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My SEO for ecommerce websites presentation for Internet World Exhibition April 2010

My SEO for ecommerce websites presentation for Internet World Exhibition April 2010



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Seo for-ecommerce-sites-ps Seo for-ecommerce-sites-ps Presentation Transcript

  • SEO For Ecommerce Sites
    By Paul Spreadbury
    SEO Manager
    Just Search Ltd
  • About Me
    Who am I ? - Paul Spreadbury
    Position – SEO Manager
    Company – Just Search Ltd
    • Search Engine Optimisation
    • Pay Per Click
    • Ecommerce SEO
    • Website Architecture , link building
    • Main SEO Consultant for
    • Main SEO Consultant for Ultralase
    • Manage all On Page SEO work for JS UK and France
  • Learning Objectives
    Learning Objectives
    • Why have an ecommerce website
    • Keyword Research for ecommerce sites
    • Analysing competitors
    • Site Taxonomy
    • Internal link structure
    • Common SEO ecommerce issues
    • Further Ecommerce SEO Advice
    • Link Building for ecommerce websites
  • Why Have an Ecommerce Site?
    Almost instant changes to
    • Structure and Pricing
    • Marketing including promotions
    • Ability to sell your products online
    • Level playing ground.
    • Open 24hrs a day 7 days a week
    • Eliminate costs , Secure online payments
    UK Online ecommerce spending statistics
    • UK Spend Aug 2008 - £3.8 billion
    • UK spend 2008 - £43.8 billion
    **Figures from IMRG**
  • Problems?
    Too much choice.....
    • Which Platform should I use?
    Each system has adv/disadvantages :
    • Support
    • Access
    • Duplication
    • Search Engine Friendly URLs
    • Hosting
    • Taxonomy
  • Planning
    Plan the following
    Keyword Research
    Review Competition
    Site Structure
    • Fundamental part of SEO
    • Building Blocks of SEO
    • Helps provides rankings
    • Look for larger sites
    • What are they doing
    • It works for them
    • Taxonomy of site
    • Find long tail pages
    • Internal linking
  • Keyword Research
  • Keyword Research
    Most fundamental part of any SEO campaign
    Start with
    • Brainstorming - Discover top 10-20 terms
    • Think – Customers think differently to you
    • Survey your customers
    • Ecommerce sites have hundreds of keywords
    • Use tools
    • Take your time and research keywords
  • Keyword Research Tools
    Great keyword tools available
    • Google Adwords Keyword Tool (
    - Related terms, search volume
    - Shows competition, free
    • Wordtracker(
    - Paid tool, great for long tail keywords
    - Great for ecommerce websites
    • Keyword Discovery Tool (
    - Paid tool, lots of data (36 billions searches +)
    - Looks at spelling mistakes, provides seasonal trends
  • Create Keyword List
    Export the data to Excel. You will have 3 types of keywords:
    • Competitive keywords
    • Niche Keywords
    • High Traffic less competitive keywords (important)
    Filter keywords by:
    • Create separate keyword lists for different categories
    • Remove really low search volume terms
    • Be realistic
    • Duplicates
    • Use SEOMOZ Keyword difficulty tool
    • Manually remove irrelevant terms
  • Competitor Analysis
  • Review Competitors
    You should now have a list of keywords
    • Time to review your competitition
    • Pick a selection of important keywords
    • High traffic, low competition
    Search term in Google
    • Home Page or inner page ranking?
    • Review site architecture
    • How many internal links does that page have
    • How many external links does the page have
    • Is the content optimised?
  • What to Look For
    • Age of the domain
    • Architecture of the site
    • Content on the landing page
    • Overall content on the site
    • Internal/external Links (Yahoo Site Explorer)
    • Document Structure (H1, H2 etc)
    • Taxonomy
    • Discover Niche areas
    - High traffic - Low competition
    - Poor optimisation
  • Site Taxonomy
  • Decide on Site Taxonomy
    Review Site taxonomy
    • Review Traffic data
    • Plan site structure around search terms
    • Optimised pages don’t have to be bolted on
    • Now map your keywords to pages
  • Poor Site Taxonomy
  • Map Keywords to Pages
    Match keywords to pages in Excel
    • Review existing traffic data
    Rules of thumb are:
    • 5 terms on home page
    • 2-3 terms on category pages
    • 1 term on the product page(s)
    • Think about taxonomy
    • Think about relevancy
    • Main keyword first
    Keyword map example
  • Internal Link Structure
  • Plan Your Internal Link Structure
    More internal links = more strength
    (PR 1)
    PR 0.2
    PR 0.2
    PR 0.2
    PR 0.2
    PR 0.2
    • PR1 from 5 PR0.2 links
    • Important pages linked in template
    • More links to important sub categories
    • Clever site designpasses strength right places
