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IPv6 from a Developer's Perspective IPv6 from a Developer's Perspective Presentation Transcript

  • IPv6 Launch Day , June 6, 2012IPv6from a developer’s point of view**Or how much does the switch really impact the average developerPatrick Chemali
  • IPv6 Launch Day , June 6, 2012
  • IPv6 Launch Day , June 6, 2012• “We’ll cross that bridge when we get to it”• “Does anyone still use IP based authentication on theweb?”• “I have never used IPs in my code, why should I care?”• “Does this mean we have to write code twice? Once forIPv4 & once for IPv6?”• “All I know is that it’s because IPs are running out”What Surveyed Developers Said:The impact of IPv6 on developers is stronglybound to the layer on which they are developing
  • IPv6 Launch Day , June 6, 2012• How will this affect DNS resolution• How will this affect my database fields where I store IP• Developing Intranets just got a bit trickier• Functions used for encoding and exploding IPs need to berewritten• Do browsers support IPv6?Concerns of Web DevelopersWeb Developers who have been working withdomain names instead of IPs will have it easier
  • IPv6 Launch Day , June 6, 2012Programming Language Support for IPv6
  • IPv6 Launch Day , June 6, 2012What to consider in an IPv6FE80:CD00:0000:0CDE:1257:0000:211E:729C128-bit hexadecimalLeading zeros are suppressedFE80:CD00:0:CDE:1257:0:211E:729CNo Need for SubnetIt’s built-inDNSremainsuses AAAArecordsLoopback IPv4: IPv6: 0000:0000:0000:0000:0000:0000:0000:0001::1
  • IPv6 Launch Day , June 6, 2012Starting with Windows Vista, IPv6 has been began installedand enabled by default by Microsoft.Windows however suffers from a problem:Using an IPv4 address within a Universal Naming Convention($ for ex).With IPv6 addresses FE80:CD00:0:CDE:1257:0:211E:729CWindows sees a colon & assumes you’re referencing a drive letter.The Workaround:• Replace the colons with dashes.• Append .ipv6.literal.net• Ex: FE80-CD00-0-CDE-1257-0-211E-729C.ipv6.literal.net
  • IPv6 Launch Day , June 6, 2012http://ipv6test.google.com/Test Your IPv6 Readiness• Google Apps are totally IPv6 Ready• Google over IPv6 maintains a whitelist of DNSresolvers serving networks with known-good IPv6connectivity• The CNAME target used becomes an automaticswitch for traffic while more specific ones can beselected by users:• ghs.google.com: Automatic (default)• ghs4.google.com: IPv4 only• ghs6.google.com: IPv6 only• ghs46.google.com: IPv4 and IPv6
  • IPv6 Launch Day , June 6, 2012Thank YouHappy IPv6 Day