on business alignment, action, accountability, and business results. We have focused on positioning each organization we strategically partner with to transform from a training focus to a learning focus. We’ve also placed a significant focus on coaching. Our experience tells us when coaching and learning are connected, the results are more significant and have a higher degree of sustainability than traditional approaches to training. Know that for the initiatives you select, Pathos Leadership Group will provide you with senior level expertise that has practical, hands-on experience with the deployment of high impact initiatives. I look forward to the opportunity to meet with you and your team in person to further discuss each of the described initiatives. If you should have any questions, or to schedule a personal walk-through of the proposed initiatives, please contact me at 877-455-3133. Sincerely Yours, Sam Palazzolo CPLP, PCC 2Copyright © 2010 Pathos Leadership Group LLC. All Rights Reserved. EXECUTIVE COACHING & ORGANIZATION DEVELOPMENT
  4. 4. TABLE OF CONTENTS Approach Overview Sample 4 Executive Coaching 5 Assessments Behavioral 6 360 Degree 7 Leadership Case Team 8 Leadership Advisory Board 9 Curriculum Development 10 Session Facilitation 11 3Copyright © 2010 Pathos Leadership Group LLC. All Rights Reserved. EXECUTIVE COACHING & ORGANIZATION DEVELOPMENT
  5. 5. Approach Overview Sample Opportunity Includes Each Approach Overview presented herein will begin with a A listing of actions used for the customized approach: brief description of the Opportunity discovered from the Leadership Curriculum session held Thursday, 19 AUG 2010.  Action #1  Action #2 Approach  Action #3 An explanation regarding PATHOS logic utilized towards providing a customized opportunity solution (as well as visual Deliverables depiction if appropriate). A listing of the project deliverables: Executive  Deliverable #1 Coaching  Deliverable #2  Deliverable #3 360 Facilitation Degree Timeline An estimated timeline associated with the Opportunity (NOTE: This is estimated work effort. Actual elapsed time is likely to be longer due to competing schedule priorities, vacations, and illness.) Advisory Behavior Board Curriculum Case Team Figure 1 - Leadership Curriculum Approach Overviews 4Copyright © 2010 Pathos Leadership Group LLC. All Rights Reserved. EXECUTIVE COACHING & ORGANIZATION DEVELOPMENT
  6. 6. Executive Coaching Opportunity Includes Provides a linkage between the client organization’s Leadership Pathos Executive Coaching centers itself around a customized Curriculum and sustainable business results across their levels approach where we partner with clients to: of leadership (CEO/Senior Leadership through Operational Management). Moves the participant from curriculum  Profile – A variety of empirical, behavioral based consumer to action oriented leader. assessments / interviews are leveraged to identify Coachee strengths/weaknesses for leading oneself, Approach leading others, and leading the organization. Customized, Accountability/Responsibility, and Results-oriented  Plan – High impact business results success Pathos Executive Coaching. measurement data categories are established which will be consistently and accurately monitored, measured, reported throughout the coaching cycle.  Coach – Coachees are immersed in the International Coachee Coach Federation (ICF) recognized Pathos coaching process. The process includes progress reporting to the client organization (See Figure 2 – PATHOS’ Executive Coach Triangle Reporting). Deliverables Pathos Executive Coaching Deliverables consist of:  1:1 Coaching (Group Coaching option available for Functional Leaders)  Client organization Mission/Vision alignment Client Coach  Business Impact Success Criteria reporting  Leadership Curriculum Offering enhancement Timeline An estimated timeline is 12-18 months. For a more detailed Figure 2 – PATHOS’ Executive Coach Triangle Reporting approach please contact us. 5Copyright © 2010 Pathos Leadership Group LLC. All Rights Reserved. EXECUTIVE COACHING & ORGANIZATION DEVELOPMENT
  7. 7. Assessments | Behavioral Opportunity Includes High impact performance improvement and growth. Leaders The Behavioral Assessments recommended for Leadership and their organizations who recognize, understand, and take Development: progressive steps towards behavioral growth perform better, impacting revenue growth, expense reduction, quality  Winslow Assessment improvement, and customer satisfaction.  Hay Group Emotional Intelligence  Hay Group Influence Strategies Approach  PATHOS Influential Leader PATHOS provides a series of Behavioral Assessments which positions the client organization to select, onboard, Deliverables coach/mentor, and develop employees and leaders to drive The Behavioral Assessment deliverables include: higher levels of performance and results.  Behavioral Assessment Results Report  Executive, Manager and Participant Review Sessions  Succession Planning Models  Recruiting/Onboarding Strategy Development  Leadership Candidate Identification  Enhanced Individual/ Organizational Performance Timeline An estimated timeline is two (2) to four (4) weeks. For a more detailed approach, please contact us. Figure 3 – PATHOS’ Behavioral Assessment Offerings 6Copyright © 2010 Pathos Leadership Group LLC. All Rights Reserved. EXECUTIVE COACHING & ORGANIZATION DEVELOPMENT
  8. 8. Assessments | 360 Degree Opportunity Includes The 360 Degree assessment plays a vital role in leadership The Assessments 360 Degree approach consists of: development.  Facilitation of Subject Matter Expert (SME) panels for Approach statement creation/validation purposes. The PATHOS approach to developing a complete 360 Degree  360 Degree Assessment selection: assessment considers the client organization’s Mission/Vision ▫ Creation of customized assessment for each level and desired behavioral competencies derived. of leadership, or use of . ▫ Utilization of a PATHOS strategic partner 360 Degree assessment (LMAP/LPI)  Pilot Group Testing of assessment.  Assist/coordinate assessment distribution/retrieval through LMS. Deliverables The Assessments 360 Degree deliverables include:  Customized assessment for each level of leadership.  Assessment results report creation/coordination of growth-oriented resources with EBSCO.  Baldridge National Quality Program conformance (if applicable) Timeline An estimated timeline is four (4) to twelve (12) months. For a more detailed approach please contact us. Figure 4 – PATHOS’ 360 Degree Assessment Compass 7Copyright © 2010 Pathos Leadership Group LLC. All Rights Reserved. EXECUTIVE COACHING & ORGANIZATION DEVELOPMENT
