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We studied kangaroos and made a powerpoint of what we learned. By:SM and ED

We studied kangaroos and made a powerpoint of what we learned. By:SM and ED



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    Kangaroos Kangaroos Presentation Transcript

    • Kangaroos By Emma Dwyer & Samantha Miller! :D
    • A-Australia!
      • Most kangaroos are located in eastern Australia, but some are located in different areas .
    • B-Boomer!
      • The male kangaroos’ are called boomers. But female kangaroos are called flyers.
    • C-Climb!
      • Tree kangaroos are known for their excellent climbing skills.
      • They have hands good for grasping onto branches & their hind legs are good for jumping from limb to limb.
    • D-Drumming!
      • Kangaroos do “foot-drumming” to communicate with others. They tap their huge feet on the ground to make a drumming sound.
    • E-Elbow!
      • Kangaroos rest by leaning on their elbows, much like humans!!!
    • F-Feet!
      • Kangaroos are part of the macropodidea family, which means big feet.
      • Their feet can grow up to 18 inches long.
    • G-Grasping!
      • They have hand like paws good for grasping many things.
    • H-Herbivore!
      • Kangaroos are herbivores. They eat grass, shrubs, & sometimes berries.
    • I-Inches!
      • Kangaroos can have tails up to 42 inches long .
    • J-Joey!
      • A baby kangaroo is called a joey, until it is able to live on it own.
    • K-Kangaroo Rat!
      • Kangaroo Rats are the smallest kind of kangaroo & do not drink water.
      • They get water from plants they eat.
    • L-Leaps!
      • Kangaroos are famous for prodigious,or huge, leaps.
      • Kangaroo leaps are sometimes up to 30 feet.
    • M-Mobs!
      • Kangaroos live in social groups called mobs, and often travel in mobs.
    • N-New Guinea!
      • Not all kangaroos are located in Australia, some are located in New Guinea and Tasmania.
    • P-Pouch!
      • The joey spends about 6-8 months in the moms pouch.
      • They poke their head out occasionally in curiosity. Also, they may jump out the pouch but always go back in.
    • R-Red Kangaroo!
      • The Red Kangaroo is the largest type of kangaroo! They can stand up to 6ft.
    • T-Toes!
      • Kangaroos have huge hind legs and only have four toes but their hands have five fingers.
    • Q-Quick!
      • On the ground, Kangaroos can be as quick as 35 mph.
    • U-Unusual!
      • An unusual fact about kangaroos is that they swivel their ears for sense of direction.
    • W-Weight!
      • A Kangaroos weight can range from 40-200 pounds!
    • Y-You!
      • You and the kangaroo do not get a long very well. The humans hunt kangaroos for their hide and kangaroos react viciously.
    • Z-Zoo!
      • Zoos that have kangaroos are Cleveland Metro Park and Wallaroo Station.
    • Bibliography !!!!!!
      • Augee, Michael L. &quot;Kangaroo.&quot; World Book Student . World Book, 8 Mar. 2010. Web.      8 Mar. 2010. <http://worldbookonline.com/student/      article?id=ar294720&st=kangaroos>.