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No Sql in Enterprise Java Applications
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No Sql in Enterprise Java Applications


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Published in: Technology

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  • Spring Data repositories can be composed with interfacesThe implementation is magically provided by Spring Data
  • Transcript

    • 1. NoSQL in Enterprise Java ApplicationsPatrick BaumgartnerNoSQL Search Roadshow | Munich | 16.04.2013
    • 2. 2Agenda• Speaker Profile• New Demands on Data Access• New Types of Data Stores• Polyglot Persistence• Integrating NoSQL Data Stores• Spring Data Overview• Example with MongoDB• Example with Neo4j• Highlights and Challenges• Q & A
    • 3. 3Speaker ProfilePatrick Baumgartner• Senior Software Consultant | Partner @ Swiftmind• Spring Framework, OSGi, Neo4j• Spring Trainer• Co-Autor von „OSGi für Praktiker“• Agile Methodologies & Practices• Trainer - PSD Java• @patbaumgartner
    • 4. 4SwiftmindYour experts for Enterprise JavaAreas of expertise• Java EE• Spring Framework• OSGi• Agile Methodologies• Software Engineering Best PracticesHeadquarter• Zürich, Schweiz• @swiftmind•
    • 5. 5New Demands on Data Access• Structured andunstructured data• Massive amounts of data• Inexpensive horizontalscaling• Apps and data in thecloud• Social network features• …
    • 6. 6New Types of Data Stores
    • 7. 7NoSQLData SizeData ComplexityKey-Value StoresColumn FamilyDocument DatabasesGraph DatabasesRelational Databases90%
    • 8. 8One single data store for your application?Polyglot Persistence
    • 9. 9Polyglot PersistenceWeb ShopUser Sessions Shopping Card RecommendationsProduct Catalog Analytics Financial DataRedis Riak Neo4jMongoDB Casandra MySQL
    • 10. 10We are not architects!Integrating NoSQL Data Stores #1
    • 11. 11Don’t re-invent the wheel!Integrating NoSQL Data Stores #2
    • 12. 12Let’s use Spring!Integrating NoSQL Data Stores #3
    • 13. 13Spring Data• Same goals as the Spring Framework– Productivity improvement– Programming model consistency– Portability• Umbrella for subprojects, specific to a given database• Mapping support for Java domain objects••
    • 14. 14Spring Data – Overview #1• JPA• JDBC ExtensionsRelational Databases• Apache HadoopBig Data• GemFireData Grid• RESTHTTP• RedisKey Value Stores
    • 15. 15Spring Data – Overview #2• Mongo DB• Couchbase *Document Stores• Neo4JGraph Databases• HbaseColumn Stores• Apache Solr *• Elastic Search *Search• CommonsCommon Infrastructure* Community Project
    • 16. 16Spring Data – Key Features• Low level data access API abstraction– MongoTemplate, RiakTemplate, Neo4jTemplate …– Exception translation– Transaction management• Object Mapping (Java to data store)• Generic Repository Support– Basic CRUD, dynamic finders, pagination and sorting• Spring namespaces• Cross Store Persistence Programming Model– @Entity, @Document, @NodeEntity …
    • 17. 17Spring Data MongoDB – Example
    • 18. 18DocumentsStored JSON:{ "_id" : ObjectId("4f9886290364b533b3acd4ce"),"_class" : "com.acme.hello.domain.Person","name" : "Bob","age" : 33}
    • 19. 19Spring Data MongoDB – DocumentStored JSON:{ "_id" : ObjectId("4f9886290364b533b3acd4ce"),"_class" : "com.example.Person","name" : "Bob","age" : 33}@Documentpublic class Person {@Idprivate int id;private String name;private int age;// getters/setters…}
    • 20. 20Spring Data MongoDB – Configuration
    • 21. 21Spring Data MongoDB – Repository@Repositorypublic class MongoPersonRepository implements BaseRepository<Person> {@AutowiredMongoOperations mongoTemplate;Person createPerson(String name, int age){if(!mongoTemplate.collectionExists(Person.class)){mongoTemplate.createCollection(Person.class);}Person p = new Person(name, age);mongoTemplate.insert(p)return p;}...}