  9. 9. Leadership Case Team Opportunity Includes An opportunity to provide Leadership (targeting High The Leadership Case Team approach consists of: Potentials) participants with current organizational business cases for leadership growth through analysis, teamwork, and  Strategy Sessions with client organization Leadership leadership presentations (action learning). to identify cases  Program participant identification Approach  Leadership Case Team meeting facilitation A consultative approach working with Leadership to  1:1 Coaching for Case Team participants identify/solve “real world” organizational impacting scenarios  Entity visits for case understanding / solution through a facilitated series of meetings with a cross-functional development team of participants.  Case Solution presentation to client organization Leadership Deliverables The Leadership Case Team deliverables include:  Business Case  Leadership Case Team meeting summaries (minutes)  Case Report for Leadership  Case Report presentation Timeline An estimated timeline associated with the Leadership Case Team is four (4) to six (6) months per case (Timeline modification where appropriate based on case). Figure 5 –Leadership Case Team 8Copyright © 2010 Pathos Leadership Group LLC. All Rights Reserved. EXECUTIVE COACHING & ORGANIZATION DEVELOPMENT
  10. 10. Leadership Advisory Board Opportunity Includes Create a roundtable experience with Leadership where they The Leadership Advisory Board approach includes: can receive information/perspective to their most pressing issues from peer organizational leaders.  Monthly Meeting consisting of: ▫ 1/3 Day Workshop on Industry/Leader selected Approach topic Form groups of Leaders numbering 10-16 who meet once a ▫ 1/3 Day on host business improvement month in a peer-to-peer learning environment to solve opportunities problems and take advantage of opportunities in their entity. ▫ 1/3 Day conducting roundtable discussion of They also share seasoned advice and fresh ideas to reach participants opportunities/issues seeking peer effective solutions. The approach is further supported by perspective/solution. PATHOS Executive Coaching.  1:1 Executive Coaching sessions Deliverables The Leadership Advisory Board approach deliverables include:  Conducting application process  Board selection  Meeting Coordination  Meeting workshop topic/presenter selection  Facilitation of Board Meeting  PATHOS Executive Coaching reporting progress accountability (See Executive Coaching). Timeline An estimated timeline associated with The Leadership Advisory Board approach is 12-18 months of leader participation. Figure 6 –Leadership Advisory Board 9Copyright © 2010 Pathos Leadership Group LLC. All Rights Reserved. EXECUTIVE COACHING & ORGANIZATION DEVELOPMENT
  11. 11. Curriculum Development Opportunity Includes An alignment of curriculum content with business goals and The business aligned curriculum development process includes: objectives through a structured learning process  Alignment of client’s learning strategy with its business Approach strategy Pathos will leverage it’s process for business aligned learning,  Development of an annual learning plan backed up with senior learning industry advisors, to design,  Development of ninety (90) day learning plan develop, and deploy learning that is relevant, impactful, and  Design, development, and deployment of business timely. This positions client to transform from a training model results focused content to a learning model. Deliverables A listing of the project deliverables:  Learning strategy & roadmap  Annual Learning Plan  Ninety (90) Day Learning Plan  Course Content (Instructor Led, Virtual Instructor Led, Self-guided Collaboration, eLearning, and Informal Learning Accelerators) Timeline Timelines will be finalized, prepared, and customized based on client’s level of commitment to, and adoption of, business aligned curriculum development. Figure 7 – Curriculum Development 10Copyright © 2010 Pathos Leadership Group LLC. All Rights Reserved. EXECUTIVE COACHING & ORGANIZATION DEVELOPMENT
  12. 12. Session Facilitation Opportunity Includes Hosting Leadership Curriculum sessions prove extremely Session Facilitation approach includes: beneficial for business partners to participate in from several perspectives (Opportunities discussion, strengthening strategic  Target organization strategic areas of opportunity partnership, sharing of information, getting to know the other  Agree on session meeting format/structure partners, etc.)  Identify subject matter experts for participation Approach  Coordinate subject matter expert invitation Coordinate topics of interest to explore with subject matter  Facilitate session experts in day long meetings.  Design RESULTS focused ACTIONS for post session progress and accountability  Coordinate post-session reports/documentation Deliverables The Session Facilitation deliverables include:  Target strategic topic opportunities  Session meeting format/structure  Subject matter experts database  ACTION & ACCOUNTABILITY tracking  Post-session reports/documentation Timeline An estimated timeline associated with the Session Facilitation approach is two (2) to four (4) weeks dependent upon on the session topic. We envision several such sessions facilitated throughout the year. Figure 8 –Session Facilitation 11Copyright © 2010 Pathos Leadership Group LLC. All Rights Reserved. EXECUTIVE COACHING & ORGANIZATION DEVELOPMENT