  • Implement Dynamic category linking
    Stops page flooding with links
    • Main template contains links to top level categories
    • i.e. premier league teams
    • Click on premier league teams
    • Opens up secondary navigation
    • Shows other league teams
    • Stops the template being flooded with links
    • Useable for customers and search engines
    • <150 internal links
  • Sub Categories with High Traffic
    • Add more Internal links to the page
    • Link within main site template
    • Use main anchor text
    • Push more popular categories
    • More PR passed to the page
  • Example of Strong Internal Linking
    Find it quick section on
    • Useful for customers and search engines
    • Only keyword links
    • High search volume keywords
    • Provides each important page with more internal links
  • Common Ecommerce SEO Issues
  • Duplication Due to site structure
    Common Problems with ecommerce sites
    • Each Product can appears in different categories
    - TV can appear by size, type, brand in the sale etc
    • Filtered results
    - Filter by size, colour, style etc.
    • Paginated results
    - Paginated results over more than 1 page
  • Resolving Duplication Issues
    • Duplicate products
    - Flatten product URL
    - Only 1 URL to link to
    - More relevant
    - Redirect duplicate pages to main page
    • Pagination and filter issues
    - Noindex, follow these pages
    - Block pages in robots.txt (add a view all page)
    Code Examples
    Noindex tag
    <meta name=“robots” content=“noindex, follow”>
    Disallow: /?page=*Disallow:/?colour=*
  • Duplicate Product Descriptions
    Some products are very similar
    How to Fix
    • Rewrite all the product descriptions
    • Implement a review system
    - Internal
    - External -
    (Improves conversion by 30%)
    - Needs a large site
    - Need to reply to negative feedback
    - They email your customers
  • Example from
  • Further Ecommerce SEO Advice
  • Pushing New Products
    To push new products
    • Create a blog about the new product
    • Write some unique content
    • Your blog post gets the credit
    • Wait for product to be released
    • Redirect blog to product page
    • Product page gets a boost in the SERPs
    Blog page
    301 redirect
    Product Page
    Blog page
  • Using Multiple Sitemaps
    Indexing Issues, Use multiple sitemaps
    • Look at number of pages indexed by type
    • By Level of the site
    • Helps diagnose issues
  • Using Site Search
    Discover your Internal search data
    • Great for ecommerce websites
    • Need lots of traffic for actionable data
    To enable site search simply do the following:
    • Login to Analytics
    • Edit profile
    • Select do track site search
    • Enter query parameter
    • On it is ‘searchstring’
  • Using Site Search
    Site search enabled in Google Analytics
    Review data and act on this
    • Change landing pages
    • Bid on the niche keywords in PPC
    • Add top searched products to main navigation
    • Change content on the home page
    • Look for searches that return 0 results
    • Update product catalogue
    Act early to beat your competitors
  • Link Building ForEcommerce Websites
  • Reviewing your link portfolio
    What types of links to build
    • High PR? more authoritive? trusted links?
    Use Tools to analyse competitors link portfolio
    • Discover data trends
    • Act on this invaluable data
    Search term ‘32 inch LCD TV’
  • Link Profiling
    Go to enter URLs export data to Excel
    Add a count column to the end of each row
    Create a pivot table from this data, pivot by:
    • Page Authority
    • Count
  • Reviewing your link portfolio
    Credit to Patrick Altoft from Branded 3
  • Reviewing your link portfolio
    Other Metrics to review include:
    • Domain Authority
    • MOZ Rank – Domain and Page
    • Yahoo Links
    • Moz Trust - Domain and Page
    • Majestic SEO links
    • Number of root domains
    • Internal/External Linking pages
    Discover where your page is lacking strength
  • Ecommerce Link Building Tips
    Now know what types of links to build
    • Top heavy with external links
    • Target links to inner pages, traffic orderBuild from the following links
    • Press releases
    • Review Products
    • Use mini sites
    • Forums – post about your new products
    • Social Media, Videos
    • Contacts
  • Conclusion
    • Carefully plan keyword research
    • Review your competitors
    • Plan site taxonomy
    • Keyword map inner pages
    • Plan your internal linking
    • Add a review system
    • Create flat product structure
    • Solve filter and pagination issues
    Link Building
    • Profile links against competitors
    - Build right type of links
    - Build appropriate amount of links
    • Link build to inner pages
    **Only a taster of what is required**
  • Question / Debate
    Stand – E2100