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Little Cats

Little Cats



All about cats and related animals

All about cats and related animals



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    Little Cats Little Cats Presentation Transcript

    • Little Cats By: Natalie Amador ; Jake Rohm ; Chris Houston
    • Classification Of Jaguar
      • Kingdom –Animalia
      • Phylum-Chordata
      • Class- Mammalia
      • Order- Carnivore
      • Family-Felidae
      • Genus-Acinonyx
      • Species- Acinonyx Jubatas
    • Family Tree Of Little Cats
      • Jaguar
      • Bobcat
      • House Cat
      • KodKod
    • A is for Africa
      • You May Often Find Cheetahs & Other Cats In The Continent Of Africa
    • C is for Cheetah
      • A Cheetah is the world’s fastest animal . Cheetahs are able to reach high speeds in a short amount of time . (45 mph in 2.5 seconds ) they can attain speeds up to 64 mph.
    • D is for Danger
      • Little Cats are very dangerous & sneaky. They claw at their prey & hiss when they feel threatened
    • F is for Fishing Cat
      • They Look for cray fish in the water . They’re small cats native to south & southeast of Asia.
    • H is for House Cat
      • A lot of people don’t think house cats are predators or prey but their predators toward mice and birds.
    • J is for Jaguar
      • Jaguars are found in tropical rainforest, they eat big prey such as capybara .
    • L is for leopard
      • A leopard is near the top of the food chain only in their environment & they live in Asia
    • O is for opposite
      • The cheetah and leopard are opposite / Leopards spots of the leopard are rosette in shape covering the whole body as well as the face. Cheetahs have singular large spots like thumb prints covering the body .
    • N is for Nervous
      • The cats nervous system is very sensitive . Smaller Cats have hairballs, larger cats don’t its just a wad of undigested wet hair within the digestive tract.
    • P is for Puma
      • A puma or cougar can weigh up to 300 lbs.
    • S is for Sneaky
      • All cats when hunting prey are very sneaky. Just like cheetahs hide in tall grass to get close to their prey before they pounce.
    • U is for universal
      • Small cats are universal they live everywhere.
    • Z is for Zoo books
      • We Found a lot about our animal from zoo books.