Link, Poke & Tweet 101: Amping Your Personal Brand, Digitally


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By Kyle Hoedl, Social Media Strategist at VML; John Kreicbergs, Experience Planning Supervisor at Bernstein-Rein; Celeste Lindell, Social Media Strategist, Barkley (Kansas City)

Each and every one of us owns a personal and professional brand that we must manage. From digital natives to technophobes, from advertising junior creatives to CEOs, we now must embrace the role that online social media tools can and do play in shaping that brand. Looking for a job? Want to make new professional connections? Or simply wondering how you can amp your online image? Then come and learn the basic how-tos, don’t-dos and self-branding horror stories around LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter.

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Link, Poke & Tweet 101: Amping Your Personal Brand, Digitally

  1. 1. ein! ste in-R Bern/ rgs icbe ML! J Kre ohn oedl / V / Barkl Celeste Lindell ey! H ell Kyle te Lind Social Media Strategist C eles
  2. 2. Link,  Poke  &  Tweet  101   Amping  Your  Personal  Brand,  Digitally   John  Kreicbergs   Kyle  Hoedl   Celeste  Lindell   @patchchord   @kylehoedl   @average_jane  
  3. 3. John Kreicbergs! Experience Planning Supervisor!
  4. 4. SEO for 1:! Your Personal Search Engine Strategy!
  5. 5. It all starts here.!
  6. 6. Consider your Google footprint.!
  7. 7. Assess your assets.! •  Whatʼs in a name?# •  Location, location, location.# •  Whatʼs already out there?#
  8. 8. Pre-plan your presence.!
  9. 9. Think like a search engine.!
  10. 10. Activate your ecosystem.!
  11. 11. Optimize regularly.!
  12. 12. Kyle Hoedl Social Marketing Strategist
  13. 13. LinkedIn/Facebook/Twitter Professionalizing Your Profile
  14. 14. Facebook Increasing  privacy  se0ngs  on  Facebook  can  help  keep  the  informa:on  that  you   want  private.     14  
  15. 15. Facebook But  some  things  will  s:ll  show  up  on  your  public  profile  page.       Fan  pages  will  s:ll  show   up  on  your  public   profile.  Keep  them  clean   and  professional.     15  
  16. 16. Facebook RED  FLAGS   16  
  17. 17. Facebook RED  FLAG   17  
  18. 18. Twitter Create  a  professional  TwiOer  page  to  show  you  are  ac:vely  involved  in  emerging   media.         Make  sure  your  bio  and   photo  reflects  a  professional   image.    Link  to  your  blog  or   resume.       18  
  19. 19. Twitter Follow  influen:al  companies,  people,  and  industry  resources.     19  
  20. 20. Twitter Retweet   Tweet  industry  news   @men:ons   Tweet  your  other  social   media  ac:vity   Connect  TwiOer  account  to   other  social  media  updates,   like  FourSquare  or  Facebook   20  
  21. 21. LinkedIn A  LinkedIn  profile  is  an  online  equivalent  to  your  resume.    The  site  allows  you  to   network  and  search  for  job  openings  as  well.   21  
  22. 22. LinkedIn Create  a  headline   Link  to  your  professional   TwiOer  account   Create  a  unique  link  to  your   public  profile   22  
  23. 23. LinkedIn 3  or  4  bulletpoints  of  your   skills  and  background   Fill  out  your  experience   completely,  like  your   resume   Ask  your  supervisors  and   coworkers  to  recommend   you   23  
  24. 24. LinkedIn Use  applica:ons  to  show  off   your  work  and  add  context.   •   Blog   •   SlideShare  (presenta:ons)   •   TripIt   •   Reading  Lists     Join  groups  to  network   24  
  25. 25. Celeste Lindell Social Media Strategist
  26. 26. The Don’t Dos Social Media Stories
  27. 27. Don’t Talk About Work
  28. 28. Seriously, Don’t Talk About Work
  29. 29. The Poster Child for Not Talking About Work
  30. 30. Manage Your Image
  31. 31. Learn To Love Privacy Settings
  32. 32. Do Not Pass GO…
  33. 33. Advice from Thumper’s Mother
  34. 34. Link,  Poke  &  Tweet  101   Amping  Your  Personal  Brand,  Digitally­‐poke-­‐tweet-­‐101   John  Kreicbergs   Kyle  Hoedl   Celeste  Lindell   @patchchord   @kylehoedl   @average_jane