The Fan Machine Platform


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The Fan Machine Platform

  1. 1. INDEX 1) What is The Fan Machine? 2) Contests & Raffles 3) Benefits & Features 4) How TFM works 5) More information
  2. 2. What is The Fan Machine?
  3. 3. What is The Fan Machine?Promotions on FacebookPromotions are the most effective way to get morefans on your Facebook fan page, in a short period oftime. Moreover, they enable your brand to have astronger interaction with consumers. TFM is a platform of pre-made and auto-manageable contests that enables you – regardless of whether you have a small or a big company – to launch promotions on your fan page in just a few minutes and with no need of having any technical background.
  4. 4. Contests and raffles
  5. 5. Concursos y SorteosThe Fan Machine offers 5 different types of promotions: Contest with Images, Stories and Videos Ideal to make users post their own contents and create engagement through voting. Contest Promotion It enables users to interact in a fast and easy way, taking part of the contest by filling in a form. Coupon Promotion Recommended for companies that need to migrate users from their page to the offline world.
  6. 6. How they workContest with Images,Stories and VideosUsers compete by submitting a photo,video or story to the The Fan Machineapp, according to the rules you set uppreviously. 1360 Participants 8023 User votes +30K New Fans
  7. 7. How they workContest PromotionUsers have to fill in a registration formand this way they will be competingfor the prize you offer. 471 Participants + Activity in your Fan Page 2K New Fans
  8. 8. How they workCoupon PromotionThis is a clear example of how tointegrate the online world and theoffline world, which means not onlywinning more fans and interacting onFacebook but also making them go tothe POP. Users sign up in your app to get a discount coupon, which can be exchanged in your store.
  9. 9. Benefits x contest IMAGE, VIDEO AND CONTEST PROMOTION COUPON PROMOTION STORY PROMOTIONS Fans provide contents More number of leadsBENEFITS Consumption at(OF EACH PROMO) the Point of Purchase More engagement of your fans Increase the number of fans in a short period of time Increase the number of fansWHAT IT IS IDEAL FOR Sales push More percentage of Generate DDBB engagement in your fan page
  10. 10. Features & Benefits
  11. 11. Features & Benefits FEATURESRegistration Metrics and Share, Like User-friendly We are PDC of Fraud form graphics to and Invite Dashboard Facebook detection tools assess market Friends buttons (Preferred share Developers Consultants)Generation Performance Increase Simple and Apps in line with Safe of DDBB monitoring Virality easy settings Facebook rules promotions minute by minute BENEFITS
  12. 12. Features & Benefits User-friendly dashboard giving tips in each field, step by step, to make it easy for you to set up the promotion
  13. 13. Features & Benefits Metrics and graphics to assess market share, that provide you with details on the number of participants, votes and registered users. You can even manage the content submitted by your fans.
  14. 14. Features & Benefits Fraud detection tools including IPs lists from which votes were given, a captcha that avoids voting from fake profiles, and more.
  15. 15. Features & Benefits Publish and Promote enables you to post an ad-hoc message on the wall to attract more fans to the promotion.
  16. 16. How TFM works
  17. 17. How TFM works % THINK CREATE PROMOTEAn idea for a contest. Choose the type of Running the promotion promotion that best on your fan page, new A prize/discount fits your idea. fans will not take too to offer. long to turn up! Customize your promotion.
  18. 18. More InformationIncrease the number of fans and develop stronger links with The Fan Machine! Enter The Fan Machine world today: TRY IT NOW