    • 22. 22Spring Data MongoDB – Repository #2@Repositorypublic interface MongoPersonRepository implements CrudRepository<Person, Long>{Page<Person> findByNameContaining(String name, Pageable p);@Query("{ ?0 : ?1 }")List<Product> findByAttributes(String key, String value);}
    • 23. 23Spring Data Neo4j – Example
    • 24. 24Graph
    • 25. 25Social DataAliceCarol LukeBobSamPete
    • 26. 26The only use case?Social Graph
    • 27. 27Spatial Data12 53138type:Hotelname:Radisson Blulat:47.452549long:8.564615type:Hotelname:Widderlat:47.373517long:8.539252
    • 28. 28Social & Spatial DataAliceMat 5Bob138type:Hotelname:Radisson Blulat:47.452549long:8.564615
    • 29. 29Financial DataAliceHotel LukeBankATMPete
    • 30. 30Your business domainProcessKPIDeviceActivityFunctionService
    • 31. 31Spring Data Neo4j (SDN)• POJOs mapped as nodes or relationships – type safe• Works directly Database, typically embedded mode• Data is fetched very fast and lazy• Stores everything within a @Transaction• Uses heavily AspectJ magic to enhance the POJOs• …
    • 32. 32Spring Data Neo4j – NodeEntity_type_: com.example.Personname: "Alice"age: 42@NodeEntitypublic class Person {private String name;private int age;// getters/setters…}Person alice = new Person();alice.setName("Alice");alice.setAge(42);alice.persist();Node
    • 33. 33Spring Data Neo4j – Relationship@RelationshipEntitypublic class Knows {private int sinceYear;public Knows since(int year) {this.sinceYear = year;return this;}}@NodeEntitypublic class Person {public Known knows(Person p) {return this.relateTo(p, Knows.class, "KNOWS");}}Person alice = ...;Person bob ...;alice.knows(bob).since(2012); Alice BobKNOWSsince: 2012
    • 34. 34Spring Data Neo4j – NodeEntity@NodeEntitypublic class Person {private String name;private int yearOfBirth;@RelatedTo(type = "KNOWS", direction = Direction.OUTGOING)private Set<Person> knownPersons;public void knows(Person p) {knownPersons.add(p);}public Set<Person> getFriends() {return knownPersons;}}Person alice = ...;alice.knows(bob);alice.knows(carol);Alice BobKNOWSCarolKNOWS
    • 35. 35Spring Data Neo4j – Repositorypublic interface PersonRepository extendsGraphRepository<Person> {@Query("start person = {0} match ... return ...")Iterable<Product> getOwnedServices(Person person);Iterable<Person> findByName(String name);Iterable<Person> findByNameLike(String name);}@AutowiredPersonRepository personRepository;Person alice = personRepository.findByName("Alice");
    • 36. 36Spring Data Neo4j – Querying• Several possibilities implemented to query the graph– Neo4j API– Traversal descriptions– Graph algorithms– Index queries– Cypher queries
    • 37. 37Highlights and Challenges
    • 38. 38Highlights• Vibrating community, great support on mailing lists• Using the right tool for the right job• New technologies differentiate our product/service fromcompetitors• Sources on – Pull requests for improvements• Very good overall performance• We can use Spring!• Abstraction layer makes “driver” changes easy
    • 39. 39Challenges• Developer Onboarding• Schema changes -> migrations• Some topics not solved yet -> e.g. versioning• Not many show cases documented in detail• Sizing for scaling based on real world measurements• Massive amount of data• Several framework and data store releases per year• Bugs, but no show stoppers• Keeping documentation up-to-date, data model changes
    • 40. 40Information from the sourceSpring DataHive Pig JDBC HBase JPASplunk NoSQL Redis BigDataHadoop Redis Roo GemfireMongoDB Neo4j REST exporterQuerydsl Repositories
    • 41. 41Use a data model which really matches to your data …Give it a try!
    • 42. 42Q&A
    • 43. 43Thank you!Patrick Baumgartner, @patbaumgartnerpatrick.baumgartner [at] swiftmind [dot] com @swiftmind