PassGuide vmware Vcp 410 Braindumps


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passguide vcp-410 300questions and 545 q&a

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PassGuide vmware Vcp 410 Braindumps

  1. 1. PassGuide VCP-410 PassGuide VCP-410 VMWARE VCP-410 DEMO VMware Certified Professional on VI4 WWW.PASSGUIDE.COM
  2. 2. PassGuide VCP-410 1. Which new vSphere feature is being shown in the figure in the exhibit? A. VMware vSphere B. VMware vShield Zones C. VMware VMsafe D. VMware vNetwork Distributred Switch 2.Answer: B ESX Service Console patches should be applied (Choose Two) A. as instructed by VMware authorized technical support personnel B. as Red Hat makes patches available C. when an issue is identified D. as VMware makes patches available Answer: A, D 3.vSphere 4 Client minimum requirements are A. 3GHz CPU, 2GB RAM, 2GB HDD space B. 500MHz CPU, 200MB RAM, 1GB HDD space C. 266MHz CPU, 2GB RAM, 2GB HDD space D. 266MHz CPU, 200MB RAM, 1GB HDD space Answer: D 4.What are the minimum vSphere Small Business and Medium/Enterprise Editions that include VMware Data Recovery (Choose Two)? A. vSphere Essentials Plus B. vSphere Standard C. vSphere Advanced D. vSphere Essentials Answer: AC 5.Which of the following VMware solutions provides developers and test engineers the equivalent of a fully-equipped datacenter with dedicated provisioning staff? A. VMware vCenter Orchestrator B. VMware vCenter Lab Manager C. VMware vCenter Capacity IQ D. VMware vCenter Lifecycle Manager Answer: B 6.An administrator needs to determine the current network adapter configuration for an uplink on an ESX Host. Which of the following items can be viewed from the Network Adapters
  3. 3. PassGuide VCP-410 section of the Configuration tab using the vSphere Client? (Choose Three) A. Wake on LAN support B. Speed and Duplex settings C. Observed IP ranges D. TCP Segmentation Offload (TSO) support E. Jumbo Frame support Answer: ABC 7.Traffic Shaping can be configured on the following vSphere elements (Choose Two): A. On a vNetwork Standard Switch port group or the entire vSwitch for outbound traffic only B. On a vNetwork Distributed Switch dvPort or the entire dvPort Group for outbound traffic only C. On a vNetwork Standard Switch port group or the entire vSwitch for inbound traffic only D. On a vNetwork Distributed Switch dvPort or the entire dvPort Group for inbound and outbound traffic Answer: AD 8.vSphere virtual switches are configured, based on the number of physical uplinks bound, in which of the following methods? A. vSwitch with none, one or more NICs B. vSwitch with a binding to another vSwitch and one or more NICs C. vSwitch with bindings to a virtual machine, and HBA and the Service Console D. vSwitch with one, two or more NICs Answer: A 9.Which of the following two statements are true regarding vSphere virtual switch uplinks (Choose Two)? A. vSphere virtual switches must be configured with at least one uplink B. vSphere virtual switches can be configured to use the same uplink C. Multiple vSphere virtual switches cannot be configured to use the same uplink D. vSphere virtual switches do not need to be configured with an uplin Answer: CD 10. Suppose you have 10000 Virtual Machines across 2 Datacenters, with approximately 5000 Virtual Machines in each Datacenter.What is the minimumnumer of vCenter installations and vNetworkm Distributed Switches required to support this configuration (Choose Two)? A. 2 vNetwork Distributed Switches per Datacenter B. 1 vCenter Server
  4. 4. PassGuide VCP-410 C. 1 vNetwork Distributed Switch per Datacenter D. 2 vCenter Servers Answer: AB 11.When an existing role that has been assigned to users is removed from vCenter Server, which of the following can occur (Choose Two)? A. Users or groups retain the removed role until they are manually assigned a new role B. Users or groups can be reassigned to any available role C. Users or groups that had privileges may no longer have any permissions in vCenter D. Users or groups are automatically assigned to the next most restrictive role available Answer: BC 12.What is the maximum amount of vNIC's that a vSphere Guest can have? A.2 B.` C.10 D.4 Answer:c 13.What is the mimimum recommended space for swap? A.200MB B.400MB C.600MB D.800MB Answer:C 14.Your boss wants you to install vSphere 4 server on two HP C-class Blades. Each blade has two dual core CPU's. How many vSphere processor licenses will be needed for this setup? A.2 B.4 C.8 D.12 Answer:B 15.Beacon Probing is used in vSphere networking to: A. discover which uplink has the shortest route B. identify when an upstream link failure has occurred
  5. 5. PassGuide VCP-410 C. discover alternate default gateway addresses D. identify which uplink has the longest reported uptime Answer: B